pool cages

tbh it’s only now that I realise how much riley from national treasure is me

I mean


we are the same

just so done all the time

Riley ain’t got time for yo pretentious shit

he reacts the correct way to scary stuff

we’ve both got 1 thing on our minds

and 100% know what to do when shit gets real

i am riley

riley is me

Where is my National Treasure 3? We have franchises being resurrected from the grave with sequels no one wanted or needed. And yet National Treasure is just chilling there, with Nic Cage taking history way too seriously, a hacker who takes his federal crimes with a little too much joy, and a canonically surviving Sean Bean character. Where is my utterly pointless National Treasure sequel?

It's 2am and I have work tomorrow so logically I decided it was the perfect time to rewatch national treasure:

1) I forgot nick cages characters full name is Benjamin Franklin Gates (lololololol)

2)❤️riley poole❤️

3) is it still impossible to marry fictional characters. because riley poole.

4) not enough zombies.

5) not enough riley poole.

6) nick cages hair in this movie is atrocious. though no worse than his hair in any other of his movies so


8) one time in eighth grade I went to DC and saw that room that has that declaration. I wish I’d thought to steal it.

9) riley poole.

10) everyone knows the washington monument looks like like a penis right?

11) is this movie really 12 years old? Jesus.

12) where is national treasure 3, I’m owed.

13) how did riley and nick cage even meet I feel like that’s important backstory.


15) sometimes I forget science is a thing. I need to stock up on lasers and invisible finger print solution.

16) this is the best movie

17) I hate in movies how people ring the bell and the door gets answered immediately. no one sits at the front door and waits for the doorbell to ring.


19) I forgot diane kruger has an accent.


21) the part with benjamin franklins stupid looking glasses is my favorite: “I found some kind of ocular device” SHUT UP NICK CAGE THEY’RE GLASSES YOU’RE NOT FANCY


23) never mind my favorite part is when she hides behind the meat counter from her “ex husband” and the sassy black lady saves her bacon (hehehe see what I did there)

24) it’s good that everyone in this movie has terrible aim with a gun. Otherwise it’d be a much shorter movie.


26) god can you imagine what this movie would have looked like with anyone other than nick cage?

27) see good guys and bad guys can work together if they both want the same thing badly enough





32) aaaaand bad guy is going to jail. all in a day’s work.

33) aaawwwww riley loves his Porsche. I love riley. The end. Now it’s 4am and I’m going to bed.

national treasure is fake
you are trying to tell me that the password they set to protect the actual declaration of independence
a priceless document
hidden behind steel and bulletproof glass and guards and sensors
that the password to protect that
is valleyforge
Like seriously
I can’t set my facebook password to anything without a fucking upper case a lowercase a special character a number my mother maiden name my credit card number and my social security number and this thing is just valleyforge

It was an inside job. They wanted it to be stolen. Like nic cage should have told the fbi hey their password was valleyforge and then the fbi would be like what are you serious? And nic cage is like yeah and they’re like okay bye.

And also like the gates family sucks at treasure hunting. They had the clue for like two hundred years and found nothing. Like no duh everyone thinks they’re crazy. Took nic cage like two days after he found the ship to find the treasure so like… not that fucking hard to find.

Staycationgraphy - part 1

I finally got the chance to have a staycation at Parkroyal Hotel! All thanks to Ben and Jerry who had some special deal for it. Yes, it has the infinity pool with the bird cage like thingy where you see in so many instagram photos. Ben and Jerry invited the gang (total 5 of us) to enjoy their suite and the facilities.

We spent the afternoon by the pool then taking turns to enter the lounge for the snacks and drinks. After exploring the facilities, we went out for dinner in one of the Korean restaurants nearby. The 5 of us downed 3 bottles of soju and before we were reminded that we have more alcohol in the room.

Ben and Jerry had prepared all sorts of alcohol consisting of champagne, red wine, vodka, whisky and some mixers. Plus board games to keep us entertained. By 11pm, we have finished nearly 6 bottles of liquid. Everyone was rather tipsy at this point, I decided to soak in the bathtub and relax. Ben and Jerry said they will finish up the leftovers, and the other 2 headed to Taboo to join their friends.

