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Mornings at 300 Fox Way were fearful, jumbled things. Elbows in sides and lines for the bathroom and people snapping over tea bags placed into cups that already had tea bags in them. There was school for Blue and work for some of the more productive (or less intuitive) aunts. Toast got burned, cereal went soggy, the refrigerator door hung open and expectant for minutes at a time. Keys jingled as car pools were hastily decided.

Kara: so I heard you like bad girls

Lena: oh?

Kara: not to brag, but I drove in the car pool lane

Kara: by myself

Lena: …

Kara: it was only for a tenth of a mile and on accident

Kara: and I felt bad about it


Relationships:   Women of 300 Fox Way  ♡

Mornings at 300 Fox Way were fearful, jumbled things. Elbows in sides and lines for the bathroom and people snapping over tea bags placed into cups that already had tea bags in them. There was school for Blue and work for some of the more productive (or less intuitive) aunts. Toast got burned, cereal went soggy, the refrigerator door hung open and expectant for minutes at a time. Keys jingled as car pools were hastily decided.

*crashes through door*


*smashes table*


*jumps into pool of coins*


*punches monster in face*


*grappling hooks out*

That Kind Of Accidental Photo. ::TJ Perkins Smut::

Pairing: Reader x TJ Perkins

Word Count: 3,518

Warnings: Smut. Some swearing.

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Originally posted by tjpfrance

I pulled my hair up into a high ponytail, hoping that I would be able to get a better look without all the strands obscuring my view. It was still slightly nippy, not surprising as it was only mid February and I wanted to be quick about this considering the chill I was beginning to feel, stood in the bathroom dressed only in a bra and matching underwear.

I straightened one strap that had managed to get itself twisted, before looking at myself in the mirror, checking to see where the material was fitting and if it needed to be tightened. The red lingerie contrasted well with my skin and I couldn’t help but feel good about myself, even if I knew no one was going to see it. Valentine’s Day was tomorrow and while I admittedly wasn’t the biggest fan of the holiday, I was a big fan of the lingerie deals that were available in the run up. Well, that and the discounted chocolates on the day after. Taking advantage of the various offers, I had picked up some cute Valentine-themed lingerie as a treat for myself.

Standing with my back turned to the mirror, I craned my head, trying to look over my shoulder and get a good look of what it looked like from the back and while, I could see my panties just fine, my viewpoint was lacking in the bra area. I grumbled to myself, sure that my flexibility had been so much better when I had been back at school and it wasn’t as though I was that old. Picking up my phone, I saw that I had a text from TJ which I had received this morning, but had forgotten to reply to. And I really did need to reply, considering it was regarding the details of us car-pooling together tomorrow. Making a mental note to reply once I wasn’t half naked and hopefully slightly warmer, I brought up the camera on my phone and then proceeded to take about five minutes trying to find the right angle, so that both my front and my back (via the mirror’s reflection) was featured in the screen display, before taking a quick snap.

Peering at the result, I was satisfied with what I saw, liking the way the set looked on me and more importantly that everything was fitting right. Because let me tell you, bras were ridiculously uncomfortable when they didn’t fit properly and nothing soured the joy of new lingerie quite so quickly. Moving to delete the photo from my phone, I was interrupted by another text from TJ, urging me to get back to him, as he needed to know whether or not to wait for me tomorrow morning. Feeling guilty about making him chase me for my response, my fingers flew quickly across the screen as I tapped out a reply. It was only after I had hit send, that I noticed my phone had packaged a picture to send along with my message. I froze for a moment, overwhelmed by the feeling that the picture I had accidently sent, was the last photo in the world I wanted TJ to see. Preparing myself, I opened my messages back up, only to see my lingerie photo staring back up at me.

“Fuck” I shouted loudly, not caring if the neighbours heard me swear. Exiting the bathroom, I picked up the clothes I had discarded only moments before, frantically pulling on my skinny jeans and not even bothering to do them up, before reaching for my zip-up hoodie. I paused, the zip not even half way up yet, as I wondered what exactly the hell I thought it was, I was doing. The plan had been to run down the hall to TJ’s room and tell him not to read my text and just delete it. There was just one exceedingly big flaw to my plan, it would look bloody suspicious if I did that. In fact TJ would be even more likely to open it after that. Like when you tell a child not to do something, so they immediately have to do it. Except TJ was fully grown man. A fully grown man who I did not want to see that. It was absolutely mortifying. Especially after what had happened in my last relationship.

