credits: @darkosims3@pooklet.

So yeah. I said I was on hiatus and all that… well. I was feeling happy today (which is really great since I wasn’t feeling too good for the last few weeks) and decided to make something. So here it is. I might be making other stuff whenever I feel like it, but I won’t be taking any suggestions or anything. I don’t want to be stressed about anything. I want to make cc if I feel like it, not because I promised someone I will. I’m currently focusing on my mental health and stressing about sims is the last thing I want to do. I want to be able to create but also play games, read, watch movies and not worry that I won’t have a piece of cc to publish. So yeah! Wcifs are still open btw, just no requests please. Thank you and enjoy!

SO YEAH! I’ve decided to give you guys a gift for being so cool and amazing. I’ve gotta tell you, I miss making retextures. So here you go!!
4 hairstyles, all 36 colors! Enjoy!


MESHES: 1, 2, 3, (NEEDED!)

credits: @coloresurbanos, @sclub-privee, @wingssims, @pooklet.

Elzasims accessory bangs alpha edited by Blahberry-pancake (requested by anonymous) 
 - 54 colors
 - Custom thumbnail
 - Mesh NOT included, get it here
 - Credits to pooklet, aveirasims, shockshame, blahberry-pancake & elzasims

Download All Colors
Download Only Naturals

Unfortunately I couldn’t get the bangs02 in thin version to work, i’m not sure what the problem was but it just wouldn’t work.. but all the other ones should work perfectly!


sliders y’all



Recolors and retextures are allowed so go ahead! And please, tag me! I’d love to see it!

BONUS Genius Hair Skysims 211 - Retexture

DOWNLOAD + MESH (needed)
(not compatible with HQ mode + note that bangs are acc)


credits: @elzascarlet-yan​, @pooklet​, @genius66613

This is just the same thing as my original Pooklet Overhaul with one major difference:

All colors are enabled for random.  This means your townies are more likely to spawn with unnatural hair colors, and children will be able to inherit unnatural hair colors from their parents!

It won’t work quite the way it does in Sims 3, however.  Since there are a limited number of color tags, all the following colors are tagged ‘hot pink’

If two sims with the first hair color have a child, their child can end up with any of the above colors.  This is a limitation with the game itself.  (Hot Pink is the only one with 7 colors, the rest of the unnaturals have 4-5.  Full swatch list is viewable here)

Anyway if this is what you’re looking for, downloads are below!




Requested by @thenightingalesims, @ladyd00dlebug, @melonsoupcrackers, @aesthecics, and @cynicalsimmingYou can make your own hair retexture request here!

  • 64 colors
  • Custom thumbnail
  • Correct color tags
  • Unnatural colors disabled for random
  • Mesh not included

Credits: Pooklet, LeahLillith.


my retexture // mesh (you need the mesh)