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BTS Seeing You In A Bikini For The First Time


(OKay but someone grab the holy water. I’m sorry if these don’t seem accurate buT I REALLY ENJOY THE THOUGHT OF BTS BEING LOW KEY FREAKS OKOK SORRYNOTSORRY)



As he’s said before Jin loves girls in bikini’s. He would be very low-key excited about seeing you in the skimpy swimwear, but would attempt to hide it with cute smiles. But when the other guys weren’t paying attention he’d make sure to wrap his arms around your waist, nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear about how good you look.

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I Am Good: Jason Scott X Reader [PART II]


Prompt: After the encounter with Jason Scott where he found your coin, you begin to feel as though people are watching you. You hope you can escape it all, but things get a little hectic afterward.

Requested: No

Word Count: 2,457

Warnings: Strong language,

Author’s Note: I don’t know how long this series is going to be-probably five parts in total- but I already love writing it.

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You felt uneasy ever since the incident in the cafeteria. After getting changed out of your stained clothes and getting into a new outfit you kept in your locker, you couldn’t help but feel as though you had eyes all over me. But if you turned to look and see if anyone was watching you, you found everyone else’s eyes were gazing at something different. You had to bear with this feeling until that clock struck 2:30 and you were out of that joint.

Even as you walked home, you felt a disturbance that seemed to be following you the whole way. You stopped every so often to look behind you, but just like the classroom, you saw nothing out of the ordinary. You saw a couple of people like Kimberly Hart and Trini Kwan walking together to whom you recognized from school, but they were too focused on their conversation with each other to see you. And they also turned a short while back. You also saw Billy Cranston and Zack Taylor at different times, but they were just the same as Kimberly and Trini. And of course there was the occasional mother or young kid walking home from school like you were, but it wasn’t anything you let worry you.

You felt fine once you got home and made sure all the windows and doors were locked tight. Could never be too sure right?

You looked out the window a bit, then sighed and slid down the wall of your bedroom. You put your head in your hands. You peeked up and saw your broken nightstand and just sighed even more. You were confused and tired, to say the least. You were just hoping that all of this would go away if you curled up tight enough. Maybe that would help shield everything out.

But it didn’t, and you had to come face to face with reality at some point. Might as well do it now.

You pulled out the coin out of your pocket. While you had stared it several times before, you still couldn’t figure out what its purpose was or how it could do the things it did.

“What are you?” You asked softly.

It was times like this that you wished you had people to be with. You missed your mom… you missed your sister… You just needed their presence to at least be assured that everything was okay. And you didn’t have that.

Nevertheless, you needed to figure what was wrong with you and what this coin was. You didn’t know how or why, but you knew that your strange, new abilities and this coin correlated in some way, so what was the missing variable? There was something you were missing, and as terrifying as it was, you knew that you wouldn’t get answers by just sitting at home. You had to go out there and find how the coin got there in the first place. Yeah! If you figured out why it got there, maybe you’d get your answers.

Knowing your subconscious was correct, you picked yourself up and took a good look in the mirror. You looked at your skin which was covered with your regular makeup, but when you pressed your hands against it, patches of green showed up along your forehead and jawbone. You grabbed your beauty blender and applied your concealer to cover up the specks of green skin so no one would notice if you encountered anyone when you left. You dabbed your face with setting powder. You gave yourself a once over and made sure that no green spots were visible to the seeing eye. Feeling content, you headed out the door.

It took you awhile to get back to the chasm from before, and by the time you made it there, the sun was already close to fully setting on the horizon.

“Why did I make myself do this?” You asked yourself.

You stopped at the edge of the chasm, looking around and not down. It wasn’t that heights scared you, in fact, you always loved being up high and just staring over every little thing beneath you. But you didn’t feel like falling to your death, either, so you didn’t want to risk anything. You looked at the dusty and dry soil, but nothing was around to give you any clues. You held the coin in the palm of your hand, just to see if a reaction would come out of it. And you did. Right after you heard the same voices from yesterday getting closer and closer by the second. You made the same motions you’d made the previous day and sprinted away from the chasm and behind the bush.

