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Secret Kink - Smut

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Author: @dumbass-stilinski and @celestial-writing
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski/Reader
Words: 3,510
AN: This is a collab between me and Madi aka @celestial-writing and I don’t know but I’m really proud of this! It’s pretty dirty, we got some daddy kink going on over here, but we really hope you like it! 

Also, this is a happy belated birthday to Stiles Stilinski! 

It was Stiles’ 18th birthday and the whole pack had come to celebrate. After the year you’d been having, it was nice to take a break and enjoy each other’s company instead of fighting whatever big bad had decided to wreak havoc on the tiny town of Beacon Hills.

You had a plan for the party for Stiles’ birthday, you had been planning this surprise for him for weeks and you knew he was going to enjoy it. Stiles never was a person that could keep secrets quiet when he was drunk, even his own.

Lydia was throwing her annual St. Patrick’s party, as usual the drinks were flowing heavily. Your boyfriend, Stiles, had clearly been taking advantage of the parties “amenities” when you found him by the bar.

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Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is a lifeguard in the hotel in Singapore and there she mets him.

Word Count: 1.8K

Warnings: None

A/N: This is my second request, people! (Requested by: anonymous) Hope you enjoy this as well and please feel free to send some requests! 

Request:  If you’re still taking requests: can you do a tom holland x female lifeguard reader? Possibly set when he Jacob and Haz are in the pool in Singapore?

You were walking near the swimming pool, looking at the people in there. It might sounded creepy but the true was that it was your job. You were a lifeguard in a hotel in Singapore and that meant you had to be always looking and taking care of people. Today you assumed you would have more work than usual because of the celebrities your boss mentioned, but everything was quiet. There was absolutely no one in the pool. You walked to your chair, sat on it and started to think about the celebrities, you didn’t know their names, because your boss didn’t tell you, he told you it didn’t matter and that they should be treated like normal guests. You agreed with him in some part, they should be treated like normal guests so they wouldn’t feel uncomfortable, but you wanted to know sooo badly who were they. Maybe they were from a famous band or maybe they were actors. You secretly wanted them to be the latter. You had always dreamed of watching or meeting a celebrity.

You were still thinking about who these celebrities might be, your brain swirling in a tornado full of names, when you heard loud voices coming in. You turned your head to the source and saw 3 guys laughing. You looked at them with curiosity running through your veins. Were they the celebrities? They were too young. Maybe they were just hotel guests. You kept looking at them, watching how they put their stuff on the chairs, when one of them, the one with brown hair, turned and his eyes met yours. He stared at you for a few seconds before turning his head. You turned your head too a bit flustered. You knew him from somewhere, but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Maybe an old classroom partner? Impossible. Then why did he look so familiar? You temped yourself at looking them directly again, but you decided against it. You needed to look after the people in the pool. Accidents could happen at any minute, but then you realised they were the only ones there, which meant the people you should take care of were the boys. Therefore, you turned your head and wait for the brunet to meet your gaze again.

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Power Bill (Thomas x James x Reader)

Words: 2543

Warnings: yelling, cursing, angst

Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a Hamilfic of Jefferson x Madison x Reader (female) where the reader is really upset with jefferson for something  (idk what) and james has to get the two back together again😊Thanks!

Can you write a story, the reader and the Hamilsquad/SDRs go to a pool party and an accident happens to the reader? Almost drowned or something, its up to you…Thank you! You are the best!-

A/N: Combine two requests because they made sense with one another! Enjoy!

You were cleaning your home when Thomas came barging into the room. He was sweating, and his shirt was disheveled. You were honestly not in the mood to start an argument with him. But that fire in his eyes told you otherwise. You turned back around, and began sweeping the floor.

“So you’re just going to ignore me?” He said. 

You rolled your eyes, and continued to sweep.“Yea, I am. You’re probably going to complain about Alexander or something again. But I’ve told you hundreds of times. I love you, not him. Alright? He’s a friend, just like John, Herc, and Laf are. Let’s move on from that,” You mumbled.

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anonymous asked:

Considering there's now a Power Rangers movie, do you think it is possible that someone will go out there and make a live-action (or fully animated idk) series/movie out of Animorphs? Would you think it wise? We have the know-how to animate morphing and aliens, and there are probably many people out there who started reading Animorphs 20 years ago who are now working in the animation or film industry so the adaptation probably wouldn't stray too far from the original.