That relationship had lasted two years and it was the only time previously that I had sent such photos. I had been devastated when I found out what he had done, sharing my photos with his friends, like they were some kind of party favour. I had to fight the urge to panic, because I had enough respect for TJ, to know that he would never do anything like that. However, it didn’t change the fact he would see it. Or had seen it, because there was no way that he hadn’t read that text by now.

In fact, the knock at my door pretty much confirmed my suspicions, because I knew damn well who was behind it. My fingers fumbled for a moment, before finally zipping my hoodie all the way up. I had no choice now but to face the music and so I steeled myself and just hoped it wouldn’t be too awkward. I was suppose to be sharing a car with him tomorrow after all.

I wasn’t particularly surprised when I opened my door to find TJ stood in the hallway. I was however, surprised by the look he was giving me, his dark brown eyes dangerously intense, his tongue sweeping over his lower lip. “Let me in”, was all he said in greeting and I was still so stunned by the way he was looking at me, that I hadn’t even realised that I had stepped aside until TJ had reached the centre of the room.

“TJ, look about that..” I started to say, but I didn’t get very far before TJ interrupted me, one hand running through his hair and leaving it in disarray. “I get that probably wasn’t meant for me. Actually, I can tell from your face, that definitely wasn’t meant for me. And I really probably shouldn’t be here, because there is a someone out there, who that picture was definitely meant for…”

“There is no one” I interrupted, the words stumbling out for my mouth before I even realised they were. TJ finally paused, taking a moment to look me over, a mischievous smile taking over his face and I suddenly felt very naked despite the fact I was fully covered.

“Well, thank fuck for that. Because I wasn’t too sure I was going to be able to stop myself from doing this” he told me. He was across the floor practically in an instant, taking long strides as he stepped in front of me. His hands were warm as they cupped my face and pulled me into a deep kiss. I was taken off-guard for a moment, but there was something so sweet about the way he tasted and I ended up greedy for more, my hands curling into the front of t-shirt.

There was denying that TJ was talented, his lips moving roughly over mine, while gentle hands in comparison, traced down the side of my neck, his thumb coming to rest on the hollow of my throat and I gasped the movement making me feel curiously vulnerable, while being strangely erotic. He pulled away, his lips lingering over mine for a moment.

“I’ve thought about doing this before, but I always chickened out. The moment I received that photo though, I knew I had to come over. Do you have any idea how damn sexy you are?” he murmured, before lowering his lips back onto mine. His hands fell to my hips this time and I could feel his fingers edging their way up under the hem of my hoodie. He groaned as his fingertips met bare skin and let his teeth gently scrape over my lower lip as he pulled away.

“Are you still wearing it?” he asked. With the way his voice had deepened, there could be absolutely no confusion as to what ‘it’ was. Feeling my confidence build, I took a step back and fiddled delicately with my zipper all the while keeping my eyes locked with his.

“Why don’t you find out?” I offered, letting my hand drop.

If possible I could see his eyes darken even more, as he took a step forward following me. His mouth lowered to my neck, kissing my sensitive skin, before he began to speak, his lips brushing over me with every word he whispered. “I intend to. But this isn’t just sex for me, Y/N. I want to try for something much more than this. I need to know if that’s okay with you” he told me bluntly.

“Such a smooth talker” I teased, my hands once again curling into his t-shirt and drawing him even closer. “But yes, I want to try too”. I could feel him smile against my neck and this time when his lips touched my skin again, he began to suck, the best kind of burning impression being left behind on my skin.

“TJ..” I groaned and I felt him smile against my skin once more. Pulling back, his fingers tugged gently at my zipper, ever so slowly undoing my hoodie, touches of my red bra peeking through. I could see his hardness clearly straining at his sweatpants now and I was only distracted as I felt TJ’s fingers skim over my shoulders, pushing my hoodie off. He bit his lower lip, his fingers tracing back down my bra straps, but to my disappointment his hands skipped over my breasts and trailed down to my hips instead.

Next, he fell to his knees in front of me, continuing to peer up at me as his hands slide around to the front of my jeans, raising one eyebrow at me while smirking, as he realised that I hadn’t done the buttons up in my rush to get dressed.

