poof blanket

“What are you doing hiding up here?” Emma asks as she joins Regina on the balcony. The brunette is sitting alone, legs dangling over the edge, and her head resting on her arms with a forlorn expression. 

Regina sighs, “I don’t feel much like celebrating…and I didn’t want to bring down the party.” 

Emma nods before poofing up a blanket to drape over them both, “It’s freezing up here…I get that you don’t want to celebrate. I used to hate New Year.”

“You did?” 

“It’s hard to see it as a “happy” New Year when you’re living in your car with no money,” Emma points out, “So how about we don’t say Happy New Year? Instead, we’ll just say, ‘To tomorrow.” 

“One day at a time?” Regina offers. 

“But without the platitude feeling.” 

“I like that,” Regina replies as she clicks her fingers and poofs them each a mug of hot cocoa, “To tomorrow.” 

Emma grins clinking her mug against Regina’s as they both turn their gaze to the night sky, “To tomorrow.”