You know, I’m not sure Animorphs ever will get its own show or movie again.  I love the current format of turning books or series into entire freaking TV shows (American Gods, Handmaid’s Tale, etc.) and it might be cool to get a second crack at an Animorphs show, but… But I’m conflicted. 

Reasons I’d love to see an Animorphs movie or show:

  • There would be a whole younger generation that we could bring into the fandom!  They could share in our hilarity and pain, which would be awesome.
  • It’s pretty much inevitable that the books would get re-released, which means we’d be able to stop relying on crappy PDFs any time we wanted to reread the series. 
  • Visual media = greater internet fandom. 
    • Seriously, though, TV shows > video games > movies > comics > novels when it comes to online fandoms, and I think a big part of that is the fact that Tumblr, Livejournal, and Reddit are so image-heavy. 
    • And I really WANT this series to be so mainstream there are fandom wars and remixes and hipster-effects.  It’s so frustrating right now when people ask what I’m writing and I usually end up telling the truth but telling it slant (ex: “There aren’t enough stories about stereotypically masculine young men working as administrative assistants, so I decided to…” or “Have you ever thought about how demonic possession would affect neurological processes?  Because I have.”)  And it would be so nice to be able to say “I’m writing about Animorphs,” and have other people go “Oh, that super-disturbing series with the oatmeal jokes?” 
  • There are some REALLY FREAKING COOL images in the series that it would be really freaking cool to see on a screen.  For instance: the huge hellish cavern where the yeerk pool is located, the iskoort and their backward knees, Cassie becoming a whale-osprey-human-andalite hybrid for a hot second in midair, Ax jumping backward over a swimming pool by accident, that freaking veleek, etcetera. 

Reasons the idea of an Animorphs movie or show fills me with trepidation:

  • Have you SEEN AniTV?  I didn’t think it was possible for writing that good to get turned into scripting that bad, and yet.
  • Whitewashing.  DragonBall-Z, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, and Cloud Atlas all took minority characters from the original works and cast white actors.  AniTV itself whitewashed Eva and Ax.  I’d rather have no screen adaptation at all than one with an all-white cast or one that tokenizes any or all of the characters.
  • It’d be super-easy for the grey-and-black morality of the books to get lost in translation, which could lead to deeply unfortunate consequences if the kids are shown killing controllers left and right with abandon.  (See: Seasons 5 - 10 of Supernatural and the number of completely innocent humans the “heroes” straight-up MURDER because they happen to be in the way.)
  • Hollywood is allergic to tragedy.
    • The movie adaptations of Blood and Chocolate, I Robot, Catching Fire, Ender’s Game, Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, A Series of Unfortunate Events, I Am Legend, The Golden Compass, Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, Ella Enchanted, and Charlotte’s Web all took ambiguous or unhappy endings and made them fit the Hollywood mold, not only by having everything wrapped up with a nice bow (and no dead characters) at the end, but also by back-fitting genuinely original stories into tired and unoriginal tropes.
    • Animorphs would not be Animorphs if almost every book didn’t end with the characters not sure what they learned this week, outside of “war sucks, and then you die.” It definitely wouldn’t be Animorphs if the last two books weren’t all about how sometimes you have to make terrible sacrifices to stop evil.  I have a sneaking suspicion Hollywood would try to sweep all of that under the rug, especially if the screen adaptation was geared for the same audience as the books.
  • I’d be worried about the portrayal of the hosts.
    • As it is, AniTV already has some super fridge-horrifying moments that come from the writers’ failure to distinguish between yeerks and yeerk hosts.  Tom and Melissa make out and possibly sleep together while he’s definitely a controller and she might be as well, and the way that the series plays it for laughs suggests that no one did the math that 33 - 50% of the individuals in that relationship are physically incapable of giving consent.  The series also plays Chapman getting spattered with oatmeal and Iniss 226 going insane for laughs, even though the implications for poor ol’ Henrick are pretty horrifying. The books take the time to have the characters debate whether harming the hosts is worth it to harm the yeerks; the show genuinely doesn’t have the time to do that in its 25-minute run and so leaves those problematic questions out. 
    • Similarly, it is super-easy to slide into victim-blaming where the controllers are concerned.  The books can give us moments like Naomi saying “You were Visser One,” and Eva coming back with “I beg your fucking pardon?” (I paraphrase).  They can have the heartbreaking scenes with Jake imagining what Tom thinks or feels while some alien acts uses him to try to kill their dad.  Visual media can’t necessarily convey that information, and would necessarily have to cast actors as Visser One, Visser Three, etc. who almost never stop to play the parts of Eva or Alloran.  As Supernatural demonstrates (sorry to keep picking on this show), it’s really easy to forget there’s an innocent human who doesn’t get a choice about being used as a weapon or being caught in the crossfire.  It could be so freaking easy to make Tom or Eva or Chapman or Alloran themselves into villains by just forgetting that the host exists at all. 

