pooh's doodles

I think Runawaystuck might just be my excuse to look up and attempt to draw early 1900s clothing.

Baby Dog!Jade and White German Shepherd Bec. Originally gonna have them tracking mud places but it looked meh so I dropped it. :B

The colors are a wee bit too vibrant but ah well. I wanted to add neat patterns to the fabric of her little girl’s dress but I didn’t feel like moving from SAI to Photoshop.

Until a time comes when I can reveal his name for the purposes of spoilers for webcomics and such, we shall call this dragony gentleman Mr. Fluffy Bum. Yes, he is a dragon. Yes, he has lion feet! No, his wings are just for show.Isn’t he cute ubububu.

My hands are dead from doing all the texture work on his sorry butt.

For some reason, this cheerful scenery makes poor Mr. Fluffy Bum look incredibly apprehensive!

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