pookie draws things


me: has a comic halfway done all the way from march, planned out several lineart for doodles, constant new ideas

also me: no. spend days on recolor edits for Zelda’s Hyrule Warriors costumes instead

So I’d like to take this opportunity to let everyone who followed me for my inane comics know that I ship Gamzee/Tavros and I ship it a lot.

I’m going to start tagging it though so if you already Tumblr Savior “pbj” this doesn’t concern you?

Point is besides stupid and pointless comics, I draw a lot of pbj and I want to warn all of my new followers by showing this half-assed doodle of it.

whoops it’s 4 am again you know what that means


Pookie776 2:59 am: also i keep almost spelling it gav/tam

glowythelugia 3:00 am: gam/ham

Pookie776 3:00 am: LOL

glowythelugia 3:01 am: HoW’s It EvEn SlICeD LiKe ThAt FuCkInG mAgIc EvErYwHeRe

Pookie776 3:02 am: glowy i. i just lol’d so hard i can’t

Pookie776 3:02 am: now i have to draw gam/ham
Pookie776 3:02 am: y u do dis

glowythelugia 3:05 am: omg yes DO IT

Pookie776 3:05 am: hAm
Pookie776 3:05 am: WhAt We GoT iS sPeCiAl
Pookie776 3:05 am: nO nO yOu StAy HeRe
Pookie776 3:05 am: I’lL gO gEt ThE bUcKeT