poofy hair

your fave is problematic: daveed diggs

- hair too poofy
- wears baggy clothes and hides his great bod
- only owns oakland t-shirts
- smile is too bright and heartwarming
- did his taxes last minute
- raps at the speed of light
- his girlfriend is gorgeous
- slept through the tony nomination announcements
- really tall and will probably tower over u
- won’t stop being adorable

anonymous asked:

kaneki is a lot taller than touka isn't he? their heights in the anime confused me

Yeah, Touka’s last height given was 156cm (5′1) while Sasaki is 170cm (5′7)

Unless Kaneki has grown/is going to grow taller (which is pretty unlikely- in the 3 years between TG and :re he grew 1 cm) I feel like their height differences are a little bit exaggerated but of course perspective, posture, etc can make a huge difference!

This is what their height should be:

But sometimes it looks a bit different- like here they’re almost the same height :

This one is pretty spot on if you think how poofy Touka’s hair is and that Kaneki isn’t standing up straight:

While this one, Touka looks considerably shorter:

oh OH MY GOD I just realised something what if Kaneki still has the kagune chicken legs in that last art and that’s making him taller holy shit or if he regenerates his legs back a bit longer than before to make himself taller kaneki pls :’D

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