You didn’t seem to be seen was opposed to last time. Nobody said anything that seemed out of the ordinary, but you heard a voice that was.

You moved aside some of the leaves of the bush and saw faces you hadn’t expected to see. The first person you laid eyes on was Zack Taylor. He seemed to be laughing with others, so you looked further. Then there was Kimberly Hart, followed by Billy Cranston, then came Trini Kwan, and finally, someone who you really weren’t prepared to see, Jason Scott.
Now, you’re an intelligent person, and you were smart enough to put the dots together. Jason Scott picked up your coin and seemed to be really confused by it. Then, after school, you’re getting followed by four people, four people who were standing right there with Jason Scott. You weren’t sure why they were together or why it happened, but you figured that because of that coin, they were onto you for something.

You watched as the five stood at the edge of the chasm and promptly jumped down without fear or haste. You watched in terror as the first person who just so happened to be Zack descended to the bottom of the abyss, the others following suit. And just like the day before, there was a splashing sound.

“These guys are either maniac thrill-seekers or hiding something…” You spoke once you knew it was okay to come out from behind the bush.

You hurried over to where the five students once stood. You stared into the chasm, finding darkness at the bottom and nothing but. You didn’t hear anything besides the beating of your own heart and the booming thoughts that were crashing against your skull. Knowing it wouldn’t do you any good to just stand there by yourself, you decided to vocalize everything that was going on inside your head.

“Okay,” You began, taking a deep breath. After doing so, you spoke each word with the most exaggerated hand movements you could to release the pent up anger and perplexity inside you. “So, I found this coin right here! And there some kind of water right there, in front of here! But how in Hell could a coin this small come from somewhere so far down there all the way up here? That makes no sense! Oh, wait! Unless those guys brought it up here! But then why would Jason look so worried if one of them brought it here in the first place? And I doubt if they did they would just let it fall on the ground like that…”

You barely even realized that you were nervously pacing the ground as you were babbling to yourself, which, had anyone been around to see, would’ve made you look like a complete idiot.

“Wait, do they even have any relations to the coin? Well, they must, right? I mean, Jason seemed like he knew what that thing was and he sent his friends to follow me, I’m sure, and I found the coin right here where they jumped so they must! And I don’t even hear them so hey must’ve… Wait, fit hey jumped like last time, how did they even get back up in the fir-”

You didn’t have the time to complete your sentence before your anxious pacing caused you to fall of the edge of the chasm, barely even giving you a chance to scream before you plummet to your potentially inevitable death. You silently watched in horror as the world you saw from up above became smaller and smaller. You curled into a ball and hoped that it would make the impact hurt less.

Before you knew it, you felt the stinging of cold water hitting your skin and felt air leave your lungs. You opened your eyes and saw the murky blueness of the water that engulfed you. Your lungs began to burn so you pushed your body upward to the water’s surface. When you got there, you gasped, greedily taking in as much air as you could after losing all breath you had while falling and while being submerged underwater.

You swiveled your body around in the water, looking for any sign of those who were there before you, but you couldn’t find anyone.

You looked down and saw a glowing green light coming from your chest. You knew that it was the coin, which was vigorously shaking in the palm of your hand. It began to shake so much that it fell out of your grip and into the water.

“Wait!” You gasped.

You sucked in a large breath and followed the coin into the water’s depths. You watched the flashing light as it neared the bottom of the pool, but what you failed to realize was that the makeup that covered your entire face and your hands was now being washed away and into the water.

You pushed yourself further through the water, carefully watching the coin’s fading light. You got closer and closer to it, your hand brushing up against the cool metal… but the something odd happened. You watched as the coin fell through something, as if the water just stopped there. In fact, if your eyes weren’t deceiving you, it almost looked like you were back at the surface and there was no floor to the body of water.

You pushed your hand outward towards what looked like the water surface. Sure enough, your felt like your hand was in open air. You swam closer, and with more effort, your whole head was sticking out of the water. You once again gasped for air. You spotted the coin lying on some sand beneath you.

“What the fu-”

You never got to finish your phrase. Your body fell through the water before landed on the sand with and loud and painful ‘thud.’ You groaned in pain, rubbing your head and the arm which hit the ground first.

