pool alarm

I want to feel the butterflies in my stomach as the first campers come racing towards my cabin, excited to start the week. I want to have an icy cold jump in the pool as my alarm clock. I want to get to know the quiet kid and be able to see her discover something about herself that even she didn’t know. I want to act like a goofball and dress up in ridiculous outfits and still be seen as a role-model. I want to embrace my inner child and expand my creativity.

I want to feel the burn of my muscles and the heaviness of my eyes after a full day of fun and excitement. I want to sit with my campers through the bad times and the good, be both a shoulder to cry on and a friend to share stories with. I want to have someone depend on me, someone to remind me that I have worth and I am needed. I want to hug my friends for as long as we need to, forgetting about the sweat and dirt and just feel at home in their arms. I want to have the smell of campfire smoke and bug spray woven into every article of clothing that I own.

I want to wade waist deep into the creek and help my campers discover the thrill of holding a crayfish in their hands for the first time. I want to sit outside at night with my friends, huddled together for warmth and trying not to wake up nearby cabins with our laughter. I want to feel the safest, healthiest and most supported I have ever felt despite being exhausted and dripping with sweat at any moment. I want to forget about ‘the real world’ for a while. I want to make my campers happy and share some of my passion with them.

I want to know I’m loved. I want to feel alive again. I want to be at camp.