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8.5k from my SD<3 Money shot, breakfast room service, and the pool at the hotel I was staying at with my SD was pretty awesome. My SD had to attend a conference while I explore the area and enjoy my time at the pool :). I love traveling to different places with my SD. I can’t wait for my next destination. November has been great, so far I reached 20k+ in total in allowance. I am feeling blessed and grateful. Hope everyone is doing well.

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Turns out I have a shit ton of headcanons about Noah Czerny pre-death and since I’m avoiding responsibility right now I’m going to type a bunch of them out:

  • Noah was part of a badass group of skater kids who all owned fancy bright colored cars but preferred to skateboard to school.
  • Him and his five friends lived in a huge house seven minutes (ten by skateboard) away from Aglionby. There was a bowl pool outback that stayed empty throughout the entire summer and a terribly built halfpipe that you had to be careful not to skate over the missing board. 
  • Pretty much all of them were the epitome of emo kids. Noah had the bleached blond hair that the Gangsey later wouldn’t understand wasn’t his natural color. The rest of his friends either had stark black long hair or spiky blond hair too- during the summer months, they would all dye their hair the bright crazy colors that didn’t meet Aglionby’s dress code requirements. 
  • If you wanted weed, they were the resident go-to dealers. And with every weed purchase, one (1) free cd featuring their garage band’s music was included. Noah played drums. The band was called “Prep School Scandal” or something equally as corny and they constantly sang about hating their school/town even though they were a bunch of privileged kids. 
  • They were constantly getting in trouble for skating the railings out front of Aglionby and had racked up enough detentions between them to cover an entire wall in their house with the slips. If it wasn’t for their parents’ money, they would have been kicked out a long time ago.

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Better Ways to Spend Money and Time Than Waste It On Watching Emoji Movie
  1. Donate money to homeless or poor people
  2. Get some ice cream and slurp it up
  3. Go to a swimming pool or bowling alley
  4. Watch Dunkirk (even if it’s your second or third viewing)
    1. If you have kids, just watch Despicable Me 3, Spider-Man Homecoming, or Cars 3. Or better, yet save it for Coco this fall.
    2. If the two current animated films in theaters aren’t good enough, rent Moana, Zootopia, Boy and the Beast, Kung Fu Panda 3, or Kubo and the Two Strings.
  5. Attend a festival event or sports tournament
  6. Go to a museum or aquarium
  7. Go to a water park, carnival, or other theme parks.

Taiwanese Magazine Interview - Wonwoo


Q1: What kind of existence do you have in the group?

I’ve liked reading since I was young and I like learning new things. That’s why I’m in charge of “knowledge” in the group.

Q2: Describe yourself!

I’m very afraid of strangers. For someone whom I just met, it usually takes one to two months for me to start feeling familiar with the person.

Q3: What are your charms in your opinion?

I think it’s manliness!

Q4: When do you feel the happiest?

When I can use music to express myself, I feel extremely happy! The song “Space (Can’t see the end)” in the [LOVE & LETTER] Album expresses how I felt from debut till now.

Q5: What do you do during breaks?

I stay at home to read or play games.

Q6: Fashion/clothing style that you like?

Simple, comfortable style.

Q7: Before your debut, what kind of student were you?

I liked to play sports with my classmates, eg pool, bowling or basketball. While I was a student, I especially liked English, Mathematics, Chinese, my results for these few subjects were pretty good!

trans cr: me
picture cr: ろん


ps: I still can’t find maknae lines’ nor the8′s scans :( I only have mingyu’s left for now!