In regaining your composure, you glanced upward and saw that the water seemed to be upside down. Confused beyond belief, you hoped that if you gazed around a bit more you’d find something normal to make of the situation. But you didn’t. Instead, you found a gigantic ship, one that looked like it was stationed there for years but also appeared to be highly advanced in technology, was just sitting there.

“Y/N,” You spoke to yourself, your heartbeat going a mile a minute. “It’s to wake up now, you idiot!”

You heard a whirring sound coming from the open ship. You grasped the coin quickly off the ground, hoping that if you were able to hide behind a rock, you wouldn’t be seen. However, you were caught by- yes, you better believe it- a robot that was the size of a child. He was humming a strange tune before he spotted you and stopped moving completely. You too stood still and silently, not making a move in fear it would attack.

Instead of doing that, the robot started screaming “Zordon! Zordon! There’s an intruder! An alien intruder!” and turning into the ship.

You glanced down at your hands and slapped your cheeks. You noticed that the makeup had come off when you were in the water.


You, fearing that you would be harmed in some kind of way, started running as quick as your legs could carry you. You didn’t know where you were headed, but you knew that there were rocks everywhere you turned. You also could tell that your speed and agility picked up after you found that coin because you never ran this fast before nor were you ever able to dog so many big obstacles.

“Hey!” You heard a familiar female shout behind you.

“Stop!” Another voice, a male replied.

You heard several footsteps bounding after you. Fear and panic flooded your system when you turned and saw figures dressed in metal armor and masks chasing after you. They were all different colors, one was blue, one yellow, and one pink.

“What the hell is that thing?” The pink one shouted.

“Its green! It’s freaking green!” The blue one replied.

Ignoring their comments about your appearance, you kept running and jumping with height you never thought you could jump over rocks that were in your way. As you ran, a streak of red and black passed you out of the corner of your eye.

When you faced forward again, something grasped your arm with an iron grip, and you coin fell to the floor in the shock of it all. Someone knocked your legs out from underneath you and you fell to the ground with the person holding your arm twisting it behind your back, rendering you helpless and afraid. Tried struggling and fighting against their grip with your new strength, but it was fruitless. Whoever had you pinned to the floor was just as strong as you, if not stronger.

You gazed up and saw the three armored beings from before glaring down at you with a black-armored person standing with them. One in red armor was the one who had you immobilized beneath them.

“Let me go, you bastards!” You cried angrily, trying in a failed attempt to cover up your dread.

“Wait,” The red-armored being said quietly. “Y/N?”

You knew that voice. It was the voice of the person who stood up for you earlier that day.

“Jason?” you panted from all the running.

“You’re…” You both said your phrases in tandem.

“A Power Ranger?”


The robot from earlier rolled into your line of sight and held up the coin that fell out of your pocket just a second before. “No… the green Power Ranger.”


@lovelylangst @legendarylangst @why-not-langst-haha-kill-me okay let me give you a little background history. Charlotte aka @watsonthebox is the mom friend of our group (the group she sometimes blogs about). so one time, we to one of our friends house who we have never been to before. they gave us super vague directions and told us where they lived but we pretty much knew how to get there. the main reason we were going I because they were going through a hard time and was really upset so charlotte made her some cookies and took some of her favorite movies and albums blah blah. so we come across this house the kinda looked like hers. we tried to text her again to confirm, but she wouldn’t respond. charlotte, being the mom that she is, became increasingly worried so she decided to take action. she goes to the house and starts knocking on the door, yells for our friend, peers in the windows but gets no answer. she then tries to pick the fucking lock like she did at the pool (another story) and fails (again). then she notices a window that’s cracked open and tells me to give her a boost. I was going to say no, but she had the look in her eyes that said if I said no, I was dead. so I lift her on my shoulders as she reaches for the window, all the while shouting for our friend and asking if she’s okay, when a POLICE CRUISER PULLS UP. the cop yells at us, and my first instinct is to run or try to explain, but charlotte just hops off and ASKS THE COP TO HELP BREAK INTO THE HOUSE. she is in mama bear mode, so she really isn’t thinking. so I come to the recue and explain our situation to the cop when finally our friend calls her. Long story short, Charlotte was trying to break into the wrong house, which was the cops, and that’s the story of how charlotte almost got us arrested for trespassing

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Iwaoi + "I just want to go home..."

