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What will it take for Star to get over marco or for her to win his heart? She is sorta immature and I'm not sure what her good qualities are besides having poofy hair and being Marcos best friend

I’m ready to bet that the big focus of the rest of this season is going to be “Star has to grow up”. And it doesn’t mean being less childish, just being able to take on things she’d rather ignore. And I don’t know if she’s going to have to do anything to win Marco’s heart, besides just… grow. If anything, Marco might start seeing things he didn’t see before, since he’s also going to change, grow, thanks to Jackie and the experience of dating. It’d be ideal for the two of them to mature a little, in their own ways, and meet together once they’re ready, without big shocking “I’ve always loved you” reveleations. But that’s just my opinion! Even though I’m pretty confidente about the first part. The second is purely personal preference.

About Star’s qualities, I made a huge post as an answer to another Ask, going to post it shortly.

Pigtail Poofs! ♥

New Hair Mesh (So many requests for ethnic hair and I finally completed one! It was really fun to make and easier than I thought, I might make another version with bangs!!! ♥ :)

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  • Comes in a few unnatural & natural colors.
  • Female teen - elder

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Ponyo AU

I got stuck on drawing arms, so decided to take a break and watch some movies, got to ponya and im like…….what if…. Allura and Shiro…uh oh