Anyway, that’s all a very long-winded way of me saying that I DON’T KNOW IF I WANT A LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION OR NOT.  Also that I care too much about the meatsuits, but anyone who follows this blog probably knew that by now. 


Lake Shawnee Amusement Park is quite possibly one of the most unfortunate and tragic amusement parks in the entire world. Now abandoned, it is located in Mercer County, West Virginia. Many years before Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was built, the land was the home to a Native American tribe until 1783, when the Clay family attempted to steal the land. Three Clay children, Bartley, Tabitha, and Ezekial, were killed by the Native American tribe, with one being burnt at the stake. To retaliate, the patriarch of the family, Mitchell Clay, murdered several of the Native Americans. Years later, during the 1920′s Conley T. Snidow purchased the land and Lake Shawnee Amusement Park was born. Now that’s not the end of tragedy for this spot of land. A total of six people were reported to have died in freak accidents at the park. One little girl was hit by a truck as she swung on the circle swing photographed above and a little boy drowned in the swimming pool. Following these accidents, the park closed for good and was left to rot and rust. However, the park doesn’t appear to be completely empty.. The owner has reported witnessing a ghostly little girl covered in blood, swinging on the abandoned circle swing; he also said that’s it’s not uncommon to hear and see the swings moving on their own.

cosmic--kid  asked:

(1/2) richjake (mostly jake) headcanon: Jake used to be a competitive swimmer but after he broke his legs he couldn't compete and hasn't gone to the pool often since the accident. One day Rich finds him looking at his old swimming medals and he's like "I'm taking my boy to the pool if its the last thing I do." So Rich gets everything together, packs it into Jakes mom van, and uses some kind of excuse so it'll be a surprise. When they get there the whole squad is there and Jake is so excited and

(2/2) he’s so happy. He changes and Rich wheels him out to the pool, they all got up a nice floatie and Rich carries him over to the pool and gently sets him in while like, peppering him with little kisses because they’re in love and Jake has seriously never been happier.

I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!! oh y god theyre so in love i love them so much

Through Time and Space (part four)

part one, part two, part three

You’re talking to Sam and Katie when you hear the gunfire. “I’ll be back… hopefully.” You say before getting up and walking to the living room where the gunfire happened… it’s only Sherlock shooting a smiley face he painted on the wall, just because he is bored. As Sherlock fires another round into the wall John comes running up the stairs with his fingers in his ears.

“What the hell are you doing?” John yells.

“Bored.” Sherlock replies rather sulkily.


“Bored!” Sherlock fires a few more rounds while yelling bored two more times. John somehow gets the gun away from Sherlock before removing the clip. You roll your eyes before heading back to your room where you were talking to your siblings.

“What was that about?” Sam asks when you sit back down.

“Sherlock started shooting a smiley face on the wall.” You reply.

“Why was he shooting the wall in the first place?”

“He was doing it out of boredom.”

“Are you sure that you should be staying there?” Cue the overprotective older siblings. You roll your eyes.

“Just because one my flatmates shoots the wall when he’s bored doesn’t mean that I’m going to leave like that.” You snap your fingers when you say ‘that’.

“He could’ve shot you though.” Katie counters.

“If I did get shot, my other flatmate is a doctor. I’m in good hands Katie.” You reply, your slight British accent starts to poke through. Recently, you noticed that your accent comes through when you are emotional. Sam starts laughing.

“You have an accent.” He answers.

“No shit Sam.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
“Hello Mycroft.” You say the next day when you emerge from your room. “Don’t expect me to be glad to see you, ‘cause I’m really not.” You open the fridge to find the severed head of a vampire. That is a new one. “Sherlock, why do you have a severed head of a vampire in the fridge?”

“What do you mean?” Sherlock asks in response.

“I’ll explain when your brother isn’t around.” John comes running up the stairs asking if you and Sherlock are okay. “Are you alright John?” You ask.

