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Secret Kink - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @celestial-writing
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,510
AN: This is a collab between me and Madi aka @celestial-writing and I don’t know but I’m really proud of this! It’s pretty dirty, we got some daddy kink going on over here, but we really hope you like it! 

Also, this is a happy belated birthday to Stiles Stilinski! 

It was Stiles’ 18th birthday and the whole pack had come to celebrate. After the year you’d been having, it was nice to take a break and enjoy each other’s company instead of fighting whatever big bad had decided to wreak havoc on the tiny town of Beacon Hills.

You had a plan for the party for Stiles’ birthday, you had been planning this surprise for him for weeks and you knew he was going to enjoy it. Stiles never was a person that could keep secrets quiet when he was drunk, even his own.

Lydia was throwing her annual St. Patrick’s party, as usual the drinks were flowing heavily. Your boyfriend, Stiles, had clearly been taking advantage of the parties “amenities” when you found him by the bar.

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Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is quite possibly one of the most unfortunate and tragic amusement parks in the entire world. Now abandoned, it is located in Mercer County, West Virginia. Many years before Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was built, the land was the home to a Native American tribe until 1783, when the Clay family attempted to steal the land. Three Clay children, Bartley, Tabitha, and Ezekial, were killed by the Native American tribe, with one being burnt at the stake. To retaliate, the patriarch of the family, Mitchell Clay, murdered several of the Native Americans. Years later, during the 1920′s Conley T. Snidow purchased the land and Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was born. Now that’s not the end of tragedy for this spot of land. A total of six people were reported to have died in freak accidents at the park. One little girl was hit by a truck as she swung on the circle swing photographed above and a little boy drowned in the swimming pool. Following these accidents, the park closed for good and was left to rot and rust. However, the park doesn’t appear to be completely empty.. The owner has reported witnessing a ghostly little girl covered in blood, swinging on the abandoned circle swing; he also said that’s it’s not uncommon to hear and see the swings moving on their own.

a week ago my brother and I slid off the road and hit a telephone pole. the last damn snow of the season (…we hope) gave me a concussion and a chest injury.

today, birds and peepers are singing. it’s warm. grass is greening. the stream is running away. home is feeling more like home. everything the winter has made sick in me is healing. color returning to my face.

the moon signs and which member pushes them into the pool at a party
  • + a lil description thingy (?)
  • aries: minghao - as much as the cinnamon roll he is, he'd push you into the pool by accident, but wouldn't really be sorry/feel guilty after seeing your reaction and wet hair.
  • gemini: woozi - he'd purposely crawl behind you when you're surrounded by a bunch of people, and when he pushes you into the pool, he'd turn around and pretend it wasn't him.
  • cancer: dino - dino would be laughing so hard that he accidentally punches your shoulder a bit too hard and you end up falling into the pool and everyone notices. but after he'd jump in right after to save you from embarrassment.
  • leo: seungkwan - would push you into the pool with no regrets; has probably done that to more than half the party already.
  • virgo: jeonghan - would bump into you and make you trip, apologizes with a very unemotional (yet angel like) 'sorry'.
  • libra: wonwoo - stretches with his eyes closed and ends up smacking you into the pool with his long arms. he wouldn't even notice he pushed you.
  • scorpio: dk - would purposely throw you into the pool, but when he sees you all embarrassed and soaking wet, he'd apologize so much and jump in so he'd also be dripping with water.
  • sagittarius: joshua - would apologize a thousand times. he'd give you his jacket or shirt and would just walk around shirtless without realizing the people fainting as he walks past them.
  • capricorn: hoshi - he'd be a third wheel while you talk to a person you like/you admire and he'd just bump shoulders with you so hopefully the guy would leave and you guys can talk. you end up being pushed into the pool and the person would immediately help you out and resume talking to you, while hoshi drowns in jealousy and loneliness at his failed plan.
  • aquarius: jun - he would not regret pushing you into the pool at ALL, and he would probably leave you to go inside and eat some snacks.
  • pisces: vernon - would run away the moment he realizes he pushed you into the pool. he'd probably lock himself up or ignore you the rest of the party until you talked to him.

It’s almost time to start to reveal the house, but before we do, let’s introduce our hostess, Lillian L’Amoure!

