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Really fast sketch.

Comic version of this post of mine.

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Bad Present

It had been one hell of a birthday, especially when the Guardians found out that Jack…really didn’t know when his birthday was. Tooth insisted that he pick a day and the one he had chosen was December 21, the first day of winter. He found it horribly appropriate and the others had agreed, with some good-natured ribbing from Bunny of course. Jack had never had a birthday party since becoming a spirit so it was a rather amazing festivity for him.

There was a lovely cake, flavored with mint and lemon (which he absolutely loved), presents, games and a bit of mischief in the form of North sliding him a shot of peach vodka. It was delicious and burned on the way down, it made his cheeks a bit warm and coated his tongue nicely, leaving the lingering peach flavor behind. It was all and all a great party, even though during the unwrapping of his presents, he got to one and lifted out a set of women’s lingerie of all things. “Uhhhh…” He stared at it, wondering if it was for someone else before he let it drop back into the box and cracked up. “Oh geeze…thanks guys..” Jack said sarcastically through his laughter. He was glad that he was just a little tipsy, or he might have been EXTREMELY embarrassed by that.

After a bit more laughter and more presents and cake, the party wound down as it was getting rather later in the evening. Jack gathered his armloads of gifts, including the joke one and bid his fellow Guardians good night as he tottered to his room in the Pole, placing the gifts down on the dresser and then flopping down on his bed with a sigh. Though, perhaps it might have been the vodka, but his eyes kept drifting to that one box, a small curious grin creeping over his face.


frostbitten-pooka-roo  asked:

“I don’t want gentle...I want hot and rough this time.” Jack said as he sat on the end of the bed, blushing a bit as he looked down at his hands before looking up shyly at his boyfriend. Hiccup was always so sweet and gentle with him and Jack loved it, but he wanted to try something different tonight, but he didn't know if Hiccup would go for it.

Hiccup looked at Jack in surprise. His eyes had gone wide enough that his glasses slipped down his nose and made him look rather silly. “Uh–really?” he managed after a moment. Of all things from Jack, he hadn’t expected that. After a moment of processing he cleared his throat and pushed his glasses back up with a faint blush. “So, uh, what do you have in mind?” He wasn’t sure how he’d do, but he’d do his best for Jack.


Bunny was in a panic.

It had been a good year since Jack had accepted him as his Alpha, and then it took a few months after that for them to decide they were ready to try for a family. Bunny was extremely protective over his mate and the little ones that he harbored inside, worried for Jack’s safety and the safety of the kits, but he did his best not to let it get the best of him. Despite it being uncomfortably cold for the Pooka, he’d brought Jack up topside to where the winter was bright and snowy so that he could enjoy it.

It had all been going well until all of a sudden, things began to happen rapidly. Jack had been due any day, and the kits decided that now was the proper time to push out into the world. He had been keeping a snowglobe in his bandolier in case of such an emergency, because traveling through tunnels with an Omega in labor was out of the question. This was their first litter, and both of them were in a bit of a panic, which was probably why instead of appearing in the Warren, Bunny had stepped through the portal with Jack held close and appeared in the warm front room of North’s workshop.

He knew he wasn’t thinking straight, the Pole had been closer physically, which was why it had stuck out as a destination. “North!” He cried, holding his mate and making his way quickly through the halls, shoving past elves and yetis. “North! Jack’s water broke mate! We need tha infirmary!”


The King’s Heir

“You want Hiccup to do what!?” Astrid practically screamed, glaring at the various lords and advisors sitting across from her and her husband in the meeting hall of their castle. 

“As we said your majesty, the king needs an heir and you have not been able to give him one. You are a great ruler, which is why we agreed upon your marriage to his majesty despite your being a Beta. We thought there might be a chance you would be with child by now. But with war possibly approaching, we need to ensure the Haddock bloodline, therefore, we highly suggest, at the King’s approval of course, that an omega from another kingdom be sent for as part of a treaty of allegiance, for the king to breed and sire an heir with.” 

At my approval, sure. Hiccup grumbled to himself. He was just as thrilled about this plan as his wife was. He felt trapped, he always had. He never really had much of a choice when it came to things like this. He never wanted to be king, his people never thought he would be a good ruler, but when his father died unexpectedly and he was crowned out of desperation, he was forced into the role. Astrid had always been his best friend, she was very strong willed for a beta, it was a wonder she was not an alpha herself the way she fought and lead in battle. So when Hiccup assumed the throne, the lords of land insisted that Hiccup marry Astrid in hopes that she would help him to be a fiercer ruler, like his father. Hiccup hated the whole thing, it was demeaning, but he admittedly did like being able to share the burden with his friend. He liked Astrid, a lot, they had been through so much together, but he didn’t love her, not in the romantic sense. He had never marked her when they had sex, they weren’t official mates. And he could tell it upset Astrid, though she respected him enough not to say anything. She had always helped him when he had his ruts, the young growing alpha had many frustrating nights and the young beta offered to help him through it, she still did on occasion, but after being married for months now, Astrid still was not pregnant, and the lords had become restless. 

They were all staring at him, waiting for him to make a decision, Astrid included, and Hiccup sighed, looking down as he thought. Finally, he realized, as with most things, he didn’t really have a choice. He was already on thin ice as far as his people respecting him as their king, if he had an heir, a child with Stoick’s blood, then they would feel more at ease. “Fine. Send for an Omega.” Hiccup decided then rose from his throne, heading to his study to be alone. 


This. was bad.

