The story so far

A long post with lots of (too much?) information

This time last week, I was at a Mumma’s yoga day and Alistair and Luca were at the sea life centre.

Over the next couple of days Luca had a lot of pooy nappies and vomiting, which we first put down to teething (he has a tooth!) and then norovirus (which lots of baby friends have at the moment). We went to the GP on Monday who agreed. He also had horrible nappy rash and a cold.

By Thursday afternoon Luca was still miserable and Alistair noticed a distended tummy. We went back to the GP, who sent us to A&E.

X-ray, blood tests and an ultrasound, via a close call where we threatened to discharge ourselves, and we’ve been admitted to the Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital in Brighton.

The tummy was due to an enormous bladder which he couldn’t empty properly because there was something in the way. Which also explains the diarrhoea and vomiting.

They put in a catheter (😥) which drained a lot of urine and obviously brought relief. The backed up bladder had been putting pressure on Luca’s kidneys. They did an MRI under general anesthetic. They made us wait about 5 hours before telling us that we were being transferred to Great Ormond Street to investigate the unidentified mass discovered in the MRI.

Luca’s notes and scans have been reviewed at GOSH and they’ve said that’s it is most likely a cancerous tumour. The biopsy will tell us what type of tumour it is, but they will probably want to shrink it before they remove it. That will probably involve chemotherapy.

I’m trying to get used to the words “my baby has cancer”.

This story will probably go on for months, at least. There’s going to be a lot of boring and stressful waiting.

The good news :

This is probably the best place in the world to be. Everyone explains things carefully and well. Two nurses came in to take Luca’s pulse and they sung The Wheels on The Bus in both standard and hip hop versions.

We’ve been told there shouldn’t be any lasting damage to Luca’s kidneys. And we’re hoping that as the kidneys settle down, his blood pressure will also return to normal.

They’re reassured after seeing Luca that it’s not urgent.

The food round here is excellent. I know the area because my office is 9 mins away.

The WiFi works.


Thanks everyone for sending all the love. We’re gratefully soaking it all up 💜

ran from the plane to celebrate pooi’s 19th birthday yesterday. she is the smiley one in the middle and we have been best friends since 3rd grade. there is nothing more important and more powerful than a friendship that stands the test of time, than love that adapts. Pooi, u have known me happy and in love and peeing myself (literally) of laughter and feeling on top of the world and u’ve known me anxious and distant and broken and u have been just as present and just as patient for both. for friends like you I can’t thank God enough. i love you. by camila_cabello

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