“I just saw on the telly about the explosion near our flat.”

“Oh… they said it was a gas leak and no one got hurt.”

“Your shirt is singed slightly.” John points out.

“It’s been like that since the day I got it. This is a second hand shirt.”

“From your sister I presume.” Sherlock points out.

“Originally Dean’s but Katie was the one that gave it to me.” You answer. “I swear you know more about me then I know about myself.” After a little bit Mycroft takes his leave.

“Are you going to explain why you said vampire?” Sherlock asks getting out of his seat and walking over to you.

“If you grab the head I’ll show you.” You answer, Sherlock does so and sets the head on the table- John has a disgusted look on his face. “For one thing I noticed this.” You say as you show the consulting detective the vampire’s fangs.

“How did I miss those?” Sherlock questions.
“They’re easy to miss. That’s how vampires pass as human. Anyways if you look at where the neck used to be, it’s a clean cut.”

“So what does that mean?”

“It means the hunter that did this has hunted vampires before. If it was an amateur, it would look like a kindergartner’s art project.”

“So uneven?” Sherlock asks trying to follow your train of thought.

“Yup.” Sherlock looks rather intrigued. “Now here’s the thing most hunters are careful enough to depose all of the bodies and the heads… this hunter missed a head.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You, Sherlock and John are at Scotland Yard following Lestrade to his office. “You like the funny cases, don’t you?” Lestrade asks. “The surprising ones.”

“Obviously.” Sherlock answers with a monotone voice, but you can see it in his eyes- his interest has been piqued.

“You’ll love this. That explosion…” Donovan walks by causing Sherlock to throw her a dirty look.

“Gas leak right?” Sherlock asks looking back at Lestrade.

“No.” The three of you look surprised at the detective’s response. Lestrade opens the door to his office. Inviting the three of you in.


“No, made to look like one.”

“What?” John splutters. Lestrade gestures to the envelope on his desk. It has Sherlock’s name handwritten on it.

“Hardly anything left of the place except a strong box – a very strong box – and inside it was this.” Lestrade explains.

“You haven’t opened it?” Sherlock inquires.

“It’s addressed to you, isn’t it?” Sherlock reaches for the envelope then hesitates. “We’ve X-rayed it. It’s not booby-trapped.”

“How reassuring.” Sherlock then picks it up studying it. “Nice stationery. Bohemian.” Lestrade asks for clarification. “From the Czech Republic. No fingerprints?”

“No.” Lestrade replies. Sherlock studies the handwriting.

“She used a fountain pen. A Parker Duofold – iridium nib.”

“Deduce that from the cursive?” You ask. Sherlock chooses to ignore you. Sherlock then opens the envelope to find an exact replica of the phone from the woman in pink case. Lestrade refers to that case as the study in pink. “The what now?”

“You haven’t read John’s blog?” Lestrade asks sounding surprised. You arch an eyebrow.

“I didn’t even know John had a blog.”
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You find out that the sneakers Sherlock found in 221c (Mrs. Hudson’s basement) belonged to a person named Carl Powers- Sherlock’s very first case.

“Nineteen eighty-nine, a young kid – champion swimmer – came up from Brighton for a school sports tournament; drowned in the pool. Tragic accident.” Sherlock says showing you and John an old newspaper headline on his phone. “You wouldn’t remember it. Why should you?”

“But you do…” You comment. Sherlock nods. “So there wasn’t anything suspicious about it then?”

“Nobody thought so – nobody except me. I was only a kid myself. I read about it in the papers.”

“Started young, didn’t you?” John jokes. Sherlock ignores his comment.

“The boy, Carl Powers, had some kind of fit in the water, but by the time they got him out it was too late. But there was something wrong; something I couldn’t get out of my head.”


“His shoes.”

“You’ve lost me.” You state.

“They weren’t there. I made a fuss; I tried to get the police interested, but nobody seemed to think it was important. He’d left all the rest of his clothes in his locker, but there was no sign of his shoes …” Sherlock then gestures to the bag that is holding the sneakers. “Until now.”

While Sherlock is busy figuring out the case, John has to go pay a visit to Mycroft. You on the other hand was helping Katie do research for a hunt, but you’re distracted and can’t really focus on anything. “Y/N?” Katie asks.

“Hmm?” You answer not really paying any attention.