Lillian’s career started nearly twenty years ago, when she rocketed to fame as the ‘That Girl’ for Alexandra’s Closet lingerie catalogues. With her striking good looks and bold personality, she dominated the tabloids in the ‘90s, 

That Girl! - Lillian L’Amoure in Alexandra’s Closet Photoshoot

She married multi-billionaire, Julian Grey in the Spring of ‘92; but it was then, following her husband’s inexplicable pool ladder accident, that her luck began to seemingly take a turn for the worse. She remarried the tycoon Robert Branston in the autumn of ‘95, but found herself soon widowed again six months later when Branston failed to realise that the sudden darkness wasn’t a cloud passing by and he was squashed by a falling meteor. Lillian did not marry again until the summer of ‘05, when she met Christopher Rocket, whose role in ‘Prances with Prairie Dogs’ won him a Golden Plumbob. Christopher would tragically pass away when he tried to fix the plasma TV in their Starlight Shores home when it cut out during a critical moment in his favourite film.

After nearly a decade of reclusive living, Lillian has finally decided to step back into the public eye, accepting the offer to host this season’s Big Brother!

Aren’t we glad that she did!

Imagine #54

One hell of a summer. (SMUT) 

Calum and you had known each other since middle school so working together wasn’t a hard thing to do. It was when he was taking a nap in the staff office instead of helping watch the kids. Every summer Calum and you showed up at the metal gate to unlock the swimming pool and put on your red lifeguard attire.  
“Ready for another day of wet brats?” Calum said leaning agaisnt the wall next to your locker. He stood there shirtless; His tanned torso and tattoos exposed.
“Ready as I’ll ever be” You say, taking your eyes away from him and taking your red plastic whistle and putting it over your head. Your outfit was similar to Calums. A full piece red swimsuit with red shorts with white lining.
Your days were usually boring, only occasionally yelling not to run around the pool, but accidents never occurred.  
“Excuse me lifeguard?” A small voice said. Looking down from your chair a little girl with pigtails looked at you.  
Climbing down you crouch down so your eye level with the blue eyed girl. “what can I help you with?”
“I cut my foot a little on a sharp piece in the pool” she said pointing to her foot that was bleeding.
“We should get a bandaid on that huh?”
She nodded. You grabbed her hand and walked her into the office and sitting her on the big office chair. Giving her a bandaid and a sticker she was content and went on her way.
“What are you doing in here?” Calum asked holding a popsicle.  
“Calum you’re supposed to be watching the pool!” You yell brushing past him and back into your chair scanning the pool for any accidents that could have been missed.  
When the pool was closed and the sun was finally starting to set you breathed a sigh of relief that the day was over. “I’m going to hop in the pool and check out that pump that keeps breaking through the wall, another kid cut their foot on it and I don’t want anyone else getting hurt or stuck on it” You say taking off your shoes.  
“Please keep cleaning” You say eyeing calum.  
“Don’t look at me like that, I don’t always slack off” he said giving you a sly smile. You laugh and roll your eyes hopping into the pool. Swimming down to the black tube coming out of the wall. Shoving it back in and pushing the tile shut as hard as you could your job is done. Going to swim to the top your shorts got caught on one of the metal drains. You struggled to get your shorts off but they were tied too tightly for them to slide off and the knot holding them together was almost impossible to get undone underwater. Panicking you struggled to get free from the drain but it was no use, you were stuck. Swallowing water as you tried to hold your breath for longer. Your vision became spotty but you still clawed at the material.  
Hands tugged at your shorts until you were ripped from them and brought to the surface, gasping for air and unwillingly  vomiting the large amount of water you consumed you were greeted with a wet Calum kneeling in front of you. Tears rolled down your cheeks as you pulled calum into a hug. He hugged you back tightly. “I thought I was going to die” You whisper.  
“I won’t let anything like that happen to you again, I promise” one hand on your waist the other on the side of your face, he rested his forehead onto yours. Lips inches apart. You could feel his warm breath.
Moving closer you pressed your lips to his and Calum instantly kissed you back aggressively. Standing up you pull him towards the staff office and lock the door behind you. He lifted you up onto the counter standing in between your legs. Kissing down your neck he squeezed at your thighs causing a light moan to escape your lips. “Want do you want baby” His whispered into your neck.  
Pulling you forward his hand slid in between your legs finding your clit and rubbing it gently. You rested your head on his shoulder as sweet moans echoed around you. You had never been so turned on in your entire life, but right now heat prickled at every inch of your skin, making each touch more and more enjoyable.
He began to slide the strap of your swimsuit down kissing along with it. siding it down until your breasts were exposed. He placed wet kisses on your nipples and breats.
“Do you have a condom?” You asked breathless.
“Uh, shit” Calum said pulling away and rummaging through his backpack until the small shiny wrapper was held in between his two fingers.
Ripping the packaging he slid his wet swim trunks down allowing his very prominent erection to pop up. Rolling the condom over the tip of his penis and all the way down he positioned himself in between your legs pulling the rest of your swimsuit down and onto the floor.  
“You sure?” He asked. You nodded.  
Placing his tip at your entrance he slowly moved in and out until you were adjusted.
“Harder” you breathed into Calums neck. He thrusted into you hard. “Oh fuck” You moaned.
Loud moans escaped from the two of you erupting the room with the sounds of pleasure.
Calum nipped and sucked at your neck while you dug your nails into his back.
“You gunna cum for me baby girl” He breathed. He thrusted faster and faster until you were screaming in pleasure as you road out your orgasm. He slowed down getting closer to his own climax. Slow hard thrusts until he came loudly moaning your name into your neck making you almost lose yourself all over him again.