It’s fine.

Really, it is.

Hajime trusts Tooru. He trusts him with his life, in fact.


Why is this bothering him so much?

He sighs, closing his eyes and forcing himself to look away from where Tooru is, talking to some guy who is definitely standing a little bit too close. Tooru’s had a few glasses of wine now, so he probably isn’t aware of how hard this guy is flirting with him. For as brilliant as he is, Tooru can sometimes be so oblivious.

Or maybe Hajime’s just annoyed, and reading too far into this. Whatever.

Is this guy fucking blind or something? Can he not see that Tooru is his? They don’t have rings or anything, but still - they have spent the entire evening pressed together. Tooru was practically sitting in his lap during dinner, and he finished Hajime’s glass of wine for fuck’s sake-

Tooru laughs, and this guy takes a step closer, putting a hand on Tooru’s forearm. He’s quick to shake it off, mumbling something to this guy, but it’s apparently not enough because they’re still talking.

Hajime’s just about done with this now.

“Uh, hello? Earth to Iwa?” Hajime blinks, and finally notices that Kuroo has just been staring at him while he was lost in thought. They were having a conversation, before, but, well.. “Everything alright?” Kuroo glances between Hajime and Tooru, an amused expression on his face.

What an asshole.

“Don’t act oblivious,” Hajime spits, shaking his head. “Oblivious doesn’t work for you. Not with that shit-eating grin.” He tips back the rest of his glass of wine, finishing it in one go. 

Kuroo hums, still smirking like he knows something Hajime doesn’t. If they weren’t such good of friends, Hajime would have punched him.

Or, maybe because they are, that’s why he does. 

Kuroo laughs into it, rubbing his shoulder. “Just go, before you hurt somebody with that glare.” 

Hajime drops his empty glass on a nearby table. “You guys gonna be okay to get home?” He looks past Kuroo to Bokuto, who is trying to play pool. Trying, and failing, as he’s leaning halfway over the table and constantly jostling the pool balls before he hits. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry, Kei’s coming in an hour. We’ll be fine until then.” Kuroo waves him off, taking a step back. “Now, go, seriously, before I go and do it for you.” Kuroo skulks away, and Hajime brings up a hand to rub at his temples.

He knows it’s stupid, but looking over at Tooru brings up a fresh wave of unpleasant emotions again, and Hajime finds himself walking over. 

Tooru doesn’t see him, at first - he’s turned to his side, from where Hajime approaches - but Hajime clears his throat, and calls his name before he’s even close.


Hajime can’t help but smile at the immediate way that Tooru reacts, at how quickly he turns towards the sound of Hajime’s voice, and smiles. Really smiles. The kind that’s only reserved for Hajime and Hajime alone.

As it should be.

Soon as Hajime’s close enough, Tooru is reaching out for him, lacing their fingers together. He lets out a soft, contented hum - Hajime wants to drag him in close, to hold that, and every part of Tooru, just for him. 

“Hajime?” Tooru whispers, looking confused as Hajime pulls him in close, nosing at his neck. “What’s up?”

Hajime inhales once, deeply. Tooru smells amazing - the cologne he wears is expensive, but Hajime would recognize the scent anywhere. It only reaffirms everything that Hajime is feeling.

“I just want to go home,” he says, lips pressed against Tooru’s neck, his jaw, and then the shell of his ear. He feels Tooru shiver beneath him, and the grip on his hands tightens.