“What’s going on, you’re never like this.” You sigh, looking at your computer screen.

“I’m just distracted at the moment. There is a psychopath running around London…”

“Other then your roommate?”

“Sherlock isn’t a psychopath sis. He’s more of a sociopath… also Sherlock doesn’t strap people to bombs when he’s bored.” You stare down at the keyboard, fighting back tears. “Katie, I’m scared.” Normally you don’t tell anyone that you’re scared, but your siblings are the only exceptions.

“I don’t know what I can do… I mean you’re on the other side of the world (nickname).” You just nod in response.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
A little later you get back to the flat carrying a small bag of Chinese food. You hear Sherlock yelling at the TV. ‘Is Sherlock watching Star Wars?’ You think to yourself.

You don’t really recall what happened before you ended up at the pool with John… John’s strapped to a bomb, and you have a sniper pointing his gun at your chest. When Sherlock shows up, you see his look of terror when he sees John. John removes the jacket revealing the bomb to Sherlock. Sherlock looks a little relieved but he is still wary of John for now. John narrates a few things from an ear piece. “I can stop John Watson and Y/N Winchester too… stop their hearts.” John says flinching slightly.

Now you’ve never been one for rules. So when it’s your turn to speak you do not follow the script. You actually pull the ear piece out of your ear and then throw it into the pool shorting it out. “I am not going to be someone’s goddamned puppet.” You state.

“Y/N look out!” Sherlock shouts, you see the bullet and move out of the way at the last second. The bullet embeds itself into the wall. You then walk over to Sherlock and John. The man named Moriarty eventually comes out. That is an interesting conversation to say the least. While Sherlock is taking off the bomb attached to John, your arm brushes against your side causing you to hiss softly.
Your side got grazed by that sniper bullet.

“Son of a bitch.” You say through clenched teeth.

“Y/N?” Sherlock asks looking up from what he is doing.

“Even though I got mostly out of the way, the bullet still grazed my side… its not bleeding too much though.”

“I’ll take a look at it when all this junk off of me.” John says as Sherlock removes the ear piece. John doesn’t get to look at your injury right away Moriarty just came back.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
You flinch as John rubs some rubbing alcohol on your side. “Sorry.” He apologizes.

“It wasn’t you, it just stings.” You answer feeling a little exposed. All you’re wearing at the moment is a pair of jeans and your bra. “One would think that I would be somewhat used to this, considering how many times I’ve gotten hurt while hunting. Well then again my family cleans wounds with whiskey…”

“Did you guys drink it or was it strictly for first aid purposes?” John asks as he threads a needle, your injury is deep enough that you do need stitches for it.

“It was used as both.” You grimace as John starts stitching your side up. Sherlock walks into the kitchen not paying much heed to the fact you’re currently topless. Then again he’s only in a bed sheet. “Morning Sherlock.”

“Morning.” Sherlock yawns, you take a wild guess that today is going to be incredibly lazy. Since Sherlock had become incredibly popular via the internet he asks John to go to a crime scene after he was done patching you up. Sherlock also insists that John takes his laptop. Once John is done stitching your side up you put on a tank top as John heads out.

You can’t really do anything at the moment because John doesn’t want you to pop the stitches. It’s a little odd that you and Sherlock get an escort of sorts to somewhere, that somewhere just happens to be Buckingham Palace. John’s already there waiting for the two of you. “Are you wearing any pants?” He asks Sherlock once the three of you are sitting down on a nearby couch.

“No.” Sherlock answers before the three of you start to crack up. The three of you make some small talk for a little bit.

“What are we doing here, Sherlock? Seriously, what?” John asks. Sherlock admits he doesn’t know something. “Here to see the queen?” John just happens to ask as Mycroft enters.

“Oh, apparently yes.” Once again the three of you start to laugh. Mycroft doesn’t look amused.

“Just once, can you three behave like grown-ups?” Mycroft demands.

“We solve crimes. I blog about them, he forgets his pants, and she’s the queen of sass, so I wouldn’t hold out too much hope.” John points out with a grin. Once all the laughter has quieted down Mycroft offers Sherlock some clothes… Sherlock doesn’t pay any attention to his brother.

“We are in Buckingham Palace, the very heart of the British nation.” Mycroft then sternly adds: “Sherlock Holmes, put your trousers on.” Sherlock literally gets up to leave with a few words towards Mycroft.

