ran from the plane to celebrate pooi’s 19th birthday yesterday. she is the smiley one in the middle and we have been best friends since 3rd grade. there is nothing more important and more powerful than a friendship that stands the test of time, than love that adapts. Pooi, u have known me happy and in love and peeing myself (literally) of laughter and feeling on top of the world and u’ve known me anxious and distant and broken and u have been just as present and just as patient for both. for friends like you I can’t thank God enough. i love you. by camila_cabello

Psa for followers

I have a life guys. I don’t just sit on tumblr. You only need to message me once about rebloggingg something . I keep my asks. That’s why I don’t reply sometimes. I keep them so I can reblog later. I don’t mind rebloggingg but please only message me once.
Today I’m at the gym and then going to the pool to get sun on the one day that’s not raining. Then I have homework.
Okay. Sounds good.

Today, we’re sharing a new track with you! It’s a live rendition of “Un Beso”, the original will be part of our album Heartache City that comes out on Friday September 18th. For everybody to hear! How do you like this one?


“Un Beso” (live)

my mother calls it gypsy lifting
i’m going to get a bag
the wind is just right
and the violets think so too
i think i spy a chat
making a poo
i’d like to gypsy-lift the stars
and send one out to you
you, who are who?
someone with no dandruff
perhaps brown eyes a derelict
a dandy

i’m out shopping in my canoe
finger frolicking the fireflies
finger fucking firewood
spying on the masturbating snails
hollyhocks and cat tails
boneless jelly fish and whales
lunar eclipse perhaps i’ll meet you then
on the decadent horizon
where young lovers lock lips
looking at the lockness monster

phooey phooey hence cabluey
gypsying-lifting on a hand stand
little fawny, dawn-lit and scrawny
daryl jordan henry and johnny

buttermilk molasses sugar tooth and grasses

its just me the chimney sweep
little bo-peep
tending to her sheep
eating her curds and way
daryl hanna get a grip
its only the first season

of the end of your career
nightmares and dreams
harlequins and queens
who is my truest?
don’t make me take my finger out
and point it in your direction
….the bible tells me so

gee wiz he’s out shopping in the trees again
moss on trees moss on trees moss on trees
broken branches avalanches
who’s got the keys to my jeep?
who’s got the code to the condo of my soul?
out robbing graves again like Marilyn Manson
i’ll admit i’m popular amongst the ivys and the ferns
can’t say if the felines took to me

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