“I swear TJ. If you open that mouth of yours and tease me, there will be hell to pay” I told him, recognising that cheeky look in his eyes and knowing him far too well in general. My warning lost any weight it held though, when I felt him run his tongue teasingly up my stomach, ending in a soft kiss just under my bra and I let out a low moan, my legs suddenly feeling shaky.

TJ fell back to his knees again, tugging my jeans down over my legs and I heard the appreciative groan he made, my image now matching the one he had seen in the photo. I trembled as he pressed a kiss to the top of both my thighs, before falling into giggles as he suddenly picked me up, placing me over his shoulder and started to make his way over to the bed.

“TJ!” I scolded, though the whole thing was ruined by my constant laughter, especially when he playfully swatted my ass. Despite his playfulness, he was careful as he placed me down on the bed, waiting until my back had hit the mattress, before tickling my sides, causing my laughter only to increase as I wriggled under him.

“What?” he asked, feigning innocence even as his fingers continued to skip over my ribs. His fingers slowly drifted upwards and the nearer he got to my bra, the more purposeful they became in their movements, the playful atmosphere disappearing as quickly as it had come. His fingers traced teasingly over the line of my bra and I took a sharp breath in, wanting to feel more of his touch.

“My girl is beautiful isn’t she?” he murmured, a shy quality to his voice as he watched how I would react to his words, unsure if he was pushing his boundaries. I grinned at his words, wrapping my arms around the back of his neck and pulling him in for another kiss, my hands sliding up the back of his shirt and feeling the muscles of his back flex under my fingertips. Wanting to be able to feel more of his skin, I tugged at his shirt, TJ leaning back so I could pull it over his head. My fingers roamed his chest, drifting down to the trace the lines of his stomach, enjoying the shaky breath I pulled from him.

TJ pulled his lips away from mine, beginning to scatter a line of kisses down my body, only stopping when he reached my bra, choosing to chase the curves of my cleavage with his lips. “As pretty as all this is” he said as he fingered lace decorated cups, “It really needs to come off”.

Hearing the obvious hint in his words, I arched my back slightly, giving myself enough space to reach behind and undo my bra clasp. TJ stayed propped up on his elbows, watching me intently as I slid the garment down my arms and tossed it to one side. He had the cheekiest grin on his face, as his hands palmed my breasts, pressing them together, as his thumbs played lightly over my nipples. My back arched again, this time the result of his attentions, as TJ scattered feathery kisses over my breasts, his lips barely brushing over my nipples. My fingers clasped at his hair, hoping to encourage him to move his mouth where I really wanted it. I was rewarded when his lips latched onto a sensitive nipple, teasing me with a combination of teeth and tongue.

“TJ, I need you” I moaned. “Inside” I clarified only a moment later. I could feel my wetness gathering, the material between my legs dampening. He had barely touched me and I was already completely aroused. I knew that he felt it too. His hardness had been a steady presence ever since he had begun to undress me and was now consistently pressing into my hip, the material of his sweatpants straining.

“Thank fuck, you said that. That photo earlier was enough foreplay for me. Just didn’t want to push you too fast” he groaned, his hand slipping into my pants, fingers parting my folds as he tested my wetness. “Wanted to make sure you were ready”.

“More than ready” I told him, my hands falling to his sweatpants and tugging the material down as far as I could from this position. TJ picked up from where I left off, shuffling his pants down along with his boxers. My panties were quick to follow in the path of the rest of our clothes, leaving the both of us completely naked.

I couldn’t help myself. Even though both of us had already admitted we were ready to proceed, I reached out my hand and wrapped my fingers around his hardened cock, wanting to feel him. I watched as TJ let out a shuddery breath, his head falling forward for a moment, before reaching down and wrapping his fingers around my wrist, bringing my hand to his mouth. He pressed a soft kiss to the palm of my hand, causing me to be the one to shiver this time.

“Thought we had already established that photo was more than enough foreplay for me” he murmured gently and I could see his eyes twinkling with mirth, kissing my hand once more, but this time letting his teeth scrape over delicate skin. My only reply was a grin as I wrapped one arm around the back of his neck, pulling him into another kiss and I could feel his body weight settle on me, strong arms wrapping themselves around my body.