“Good morning.” Sherlock states as he starts to walk away- only to have his brother stand on his sheet. That wasn’t a sight you needed to see this early- thankfully the consulting detective catches the sheet before it hits the ground completely. Eventually Mycroft wins and Sherlock reluctantly gets dressed. Sherlock asks why didn’t Mycroft go to the secret service and if he trusts them.

“Naturally not.” The eldest Holmes replies. “They all spy on people for money.” You and John share a small smile. Apparently the two of you were on Mycroft’s list of trustworthy people.
🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝 🐝
The doorbell rings and the people at the door are the Doctor and Rose. In all honesty you’re glad to see them- you need to get away for a little bit. Your flatmates are good people, they just get on your nerves- Sherlock being the main culprit. “Don’t tear those stitches out Y/N.” John states.

“Relax I won’t.” You reply.

“Stitches?” Rose asks.

“Long story short I got shot.” Rose just sighs in response.

“You’re a danger to yourself Y/N.”

“I know Rose. Let’s go before Sherlock drags me in on another case.” With that the three of you take your leave.

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the moon signs and which member pushes them into the pool at a party
  • + a lil description thingy (?)
  • aries: minghao - as much as the cinnamon roll he is, he'd push you into the pool by accident, but wouldn't really be sorry/feel guilty after seeing your reaction and wet hair.
  • gemini: woozi - he'd purposely crawl behind you when you're surrounded by a bunch of people, and when he pushes you into the pool, he'd turn around and pretend it wasn't him.
  • cancer: dino - dino would be laughing so hard that he accidentally punches your shoulder a bit too hard and you end up falling into the pool and everyone notices. but after he'd jump in right after to save you from embarrassment.
  • leo: seungkwan - would push you into the pool with no regrets; has probably done that to more than half the party already.
  • virgo: jeonghan - would bump into you and make you trip, apologizes with a very unemotional (yet angel like) 'sorry'.
  • libra: wonwoo - stretches with his eyes closed and ends up smacking you into the pool with his long arms. he wouldn't even notice he pushed you.
  • scorpio: dk - would purposely throw you into the pool, but when he sees you all embarrassed and soaking wet, he'd apologize so much and jump in so he'd also be dripping with water.
  • sagittarius: joshua - would apologize a thousand times. he'd give you his jacket or shirt and would just walk around shirtless without realizing the people fainting as he walks past them.
  • capricorn: hoshi - he'd be a third wheel while you talk to a person you like/you admire and he'd just bump shoulders with you so hopefully the guy would leave and you guys can talk. you end up being pushed into the pool and the person would immediately help you out and resume talking to you, while hoshi drowns in jealousy and loneliness at his failed plan.
  • aquarius: jun - he would not regret pushing you into the pool at ALL, and he would probably leave you to go inside and eat some snacks.
  • pisces: vernon - would run away the moment he realizes he pushed you into the pool. he'd probably lock himself up or ignore you the rest of the party until you talked to him.

anonymous asked:

Hey! Scamp* anon here! Pool accidents terrify me to be honest. Like imagining being able to cut something (like a leg or head) open so easily is terrifying.

hi!!!!!!!!!!!!! srry this is late!! but yeah leg injuries r SO AWFUL like ive seen soccer players w fuckED UP shins n that scares the hell outta me

anonymous asked:

Can you write a story, the reader and hamilsquad/SDRs go to a pool party and an accident happened to the reader? Almost drowned or something, its up to you... Thank you! You are the best!

Sure! ! !

anonymous asked:

In light of the new series, and if you remember the cartinelli fosters au, do you have any more headcanons for them?

Oh boy, do I remember? I do, I do, as you shall see. And for anyone who doesn’t, the Cartinelli Fosters AU was modern Cartinelli adopting a bunch of the mains of the MCU (and Therese from Carol) and yeah, it has gradually become a massive crossover playground for everyone I have fondness or, regardless of fandom. So, ahem, do I have headcanons…

·       Leo and Jemma are brother and sister in this (sorry shippers) and both nearly drowned (in a pool accident, not a SHIELD death thing). Leo suffered a TBI as per season 1, and yeah, @mysteriousangstninja and I handled that recovery much more realistically than either AoS or Fosters proper, just sayin.

·       Cartinelli have a California king sized bed, which does not seem very big when the whole brood piles in after Peggy comes back from a trip. Whole brood being Peggy’s bio son James, adopted Tony Stark, adopted Therese, Nat, Leo and Jemma.

