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Though I myself do commissions there are some lovely people with beyond incredible talent that I’d love to recommend to you all so here be a few ~

creepinondash info can be found HERE

julialost info can be found HERE 

pooka-curse info can be found HERE 



chocolatebatsandgummyrats info can be found HERE

generalpitchiner info can be found HERE

toothianaandbabytooth info can be found HERE

sandflakedraws info can be found HERE


aghostnotaguardian info can be found HERE

fanartdrawer info can be found HERE

injureddreams info can be found HERE

bringsyoudreams info can be found  HERE


Sakura Con 2014 (Preliminary Pics)

So we had a photo shoot with iceskatedancerjack and frostedpaws with pooka-curse’s and the-guardian-of-fun’s Jokul and Jack in a punk!AU. We’re getting ready to leave now, so the quality isn’t the best (especially because I’m on my crappy computer with only paint), but here is what we were working with.

But it was so very worth it for images likes this.

And let us not forget these


2013 has been one of the best and toughest year for me! It was all thanks to my friends in College and friends in Tumblr of course. I never really thought of making this but it feels so wrong if i didn’t do anything to thank the people i meet here in tumblr, who gave me inspiration and joy this 2013.This year wouldn’t be this amazing without you guys! ;u;

I’d like to thank kuiwe, kiome-yasha and hope-for-snow for being a great emotional support during my times of desperation and disappointment. And I would like to thank sophiefarts, morilatte and ninasaurio for always making me smile.

I’m very extra sure that I’m missing someone

aliciostarbunnyholmes - deaniethebeanie - derpfire 

emma-monsta  - frostfullgg-art - guardianoffrost 

hubedihubbe - hope-for-snow - ionahi

julialost - kadeart - kuiwe - kiome-yasha -

livori  - morilatte - ninasaurio - pooka-curse - projectrotg 

rainbowbarfeverywhere - sally78 - sifberg  -  snarkies 

sophiefarts - sweetfrost - the-guardian-of-fun 

the-puddinator - thedustyleaves - turtlequeen- @temichi

berryneen - grilledbonito - hellotonichi - my1heavenoren-ji - raspberryroughnut 

Used sophiefarts tutorial! :D

~ Aw heck yes, this is the fun part where I get to promote all my precious babies. Chances are, I’ll miss a few, but that’s a chance I’ve gotta take. 

Folks I positively cannot live without: 

iftherecouldbetwomoments~ my irl girlfriend and the absolute sweetest person I know. She’s pulled me out of some terrible times and always gives me reason to smile. Not to mention, she’s a hella talented writer and a great person over all. 

kozpitchiner~ a fantastic writer and someone I am soooo proud to call a friend. This lovely has helped me develop Holly’s character to the max, and I will forever be glad to be a part of their world. 

pitchs-daughter~ a super sweetheart with a great writing style, and a huge help when it comes to learning how to edit things! She’s taught me so many things and has kept me smiling through the cloudy days. 

nightmare-scythe~ my total sweetheart bffl who got me hooked on OUAT, has destroyed my emotions multiple times, and makes me smile every day. 

salmonmun-and-switchblademuse~ a fabulous blog with a fabulous mun who has helped me through so very much. She’s gorgeous and sweet and talented as all heck and doesn’t mind squealing about musicals with me. 

keepers-of-the-tor~ a fantastic artist, writer and friend who makes me grin, helps me develop my characters, and gives me random bouts of feelings at the most unexpected times. 

ROTG cuties

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