after a moment of silence that was only filled with heavy breathing you let out a chuckle.
“That’s one thing I didn’t think I’d ever do”
“What have sex at work?”
“No have sex with Calum Hood, the band geek from highschool”
“Well dreams do come true baby” he said winking while removing himself from you and disposing the condom. Hopping down from the table your legs were still weak, causing you to lose your balance and almost fall over but Calums sterdy hand kept you upright. You could see the smirk he was trying to hide as he helped dress you considering you could barely stand up on your own.

The two of you left the pool bumping each others hands against one another until interwining your fingers together. “This is going to be one interesting summer Hood”  

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The hosts learning that their s/o has gotten into a near death accident and the accident that happened.

I’m so sorry this has taken so long to do! i was thinking a lot about what i wanted to do for this one and then i got really sick for a while so i couldn’t do it but now I’m doing it! Also this is all in bold because i think this is one of my best and i want people to notice </3

Tamaki: Capsized yacht accident. Tamaki would be calling everyone he knew to see if his s/o was okay or if anyone knew where they were - basically trying to get any information he could to make sure they were okay. Once he eventually got to see them he would bring flowers to their hospital room every day until they got out, he would refrain from taking them anywhere near boats, but try to get them used to water again slowly with shallow pools etc.

Kyoya: Train accident. He would call his family police as soon as he heard there were train delays - there are never train delays. He would order the police force to find the train and inspect the problems and what was happening - making sure they knew what his s/o looked like in case they were hurt. Once being contacted and told it was a crash he just ran straight to where the train has stopped and dug frantically through bits of metal to find his s/o, making sure his family doctors took the very best care of them. From then on only his family personal travel was available to his s/o.

Hikaru: Car accident. He would be talking to his s/o on the phone when it happened, hearing the screech of tires and a slam as his s/o screamed - then a dead line. Using his phones tracker to reach his s/o’s car he would punch and tear at the doors, pushing away anyone who tried to stop him, shouting abuse at them and how he would kill them if they got in his way. Eventually the fire department would arrive and cut his s/o out of the car, airlifting them to the hospital along with hikaru once he promised to calm down. Once in the helicopter was in the air he would burst into tears, never letting go of his s/o’s limp hand.

Kaoru: Plane crash. He would try to be calm, watching on the news moments after his s/o’s plane went down, only after his brother walked in seeing him curled up in his chair sobbing - would kyoya be called, they needed that police force ASAP. Finding out that his s/o was still alive, if only barely, caused kaoru to burst into a fresh set of tears as he was driven  to Kyoyas doctors residence to see them.

