poofy shoulders

Garnet, relaxing on a deck chair, somehow pulling off poofy shoulder pads, a square afro and what I can only assume are magical aviator goggles, all at the same time. How did she become this cool.

Amethyst’s hair is pretty much how mine looked when I was about 15, probably a little longer. Also, she’s purple, which is my favourite colour, so that’s cool. I actually have an amethyst - as in, the gemstone - with me as I type this, but I feel that says more about me than it does about her. 

That sitting animation was adorable, and I love the colours used in this shot.

So, from the opening, Garnet seems quiet, calm and relaxed, Amethyst is groovy and upbeat, while Pearl is serene and graceful.

And here’s Steven, cheery, and eating a hotdog.

All in all, that was a good opening! The music is cute, and the singers are actually quite good.