I was probably enjoying myself in the bathtub till my skin got wrinkled. While I was drying myself, I heard some moanings from the room. Ben and Jerry must have gotten horny and started their act. I wrapped the towel around my waist and stepped out to see their live performance. Ben was fucking Jerry doggy by the glass window and they are probably on it for some time already. 

They were obviously ignoring the fact that their friend (me!) is watching them having sex. Anyway, it is not the first time I have seen them fucking. When we shared rooms on some of our holidays, they will do it every night next to me. By the time I got dressed, Ben has already switched to spooning Jerry on the bed. I headed over to the sofa and laid down to watch these 2 hot guys’ live show.

I like watching these two lean fit guys fuck each other as they are always like energizer bunnies and could go on for hours. They are well versed in all sorts of positions, some which I have tried after watching them do it. And most importantly they are not shy to moan and express their shiokness.

Not long after I laid down, Ben came over to me and asked “Can you do us a favour?” 

Clothing Optional

I’m getting a massive amount of Zelo smut requests lately. I’ve already written, what?…four? five? Which is cool, he’s fun. But this is me combining a lot of those requests. <3

Rated N for Naughty Night Swimming

“Jagiya, if you don’t get naked and get in this pool with me right now…”

“What? What’ll happen?”

“I’ll…I’ll tell everyone you still sleep with a stuffed animal!”

“Who cares? It’s a Matoki plush! I’m just supporting you.”

“I’ll tell everyone it’s not even my Matoki. I’ll tell Daehyun it’s hi–”

You cut Junhong off with a squeal of dismay, quickly pulling your shirt over your head and dropping it on the wet pavement. He quieted down, his eyes turning dark as he stood in the water below you, completely undressed. You lost your bra next, and although you could clearly see Junhong bite his lip in reaction, you kind of wished you could see the reaction below the surface of the water, too.

Junhong was waiting silently now, just looking up at you as you stood on the side of the pool, undressing exasperatedly. It was late, and you knew no one would catch you over the tall fence surrounding your backyard, but this whole situation was still ridiculous. Even if Junhong was a borderline nudist, you weren’t, and you would much rather have just stayed sitting on the edge of the pool while he took a spontaneous late night swim. Naturally, Junhong wouldn’t hear of that.

Of course, you’d be lying if you said you weren’t kind of into it, now. How could you not be, with the possessive way he was staring at you, his eyes roaming your curves in a way that clearly told you his hands were itching to do the same thing. You sighed and pushed your panties down your legs, stepping out of them and to the side a bit, shrugging down at Junhong. “Happy now?”

He lifted himself out of the water enough to run his hands down your legs, wrapping his arms around them and pressing hot, sweet kisses across your knees, and just when you started to feel very wobbly and dizzy, Junhong suddenly held you tighter and pulled you into the water with a loud, unexpected splash, letting go once you were safely in.

You came to the surface a second later, sputtering as much with breathlessness as indignance. Once you could see again, you narrowed your eyes at Junhong. “You. Little. Shit.” you muttered, splashing an armful of water at him as he giggled deviously. “What was that for??” Junhong shrugged, still snickering. “You were taking too long.” You rolled your eyes. “God, I actually hate you sometimes, you know that?”

You looked down, sighing in annoyance as you tapped the side of your head to get the water out of one ear. You still weren’t paying attention when Junhong suddenly pushed you back against the wall of the pool, caging you in with his arms as your face jerked up in surprise. “No you don’t…” he said softly, sounding for all the world like the smug ass he definitely was.

Despite yourself, you met his eyes. Big mistake. You lost yourself in Junhong’s expression immediately, one of amusement, yes, but also lust and want and more affection than you were prepared for, as usual. Junhong spent so much time joking around that it was easy to forget how deeply he really did care about you, but somehow, he always managed to remind you in little ways that spoke volumes.

You rolled your eyes, tearing your eyes away from him forcibly. “Fine, I don’t. But you still suck.”

Junhong raised one eyebrow. “That an invitation, sweetheart?”

Suddenly, you were very aware of how he was pressing against you, his whole body flush against yours as Junhong’s fingertips crept up your neck and cupped your cheek, tilting your face up for a slow, sensual kiss. It was the kind of kiss he only deployed when he wanted you badly, the kind of kiss he couldn’t stop himself from giving you sometimes. You moaned into it quietly, resting your hands on his hips for a moment before wrapping them around his waist loosely.

