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Frisky anon asked: 

can i request for a really really smutty scenario with sehun pls? it’s been a really long time since you’ve last seen each other, but he’s finally back from tour and y'all get steamy in the hot tub / pool?

Word Count: 1572
Genre: Smut. There’s love in it, but it’s smut.
Warnings: It’s smut. Stay away if you’re a minor.

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It finally happened

what i knew was going to happen but i thought maybe it would just  have to give him a blowjob.  Teddy called me today and said they are closing up his pool (but the hot tub would still be open) soon and if i wanted to go in one more time today would be the best day.  I got in the car and went over there about noon time.  Teddy said he would be over as soon as be could.  He showed up about about 1:00 and had his friend jimmy with him.  I got out of the pool and went and kissed teddy then jimmy.  Teddy told me to go and make them lunch and a drink i went into the house and made some sandwiches and got them each a drink.  When i cam back teddy was on the sofa and Jimmy was sitting on the chair.  Teddy told met to sit next to him and my thought was he is going to make me suck him again in front of jimmy.  As i sat next to teddy he took of my bikini top and asked jimmy if her ever saw a nicer set of nipples.   Jimmy just  smile and said no. then teddy started to play and pull on my nipples then he told jimmy to come over and do the same.  i was getting very hot and then the next thing i knew teddy was pushing me on to my back onto the sofa and started to untie my bikini bottom. when I was on my back i noticed jimmy standing up and taking his pants off.  I looked up at teddy and said what is jimmy doing.  He said he is going back to Italy in 2 week and he is going to fuck you as your going away present, now spread your legs.  Without anything being said jimmy got between my legs and and slide his cock inside me and started fucking me. it actually felt so good he was uncut like teddy and it felt so good going in.  Teddy just stood back and smiled at me watching his friend Jimmy fuck me. I was so hot looking at teddy with that big smile on as he friend fucked me.  I cam just before jimmy did.  He fill my pussy with his cum as soon as he got soft and got off me Teddy jumped right on me  and started fucking me even hard then he usually does.  when he was  done I had cum all over the sofa and running down my ass.  He told me to kneel down and clean off jimmys cock and then his so they could go back to the store.  After i sucked them clean they both gave me a kiss on my breast and went back to the store i was so hot i jumped into the pool to cool off before heading back home to get dinner ready for hubby.


The Regency

The Regency is a family home built on a 40 x 30 lot in Willow Creek on the Parkshore Lot..

Value $239196

Lot Traits:
Great Soil
Chef’s Kitchen

It has
1 Adult Bedrooms,
2 Child/ Teen Bedrooms,
5 Bathrooms,
Living Room,
Dining Room,

Outside there is a
Swimming Pool,
Hot tub,
Table and Chairs,
Garden Planters.

Contains Custom Content (Please see below).
Hope you all like.

Download at TSR (  To be published Nov 13, 2016 )

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bi ask meme:
  1. smol or tall bi?
  2. history or science bi?
  3. apple juice or orange juice bi?
  4. mermaid or nymph bi?
  5. garden or forest bi?
  6. s’mores or grilled cheese bi?
  7. demigod or fairy bi?
  8. vine or twitter bi?
  9. highlighter or pen bi?
  10. colored pencils or markers bi?
  11. ponytail or messy-bun bi?
  12. breakfast or lunch bi?
  13. winter or spring bi?
  14. night owl or early bird bi?
  15. coffee or tea bi?
  16. peppermint or lavender bi?
  17. poetry or prose bi?
  18. castle or mansion bi?
  19. ocean or lake bi?
  20. earring or necklace bi?
  21. pool or hot tub bi?
  22. chocolate or sour candy bi?

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View the entire property tour on our website (link in bio)
• 665 Greenwood Road luxury residence
- 14 to 22 feet high ceilings
- 8 bedrooms & 10 bathrooms
- 4 bedroom suites
- Garden, pool, hot tub, lounge, fire pit, mini golf
- Media room & Bar
Marketed by: Edith Chan
#luxurycorp #property #luxury #homedecor #homes #villa #realestate (at West Vancouver, British Columbia)

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