poodle is back


happy birthday victor nikiforov!! here’s a present for you: a cute japanese figure skater slash fiancé! 🎁✨

Ok so. This was in last years GPF, before Victor became Yuuri’s coach. So why did someone throw a makkachin plush in the ice??? Yuuri had nothing to do with poodles back then (except with his own- but I don’t think anyone even knew about Vicchan) so this leaves only one explanation…
Victor threw the Makkachin plushie.

Okay so I’m pretty sure that most people remember the beginning of One Hundred and One Dalmations. But how about we take the scene in the park and flip it to Widowtracer. 

Tracer being bored and staring out the window, looking for a cute, available girl with a lovable pooch that would match her Jack Russell Terrier. After sizing people up and finding none of them to her taste, she’s about to give up when she discovers a tall, clean French woman, walking her elegant and fluffy poodle. Tracer falls in love immediately, and takes out her terrier to meet them. 

At the park, Tracer tries to strike up conversation with Widow, but Widow refuses to give her the time of day. Their dogs are progressing slightly, the poodle being taken back by the terrier, but faring better than their owners. Eventually the poodle and the terrier hatch a plan, which is to get their owners together. They attempt to do so by wrapping them both up in their leashes, which surprises Tracer, who automatically apologizes to Widow for her dog’s behavior. Before Widow can respond, Tracer attempts to wiggle out of the leashes, only to end up falling forward, on top of Widow. 

Widow starts laughing, because she’s underneath a cute girl while their dogs hold them hostage, and honestly she had not been expecting this. She decides to roll with it, and when they get untangled, she hands Tracer her number before leaving. Tracer grins victoriously before taking her terrier home, a spring in her step. 

Things To Love About Chen!
  • The voice!!!
  • How modest he is about The Voice!!!
  • His kitty curls
  • Those arms (Have you seen the gun show? *fans self*)
  • When he gets all shy
  • His super cuddly, affectionate nature
  • He’s Exo’s secret mama (but also a troll)
  • He leaves post-its on the fridge reminding Exo to eat
  • His stupid laugh
  • The poodle perm (Back off. I loved it)
  • Those cheekbones!
  • He was the only one to go and help Lay write Promise (it was worth it)
  • He’s short (Me too. Shorties unite!)
  • The way he flirts with Chanyeol during Playboy and takes it to a really dirty place (see also: how good he looks in leather pants)
  • The Chooty!
  • When he teases people but no one ever gets mad at him
  • WAAAAAEEEEE!!!??!?!
  • These pics and gifs:

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