“Okay,” Tooru says, nodding his head quickly. He leans in to press a kiss to the side of Hajime’s face, and then his lips, when Hajime turns to meet him. He tastes sweet. Like strawberries. “Then let’s go.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

some more human!cars au headcanons

- continuation of this  

- lightnings mom tried to convince him to wait a few years before going on to the big leagues, b/c she was worried that something would happen to him 

 - lightnings dad left when he was ~6. hes still not over it 

 - doc is NOT his dad, however doc himself sometimes wishes he was 

 - mater is TALL. lightning comes up to like the middle of his chest, and thats WITH the platforms 

 - lightning styles his hair in a spiky way. it makes him look taller by an inch. naturally its wavy 

 - before he was discovered, lightning used to do drag races 

 - he considers mack a friend but has never actually said this for fear of coming off as awkward 

 - chick used to be afraid of passing other cars in races because he was scared of bumping them and causing a crash, like what his dad does 

- the king came from an impoverished background and worked his butt off to get where he is. he didnt accept sponsorships at first because he thought it was shameful to accept help. he’s long since wised up, though 

 - chick’s dad pulled some strings for chick to get his sponsorship 

 - the king was worried about lightning because he didnt want the kid’s stubbornness leading to him crashing and burning. he didnt want lightning to lose everything he worked for just cause hes a stupid kid 

 - lightning’s middle name is lloyd 

 - after the cars 3 crash, lightning lost at LEAST one leg. maybe both. whom knows 

 - doc left lightning the Hornet in his will 

 - lightning is worried that the other racers dont see him as being on the same level as them. deep down (VERY deep down) he wonders if he is, but those wonderings are pretty rare 

 - flo and ramone have matching tattoos, which ramone inked himself 

 - sarge and filmore are not married (yet). when lightning found this out he was genuinely shocked and attempted to start a betting pool over when theyd tie the knot 

- said betting pool failed because nobody had any idea when itd happen so nobody made a bet

 - a note: lightning does have a specific set age in my mind, but i can’t reveal it yet because it spoils an AU fanfic i’m working on

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hello! i dont know of this has been ''asked'' yet but, top 5 rinharu moments? (oh and by the way hiii fellow 1d x hq fan~ do you also ship/used to ship 1d boys w each other at some point? hehe)

What are your Top 5 RinHaru moments?

Hello love! I’m a larrie, this is all you need to know ;) btw no one asked for a rinharu top 5, so I’m more than happy to dive in this hell again and get my heart some feels with one of my favorite red and blue ships!

1. Rinharuralia. I mean, this is the Nirvana of the rinharu shippers. We got it all: Haru jumping on an intercontinental flight just because Rin asked him to (just let the enormity of this sink in), you have a cool attitude and eyes as clear as water (WHAT THE FUCK RIN), the savage wink from Rin’s Australian mother, THE BED SHARING, the pillow talks, without you I have nothing to aim for, you know?, Haru finding what he truly wants to do in life…damn it. Best 20 minutes of my life honestly. 

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2. “Rin, come. It’s my time to show you a sight you’ve never seen before”. This moment would be seared in my heart forever. Not only this sentence, but the whole scene shows how deep their connection is. The fight, them rolling on the ground, Rin straddling Haru, “WHY ISN’T IT FREE” (that’s what he really says, the translation is wrong in almost every subtitle, dafaq) and then Rin’s tears falling into Haru’s face and he doesn’t even squints, he smiles at him with a fondness we’ve never seen before (not to mention how desperate he looked when he was searching for Rin). I think in that moment they both realized they would never be free, they would never escape each other and how much they’ve impacted each other’s life. 

(I put the video because why not, let’s just suffer together once more)

3. Every time Haru overly reacts to every single damn thing Rin does. Rin can either sneeze, step in the room, go to fucking Australia, smile from across the pool, fail to get out of the pool and sure as hell Haru will overly dramatically react to that. No to mention when Rin actually asks him to do something, he  just does and NEVER question it. He just does. Not that this doesn’t work the other way around, of course. They honestly exhaust me. 

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4. “You’re gonna swim free for me” is a great example of #3 and also was it really necessary to kabedon him, Rin? I don’t think so but thanks for doing it regardless. 

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5. You can tell me they don’t look like parents fonding over their children here but I’ll never believe you

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- Bonus: the water fight that provided the visual definition of eye fucking

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You know what fucks me up the most about them tho? The fact that they are such a great couple, they have everything…but they can’t be together as much as they can’t be apart. You truly can’t escape relationships like that. 

Thank you for your messages! 

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