“You know, when I received that photo. I was actually jealous for a moment. Thought I had lost my chance. That someone else got to touch you. Be with you” TJ told me once he had pulled away, fingers caressing the line of my jaw as he continued to speak. “And I came charging down to your room, still half-hard and with absolutely no idea what I was going to say to you, just knowing that I had to say something”.

“I’m glad you did” I replied, causing him to grin in response, lowering his lips to mine and swallowing the groan I made as I felt him push into me, leaving me feeling pleasantly full. He made no further efforts to move his hips though and despite wrapping my legs around him, it was nowhere near enough friction for me and I ended up pleading with him.

“TJ, please!” I mumbled, tracing my lips over his neck in an attempt to encourage him.

He chuckled in response, placing his hands onto my hips as he began to slowly rock himself into me. “Just wanted to savour the moment. Savour you. After all, I only get to make love to you for the first time only once”.

My heart fluttered at his romantic words. “Fuck, you really are a smooth talker” I mumbled.

“The smoothest” he agreed teasingly, his strokes becoming deeper with each pass and my fingers began to dig into his shoulders.

There was something about the atmosphere that was surrounding us, that was completely intimate, TJ’s forehead resting against mine as we continued to move together. Both his hands were now linked with mine and he had them pinned to the bed either side of my head. His gaze never left mine, almost as if he was searching for something and judging by the way his eyes lit up, he found it when I moaned out his name.

The pace that he set was just right, nothing too fast or too slow, just enough to slowly build me up to my orgasm. Almost like starting a fire, beginning with nothing more than a small flame which gradually grew bigger over time.

The rocking of the bed was growing to become a steady beat against the wall, TJ’s lips moving to my collarbone and teasing me with gentle pinches of his teeth. With my hands still pinned to the bed, I resorted to pressing kisses of my own against his exposed neck, sucking occasionally on the skin, causing him to groan lowly, his hips bucking slightly harsher with each time.

“TJ, I’m close” I mumbled and I felt his lips leave me, his gaze returning to mine, only pausing to press a brief kiss to my lips.

“Me too” he murmured, finally letting go of one of my hands so he could hold my cheek, his thumb moving gently over my skin. I took the opportunity to wrap my free arm around his shoulders, gasping out loud at a particularly deep thrust.

With both of us being driven by our own arousal, the pace picked up, TJ bottoming out on each thrust, leaving me reeling before my orgasm had even overtaken me.

“T-..” I moaned loudly as I hit my release, unable to even get his whole name out as my body shook with the intensity I was feeling, my hand squeezing his tighter as I came. The sound of TJ swearing was the all warning that I received, before I felt him cum as well, continuing to pump into me as he rode out the last of his release. In a moment mimicking me earlier, I felt his hand squeeze mine tight.

I couldn’t help but smile myself, as I saw the wide grin on his face, TJ quickly pulling me into a short, passionate kiss, both of us too out of breath for much more than that. Rolling onto his back, he wrapped his arm around my shoulders, turning me into him and I ended up resting my head on his chest, feeling it rise up and down with every breath. I sighed contently, as I felt his hand begin to stroke over my hair, closing my eyes momentarily, only opening them again when I heard TJ yawn.

“You can stay here tonight?” I offered shyly, still enjoying the way that his fingers were threading through my hair, a small yawn falling from my own lips, feeling slightly tired myself. I felt his lips press against the top of my head, fingers moving to stroke my back.

“I would like that” he told me softly, nudging me softly to look up at him. Warm brown eyes met mine and looking at him right now, I finally understood what people meant when they said someone ‘smiled with their eyes’.

“Would you let me take you out for Valentine’s Day? I’m sure most of the restaurants will be fully booked by now, but I’m sure we could find something to do” he asked, his voice appearing softer in the darkness and silence of the room.

“That would be amazing” I told him earnestly.

I watched as he smiled even more, leaning down to once again to kiss me, before proceeding to pull the covers up and around us, ensuring that I was tucked in and feeling both warm and cosy.

“Sweet dreams, Y/N” he whispered.

Every Me And Every You - One

Spencer Reid x Reader

Smutty smut smut once it gets going…..Like seriously….

You were feeling uncomfortable. Very much so in fact. Your latest case had just finished and you were driving home.

