A Little Bit of Magic ~Phan~

Oneshot. It’s Dan’s eleventh birthday, and he’s looking forward to getting his Hogwarts letter. There’s just one problem- Hogwarts isn’t real, so he won’t get one, right? Wrong, if your best friend is Phil Lester, apparently. Kid!AU. Fluff.

Rating: K, no warnings (This is fluff just pure fluffy fluff yay)

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These are my friends, Jen and Dan. They’re getting married. Look how cute they are.

This is their cat. Her name is Pooface.

This is the three of them photoshopped into a land of dinosaurs and laser beams.

And here is a rather large oil painting that I commissioned from an artist for their wedding gift. It took him a month.

So happy wedding, Jen and Dan. It better last forever because I paid way too much money for this.