Mori: Terrorist hostage. Getting a text from kyoya, reading “isn’t this your s/o?” attached to a picture of their favourite cafe sent his world spinning - there were numerous armed men in the building, with police cars and officers all around the outside. And his s/o was tied up, crying. Running straight to the scene, Mori would get special permissions thanks to his connections through the police, smashing through the glass of the door and snapping the neck of the man he fell on, seeing his s/o in a pool of blood with a shot wound in their stomach. Grabbing them and running out the door to the closest hospital, mori begged and begged for the life of his love - finding peace when he was told later on that they had finally stabilised.

Honey: Kitchen accident (something blows up). It was all his fault. He had asked them to cook for him, he didn’t know it was going to happen. As soon as the ambulance arrived he carried them in himself (slightly shocking the paramedics). He would stay by them the whole time, through surgery and the whole time they were in hospital, not touching cake the whole time. When his s/o finally woke up he would cry and cry, crawling over them and apologising numerous time.

Usher Triumphant in Court

If you took past headlines for face value, someone might be fooled into thinking Usher and Tameka Raymond weren’t competent parents. Particularly because there court battles are normally sprawled out in the media. 

After the tragic events of last year, which resulted in the death of their young son (and the bitter custody battle that ensued) you’d think that the Raymond’s might show a more united front as parents.

But instead Tameka Raymond used this as an opportunity to file an emergency request for primary custody after the couple’s 5-year-old son - Usher Raymond V - nearly drowned in a pool on Monday. It seems they don’t even trust each other and things are obviously still bitter between the pair judging from the long awkward silence during court proceedings

During questioning, Tameka broke down in tears talking about her son’s accident, saying she didn’t know if her child suffered permanent brain or heart damage.

But a judge ruled in Ushers favour, dismissing her claims that he was an inattentive father who employed incompetent caretakers, in this case his aunt Rena, to look after their children. The accident was simply the misadventure of a young boy and thankfully the quick actions of workers at the house meant their son survived, for the most part unscathed.

Usher has had primary custody of their two boys since the Jet Ski tragedy in 2009 that claimed the life of Tameka Raymond’s 11 year old son, Kyle Glover.

Meanwhile Communication between the duo showed progress after Usher extended an empathetic hug to Tameka after it’s adjourn. 

Hopefully the family can move forward and this will be the last of the messy court battles.

(Beow: Usher arriving at court)

[Words; @AkaRebelle]

I love these scenes, because from the bits we’ve seen we don’t get a lot of Ruby Steven interaction.  Like in Jailbreak Ruby was so miserable being away from Sapphire she barely talked to Steven and sounded angry when she did.  She was justified of course, but it still was a bit off-putting.  When Garnet fused back though she tells Steven that “we already love you,” I’m assuming it meant not just Ruby and Sapphire, but Garnet too.  I believe Garnet 100% about this, but it’s just that Sapphire was pleasant to Steven and dragged him along to find Ruby again while Ruby just lashed out at everything and runs away from Steven to try and find Sapphire.

But in Keystone Motel even when Ruby and Sapphire are fighting Ruby never takes it out on Steven, even the whole heating up the pool was more an accident and she did it to take Steven’s advice.  Here in the diner even while they’re fighting as soon as Steven smashes his plate and walks out the mini gay moms stop fighting and run off to try and do what they can to make their child less upset.  When Steven asks if he’s to blame for all the misery that’s been going on lately, Ruby immediately tells him it’s not his fault, that they’re the ones with the problem.  Like I said, I believed Garnet, but it’s nice to see since actions are more important than words

Little Things

Drum softly on windowpane
Pitter patter goes the rain
It’s every little thing
That gives life meaning

Freshly baked chocolate cookies
A wide smile and an innocent please
It’s every little thing
That gives life meaning

A secret midnight conversation
And the radio on whatever station
It’s every little thing
That gives life meaning

A new book by the bedside table
Still with the price tag and label
It’s every little thing
That gives life meaning

A drunk car passing through night
Two lives gone, without a fight
It’s a very little thing
That loses life’s meaning

An over-the-counter bottle of pills
One more statistic in number of kills
It’s a very little thing
That loses life’s meaning

A stupid swimming pool accident
Just another unfortunate event
It’s a very little thing
That loses life’s meaning

Fourth stage cancer, found too late
Now all there’s left to do is wait
It’s a very little thing
That loses life’s meaning

Freshly washed hospital sheets
New music, drowning out heart beats
It’s every little thing
That gives life meaning

- ofpassionnotpeace