You and your colleague, Dr Spencer Reid lived in the same direction so often car pooled together, and today was one of those occasions. Normally the journey home would be filled with chat about the latest case, or your plans for the weekend. Today was different. The latest case which had just wrapped had involved a string of murders taking place within the BDSM community. And that had involved a fair amount of research being done into that lifestyle.

Or at least it should have done. A certain member of the team though had already known a lot about that lifestyle, and had reeled off a lot of facts, figures and comments about it which had meant you hadn’t had to that much research.

And that team member was sitting next to you in the car.

You were curious. Something about the way the facts had rolled of his tongue, the sheer confidence in which he talked about it, made you wonder.

Wonder if this was something he’d simply read about or whether it was something he’d actually experienced.

You’d never experimented with that type of play before, never had a partner who you felt comfortable talking about it with. But since you’d watched the Maggie Gyllenhal film Secretary when you were 17, there was something….. intriguing about it. Something interesting….. and hearing Spencer talk the way he had, had kind of turned you on a bit. More than a bit in fact. It was making you look at him in a whole new light.

“You’re very quiet tonight Y/N,” your companion commented from his seat.

“Am I?” You knew you were, your mind was on other things. Specifically him.

“Is everything okay?”

“Hmmmm, yeah it is.”

“Okay. It’s just not like you to be this quiet.” He went back to looking out of the window, surveying the scenery he’d seen a thousand times.

You really wanted to know. To know if the information he knew, was just from reading and research or whether it was from something else.

But did you want to know enough to actually ask him?

Yep. You did.

You knew Spencer well enough, you were friends after all. He’d probably just laugh at your question, tell you no, it was just from reading, and then you could resume being normal with him, your curiosity quenched.

“Spencer. Don’t laugh okay. But… erm, you knew a hell of a lot about the BDSM scene. More than I think any of us were expecting you to know.” You glanced at him, checking for his reaction.

He didn’t react. At all. And he was very quiet for a few minutes, so much so that you’d thought he maybe hadn’t heard you. He did have a habit of zoning out sometimes.


You glanced over again. The corners of his lips twitched up slightly and he turned to you.

“You want to know if that’s something I’ve tried right? Or if it’s just something I’ve read. Did you ask Rossi the same question before you left?”

Agent David Rossi had had his own comments to add to Spencer’s. But he openly admitted to having had experimented with it when he was in college. Reid hadn’t given any indication of how he’d garnered his knowledge.

“I didn’t ask Rossi, no.”

“So are you asking me for a specific reason, Agent Y/N?” His face was still straight, giving you no indication of how he was taking your question.

“Honestly, because you don’t seem the type.” You winced at your own words. You should know better than anyone not to judge a book by its cover. Working for the FBI had taught you that much.

“I don’t seem the type….Well it takes all sorts Y/N. Each and every one of us could be hiding secrets,” he replied, his tone dry and cool.

Did that mean? Had he? Your hands gripped the steering wheel as you came to a stop at some traffic lights.

“If we’re talking about stereotypes then you don’t exactly give off the impression that this is something you’re into either, Y/N.”

Touche, Dr Reid. You kept quiet, not sure now how to proceed with this conversation. It wasn’t going the way you’d expected. You’d expected him to laugh and tell you that he’d been curious with all of the hype from Fifty Shades and had simply read up on it. He’d probably be able read every book written on the subject within a week.

“So are you….. into it?” Spencer asked.

“I asked you first.” Oh this was not going how you’d expected it to go at all.

“Technically you didn’t. But assuming this conversation goes no further than between us, I’ll answer.”

“I won’t tell a soul.” No one else in the team would believe you anyway.

Spencer mirrored your thoughts. “I doubt the others would believe you anyway. The answer is yes. It’s something I’ve experienced. And it’s something I enjoy.”

You weren’t sure whether this was the answer you’d secretly been hoping to hear or not. Either way you were still shocked. And you were glad you’d been at a stop light.

“Pick your jaw up off the floor, Agent Y/N. A gaping mouth can be good for some things, but not right here.”

You turned to look at him incredulously. What the hell!?

“You might want to drive, the lights turned green ten seconds ago.”

Shit. You hit the gas, driving onwards, unsure what to say.

“So, your turn. Is it something you’re into? You asked me for a reason. What you say doesn’t go beyond us.”

When you spoke it was barely above a whisper, “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know. But you’re curious right? You’ve been way too quiet on this case and not your usual self.”