·       Angie met Peggy when she was hired as a nanny for James. Therese met them when she was hired as a babysitter for James and Tony. Leads to jokes about how you can’t nanny for a Carter without being married or adopted into the fam.

·       Peggy is Howard’s bodyguard/head of security. Peggy is very, very rich and has no problem paying tuition for all these kids.

·       Howard Stark has a scar on his face that matches Angie’s wedding ring. Received after he smacked a young Tony. He got the scar, Peggy got Tony.

·       Angie lovingly referred to Peggy’s secretary as The Iowa Whore. Three guesses who that is.

·       Cat Grant’s in this now, because she us. Same as in Supergirl, with the added bonus here that Peggy and Howard will not tell who Tony’s mom is, leading to endless debate. Cat is one of the common suggestions.

(Some of these have likely been discussed before, sorry. But yes, yes, there are headcanons. Many of which come from Angstninja, because they are a mad genius who enables me.)


We got the messages, but we don’t know or remember that particular story. Help us find the fics, please.

1) Oliver and Felicity are married with a daughter. Felicitys stalker from college comes back and it causes problems with Oliver. Later when they fight Felicity is kidnapped Oliver regrets what happened. (by karakleff)

Time for a story - Chapter 15

2) Felicity is kidnapped and Oliver is shown a body with an industrial piercing and everyone thinks it’s Felicity apart from Oliver who knows she’s still alive.

Where there’s Smoak there’s fire

3) High school AU where Oliver ,Tommy and Felicity studied together and tommy/oliver picked on her and i think she fell on a pool by accident and oliver was super worried because he was in love with felicity something like that (by redduckies)

Thinking Out Loud

4) Where Felicity and Oliver have had a one night stand(?) and Felicity moves to Central City(?) with Roy and then comes back one day with a son, Mirikuru strength and Meta powers and Roy is her step-brother. I think the team go after Malcolm together and find out Tommy is a live.

Little Hood (can’t find a link)

5) Established olicity and Felicity is feeling insecure or just talking/ fighting and she brings up how Oliver said he couldn’t be with any one to her but then started dating Sara and Oliver has to explain himself?

6) But,I’m looking for the fic where Felicity is dating Ray and them two and Oliver go to Central City to help Barry fight a metahuman that has the power to alter one person’s reality without the victim realizing. So when Oliver is attacked by him, he thinks that he is married to Felicity, and Felicity humors him and pretends that they are

If Only I Could Live In My Dreams

7) I’ve searched, but haven’t been able to find this story. All I remember is that it was set around the almost-end of season 3 when Oliver is being “mind-controlled” by R'as, except I think in this story he actually was. The team want to get him back, so I think they kidnap him or something (sedate him somehow) and get him back to the lair. And they keep him there to help him (on the table?), and at first he tries to escape, but then eventually he gets better. (by mrs-isabel-osmond-blog)

8) It took place when Oliver and Felicity returned from their road trip after S3. He found one of Ray’s shirts in her closet, but it was from when Ray spilled something on his shirt and had to change? I think Felicity told Oliver that Ray never stayed over at her place?


9) I’m looking for a bratva/high school au where felicity is still in high school and she and her mom are living in the queens guest house bc her mom is in a wheelchair or something. Felicity doesn’t know Oliver is a bratva captain and she’s about to celebrate her 18th birthday

Adjustments and Secrets 

10) A collection of one-shots with different ways felicity and oliver first met. in one of them they are kids and their fathers are business friends and they first met at oliver’s house in a party and become friends but felicty moves to another city and they met again years before in another party.

Every You, Every Me - Chapter 2

We are an Olicity blog and we search for Olicity fics. If your ask is not Olicity-centric after we found it, we will take it of this list.  

Zac Brown Surprises Injured Teen Recovering in Pennsylvania Rehabilitation Center

Pennsylvania teenager Thomas Schoettle was injured in a swimming pool accident recently and was left temporarily paralyzed, meaning he was unable to attend a Zac Brown concert in the state over the weekend of July 15.

Instead, Brown surprised Schoettle by visiting him in his rehabilitation center, leaving the teenager stuck for words upon seeing the singer. Schoettle’s mother captured a video of Brown’s visit and shared it on Facebook, where it racked up over 100,000 views. Credit: Facebook/Samantha Springfield-Schoettle via Storyful