The warm water between you was moving gently, making everything slip and slide over your skin, and Junhong hummed in satisfaction, his own hands reaching back to cup your backside, pulling you even closer. You never answered his question, and he didn’t seem to care. He was otherwise occupied.

Junhong started with your lips, kissing them swollen and pouty, then moved to behind your ears, your neck, across your collarbone, and lower. He held you high enough out of the water to run his lips around each nipple, his tongue making slow, lazy circles across each breast. He was holding you up so easily, with one arm, but you didn’t have time to think about how incredibly strong he was.

Before long, Junhong was pulling you back into the water, setting you down gently on the steps leading into the pool. You gazed at him wide-eyed, taking it all in: how handsome he was, from his chiseled face to his sculpted body, his lopsided smile the only reminder of the silly, sweet boy underneath. Junhong moved closer to you again, his hands slipping under your body. “I want you.” he whispered, his breath an inch from your ear. “Is that okay?”

You would have laughed, if you weren’t so incredibly turned on. “Yeah. Yeah, that’s okay.” you muttered back quickly, and he looked a little relieved, like after all this time he still needed as much reassurance as you did that you needed him. You were more than happy to give it.

Junhong grinned a little when you answered him, moving you the rest of the way onto him, and you gasped when you felt his cock, aided by both the water and how absolutely dripping wet your pussy was, push all the way inside you in one go. Junhong wasted no time starting to thrust, his head ducking again until his lips were pressed against your neck, sucking and licking and kissing and nibbling there, because he knew it was one of your favorite spots. He knew it made you weak, and that was okay right now, because he was still holding you as if you were weightless with one arm.

His other arm stretched out next to you, fingers wrapped around the concrete edge of the pool as Junhong braced himself with it. It gave him more leverage to fuck into you harder, and with every particularly rough fuck, he bit down on your neck. You squirmed and writhed and he just held you in place calmly, never easing up on his efforts. Junhong was always determined to please you as much as he possibly could. It was the perfectionist in him.

You didn’t mind.

You could barely think anymore, let alone speak, so you gave up on both, giving yourself over to Junhong completely instead. You had no idea how he was managing to roll his hips this hard even underwater, but you weren’t about to question it, when it felt so good. It felt so good, and it was making you absolutely gush between your legs, orgasm after orgasm hitting you with no time to recover in between, until you were a shaking mess and he was still going just as hard.

Junhong leaned down and stopped your cries of his name with a rough kiss, his tongue finding yours and invading your mouth as he pounded into you now, water splashing all around the two of you. You didn’t bother stifling your moans anymore. Who cared if your neighbors heard, really? Let them be jealous, you thought to yourself with as much of a grin as you could muster when you were half out of your mind and Junhong was fingering you on top of the fucking and it was too much and not enough all at once.

You whimpered, and Junhong chuckled. “Something else you want, baby?” he nearly purred. Just the way his voice sounded made you grip his shoulders tighter. Junhong would have sounded perfectly in control if you didn’t know him so well. But you could hear the cracks in his voice, the subtle changes in breathing, and it all let you know that this was doing him in too, that he was so close to going crazy. You wanted him to.

You smiled, nuzzling his jawline a little. “Yeah. I want you to cum.” you whispered in his ear.

Junhong made a noise in response that was somewhere between a groan and cry, but hotter than both, before he grabbed your hips with both hands and slammed into you over and over, not letting up even a little when you started to spill again. You felt him grow larger inside you, almost impossibly big, and just when you thought it all might be too much, that you might not be able to take much more, Junhong finally exploded with a loud yell of your name.

His hips rocked against you through his climax, shooting hot bursts of cum into you, and finally they began to rock slower and slower as he came down. You just held on tight.

When he could think well enough through the haze, Junhong’s first response was to kiss you everywhere: your cheeks, your eyelids, your lips, your forehead, until you were giggling under him and he was smiling and blushing. You stayed like that for awhile, just wrapped up in each other in the water on that warm summer night, until finally Junhong lifted you out of the pool and into his arms and carried you inside to your bed.