“Yes, I’m curious.” Your voice gained a bit more power and strength.

“So ask. What do you want to know? I’ll tell you. I trust you to be discreet. If you don’t ask, you’re not likely to get the answers.”

Now was your chance. Ask the questions you’d wanted to ask the Dominants and submissive’s you’d had to interview. But what to ask?

“What do you actually do?”

“Me, personally. Or Dominants in general. Because essentially, it’s in the name. We dominate. But it does drill down onto a fair few levels depending on the relationship you have with a sub.”

He was talking about it the way he would talk to you about movies or books he liked. With confidence and knowledge. It didn’t bother him you asking him. This was not the Spencer Reid that got flustered when Garcia flirted with him, this was someone else.

“Okay, well you personally.”

“No judgement?” he asked you and you shook your head. You wouldn’t judge him. You couldn’t. Or at least you didn’t think you could.

“Okay so depending on what’s been agreed, we might be playing out a certain scenario. I’m sure you’re aware of the classic role playing fantasies: Master and servant, Professor and student, Boss and employee.”

“Never FBI Agent and unsub then?” you interrupted him.

“No. I keep my work totally separate from that. Anyway, so it simply could be a scenario that’s acted out. And generally it will go that the submissive has displeased their Master and needs to be punished in some shape or form. So I punish them.”

Dr Spencer Reid punishing someone. Jesus fucking christ.

“Does it always end in sex?”

“Nope. That’s not what it’s all about. Some people derive pleasure from simply giving or receiving the punishment during the scene. And that’s enough to get them off, to make them feel the high or release you’d get from sex. Other times….. Other times intercourse is part of the scene. And other times it may come after. Sometimes there’s very little role play involved and it may be that the submissive just wants to be tied up and played with. Generally that WILL end with intercourse.”

“Played with?”

“Blindfolded, gagged, spanked. Penetrated vaginally or anally with objects other than a penis. Whipped. Flogged. Clamped. Scratched….. Your jaw’s slack again Y/N.”

You closed your mouth and then opened it again to speak. You closed it again quickly.

“Ask it, Y/N.”

You cleared your throat, “Okay. And you do all of this? Spanking and whipping someone?” You voice went up an octave.

“Yes, if someone wants me to.”

“But…. Why?”

“Because I enjoy it. And so do my partners. I can’t give you an exact reason why other than that I find it pleasurable.”

“But essentially you’re hurting someone?”

“Only because they’re asking me to. It’s consensual and there’s terms. And there’s a fine line between pleasure and pain. It’s not all pain either. Sometimes all my partner will want is to be bound and blindfolded. The simple removal of their sight and not being able to move enhances their other sensations and it can lead to very intense orgasms.”


Oh indeed.

“So, I have a question for you Agent Y/N. You say you’re curious. Why exactly? Have you seen or watched something that’s made you curious?”

You signalled onto Spencer’s street, pulling up outside his apartment building.

“Erm… Yes. Years ago. I saw something that made me wonder if I’d enjoy it or not.”

Why were you telling him this?

“And you’ve never explored it?”


“But you’ve wanted to?”

“Erm…. I think so.”

He unbuckled his seat belt and picked his messenger bag up from the footwell.

“Have a serious think about whether you just think you want to explore it and whether you actually want to explore it. It can be very scary and very daunting. It’s something you have to go into with someone you trust completely and know will respect you and your boundaries.”

“I trust you!” you blurted out, clamping your hand over your mouth as soon as the words left.

Spencer’s eyes shot to your face studying it wordlessly for a few moments.

“Y/N. Go home and think very long and very hard about what you’ve just said and implied. This isn’t something you should rush into and definitely not with a co-worker.” He went to get out of this car but you stopped him.

“But would you though?”

“If you’re asking me whether I’d show you part of my world, then yes. If you were sure it was what you wanted and you could be certain that you wouldn’t let this interfere with our working relationship. But we’re not making this decision now. Go home Y/N. We’ve got a few days off work. Think about things and I can send you some links if you like.”

“Yes. Please. Send them.”

He nodded and slid out of the car, turning and waving goodbye to you when he reached the steps of his apartment block.

As you pulled away you still couldn’t quite believe the road that conversation had taken.

And you didn’t know whether to carry on walking down that road, or to turn and run for the hills.