poofy hair


After fine-tuning my wig today, it’s finally done! I’m going to a Con this saturday and Rose Quartz will be my first cosplay ever ♥ My dress for her is also done, but I was too lazy too put it on in these shots. Also, my brother kept teasing me and my giant poofy (and heavy) hair

I really had much fun making my wig~ I think I did a decent job for a first try, since I’ve never worked with them before, it was such a huge project!

I’m happily excited and nervous to cosplay Rose this weekend. I’m going to a Dutch convention called Abunai, and it only dawned me just now, that I don’t even know if Steven Universe is even that well known in the NL, hahah;; Dutch CN only airs SU twice a day at really stupid times like 6 in the morning and 6 in the evening like who the heck wakes up at 6 to watch cartoons?? I hope to meet other SU cosplayers too, that would be so cool

dogwithmemes asked:

What is this "whitewash" trend on steven universe? Are people really hating fanart for not drawing characters to their "race"?

well from what i know some people has been drawing/coloring them in the wrong way. like garnet having a lighter complexion and straight/poofy hair instead of a square shaped afro etc. even tho theyre are conceived in the show as ‘aliens that has a feminine human form’  they do represent the characteristics that other peoples race have. theyre hating because these are one of the few shows that represents a lot of mixed cultures than the standard all white dominant shows. and whitewashing them is technically taking away that little representation in the media. 

also im sorry if i dont explain it that well since im not an american ): but i know little about why theyre like this. and i understand why they are hating. 


Thought you guys might like to see how my hair looks now. :D I added the red and made the orange more orange since last time. That pink I had before was just way too light. Anyway, I had this crazy mohawk ponytail going on at AKon and it was pretty much super amazing so I had my sister take pictures of both sides of it. Too bad the ponytail is so heavy that I can only keep it up like that for a few hours, haha!