Jack winced as he felt himself pressed tight against the rough bark of a tree, his staff tossed aside his hands pinned in a bruising grip over his head. The spirit who loomed over him had a grin that Jack knew he hated, it made his stomach turn and twist. He was a fellow winter spirit, cold with sharp eyes and even sharper skin that was digging into his wrists like sharkskin.  “Well well…who would have thought that Jack Frost would be an omega?” Jack squirmed and tried to pull away, but he was held off the ground, unable to get proper leverage. “I think your nose is playin’ tricks on you brighteyes. So why don’t you let me go and I won’t tell the Guardians about your poor life choices.” Jack grunted, glowering at him.

“Hm…how about instead…I breed you for myself and you forget…all about those Guardians..” “Yeah not gonna happen.” Jack recoiled as the spirit reached for his belt, giving him a firm kick and then yelped when his foot was snatched and twisted. The creature pulled Jack from the tree using its newfound leverage to slam him down into the ground, the sprite’s breath leaving him and he was dazed there. He squirmed and weakly kicked as he tried to crawl towards his staff only to be dragged back, his heart stopping when he heard a tear, his belt having him snatched and he glanced over his shoulder feeling cold pricks of claws digging through the soft fabric of his pants, ready to rip the seat out. “NO!” He screamed, fighting and bucking as best he could, not caring about the hits he was receiving in return.

And just think..all this happened because his suppressors weren’t working the way they should. North said that he had given the lad as high a dose as he could without causing him harm, but Jack was thinking that the chemical harm would be way better than this. “Let! GO!” Jack snarled, pulling up an arm to deflect a bow to his face, trying to go for the spirit’s eyes. He couldn’t keep fighting like this…then what would happen?


Wyatt turned at the sound of… hopping? Or.. some kind of approach being made to where the brunette sat on a park bench.  Of course what– or who he saw, wasn’t something Wy expected and his eyes widened for a split second.  "Uh…. okay.  Who let the kangaroo out of the zoo?“ And who gave it a weapon? Wyatt was obviously caught off guard, surprised by this to say the least. 

Jack’s mind was still spinning as he made his way back from the Pole.

“You’re sure North? Like..ABSOLUTELY sure?!”

“Yes, Yes! Is perfectly clear on test. Due to your…often times getting to know Bunny, his magic has changed you in such way that baby is possible…and indeed, baby is happening~ Come back after telling Bunny. Bring him, we will speak of what do to then.“

A baby. Jack was PREGNANT, with a baby. Not just any baby, but Aster’s baby. He stared down at his flat stomach, touching it tenderly and nervously, his hand withdrawing as if he was afraid of harming the teeny tiny life inside. He had to find him. He could feel through the connection that they had, that he was Burgess, probably meeting with Sophie for a tea party or six.

He landed in the backyard, taking a deep breath and letting it out. He was scared…freaked out and panicked too. What do to?! He gripped his staff tightly and flit up to Sophie’s room, giving a little tap on the window, a little wave so that the munchkin would come let him in.


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Hijack Drabble request? pretty please? Lifeguard!Hiccup saves Jack from drowning? Some mouth to mouth in there? ;D

Well, since you asked so nicely~ <3 uvu 

Taking drabble requests!

In his six months as working as a life guard, Hiccup has had to rescue plenty of kids from drowning, and a teenager here and there, but he’s never had to rescue a grown man from drowning. Granted, the man he was currently hauling out of the water was probably no older than him, but you’d think people would learn to swim by the age of 20 or at least know not to get in the water! Lucky for him, this guy wasn’t as big as his dad, or then they’d both be in trouble. He was actually just a tad shorter than, about his own built if not slightly more scrawny, and with that striking white hair, Hiccup spotted him right away when he started to flail in the water.

“Jack! Oh my god…! Jack!”

Hiccup looked up as he dragged the man (Jack?) onto shore and saw a young teenage girl with long brown hair running towards them, no doubt his sister or relative of some sort. Behind the girl trailed a small line of people, all too curious to see what happened. No later than a minute after the girl dropped next to him and the fair haired man, a crowd was forming around them. Hiccup couldn’t help but grimace; why are people so fascinated with the idea of death?

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Florist Irritation with frostbitten-pooka-roo

He had only taken the job for the summer, as a chance to earn some extra cash, maybe pad his college application by listing it under the volunteering and community service section or something. But Jack quickly came to learn that maybe he would have been better off at the bakery down the street.
It had started as just some strange occurance that happened once or twice a week. A man would walk into the florist shop, wander and look around for a while, before asking Jack what this flower meant, or that one.
His first answer was simple. “I’m sorry, sir. I just started here. Maybe someone else knows?”
The fifth time, it was a little funny. “Nope, sorry. I still got nothin’.”
The twelfth time was tortuous. “Sir, I just work here. I’m not a botanist.”

He couldn’t understand it. If the man wanted to know flower meanings, why didn’t he just pick up a book somewhere? Instead of asking Jack all the time? He threw his hands in the air and sighed, just in time for the man to make his first weekly appearance. Jack put on a smile anyway.
“Hello again, sir. Can I help you find something?”

frostbitten-pooka-roo  asked:

"You're so pale...I think you should sit down..." Hiccup said worriedly, his brow pinched in concern as he watched his boyfriend.

“Hiccup, I’m fine! I’m always pale, remember?” Jack rolled his eyes at his boyfriend’s concern. 

“Besides, I never get…..woah…” Jack suddenly felt extremely light headed and swayed a bit where he stood, bringing his hand up to his head.