Rey: “Are you making my toes match your lightsaber?”

I imagine Ren being quite the skilled pedicurist. He takes the actual paint job way too seriously. God forbid he gets even a little paint on her skin, he’ll curse under his breath as he swipes his thumbnail up the side of her nail-bed. It would be a spontaneous action that would make Rey jump a little and bite her lip to hold back a light gasp. And when he’s done, Ren would bring her toes to his lips and blow gently to dry. His light, cool breath would send shivers up Rey’s spine as she would arch her back, unable to hold back a gasp this time and tighten her grip on his hair. He’d smirk, only being encouraged further. Finally putting his big, strong hands to use, Ren would then massage Rey’s foot. He’d knead his thumbs up and down with enough pressure to elicit a low moan out of Rey. When he could feel Rey crumble into a relaxed jello-y heap behind him, he’d kiss her foot…and move onto the other one.


I suddenly got a huge inflow of follows these past couple days since dipping my toes in the star wars fandom, so I thought I’d say hello to all these new peoples~

I am but a simple garbage girl who has permanent residences in OTP dumpsters. 

And I’ve recently plummeted into the sin bin that is reylo. So I’ll mostly focus on reylo stuff—-as well as Rey and Kylo Ren as individuals because they’re just…just dandy and shit.

Expect crack and then fluff and then dark stuff and then angst…in that order.

Pleased to meet all of y’all~ <3 

Let’s see how much I’ll put out before I actually go see the movie! :D