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someday gansey is going to discover that his allergies can tolerate poodles and the boy will FINALLY be able to get a service dog. a big handsome black poodle with a terrible welsh name like “anarawd.”

only if helen one day brings the poodle to the groomer and it comes back looking like those terrible rich people poodles. gansey is embarrassed

I’m doing a button order with some friends so I made some Yuri on Ice Cream!! Oval buttons. I’m working on a full print with all the characters for Akimatsuri in December.

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and then yurio kills the titan and sweeps them off on a horse as they all live long happy happy lives in a peaceful farming village with trees and a functional wall and a poodle and cat population. and a nice little lake tat they can skate on in the winter. the end

I wish I could imagine that…I wish i could…but it’s too late 

A Car With a Story (1)

Summary: Takes place in a world where Jughead really did move to Toledo and in the wake of his absence, Betty’s father has taken it upon himself to cheer her up by dragging her around town looking for parts to fix up cars together like old times. But when Betty becomes mesmerized by the old cars that her father shows her, she finds herself imagining what her life might have been like with Jughead if they were around when the cars were in their prime. With each car, and each fantasy, she starts to come to terms with why Jughead left - but will that be enough to mend her broken heart? Or will these make-believe scenarios just make her miss him even more?

The Wanderer 

Betty Cooper shoved her hands into her jacket pockets, glancing around the peculiar front yard and taking in the various piles of trash with skeptical eyes, sure that the owner referred to these rusted pots and broken telephones as priceless treasures instead of useless junk.

“Dad?” Betty whispered, stepping cautiously over a broken microwave and dodging a beat-up toolbox that rested precariously on the edge of the sidewalk. “Are you sure this is the right place?”

“Betty, I have been coming here for nearly ten years,” her father reminded her, leading them around the corner of the rundown shack to head into the backyard, which Betty soon realized looked far worse than the front. “Where do you think I go to get all those parts for the cars we fix up?”

“I don’t know, a junkyard?” Betty guessed, her eyebrows drawing together in concern at the dead trees that lined the edge of the property and the ancient pieces of equipment that looked like they shouldn’t have been allowed to run anymore. “This looks like the set of an 80′s slasher film meets every summer camp that you never wanted to go to when you were a kid.” 

“Honestly, Betty, you have your mother’s colorful take on reality, and it’s more than I can take most days,” he told her, pushing a few cardboard boxes of gardening tools out of the way and continuing down the cluttered path to the very back of the yard. 

“Great,” Betty muttered sarcastically under her breath. “Can we get this over with? I have a lot of studying to catch up on and an article to finish for the Blue and Gold. Where’s this guy you said we were meeting?” 

“Richard’s around here somewhere,” he announced, glancing around the yard for his friend as if he was going to be able to find anyone amidst the vast amounts of clutter. “But I wanted to show you something first. Follow me.” 

“Uh, Dad, is it okay for us to be back here?” Betty wondered, nearly knocking her elbow on the surface of an unsteady machine. “This equipment is older than I am.” 

“Just don’t trip over anything,” her father warned, pointing past a large oak tree at the very corner of the yard near the creaky old fence that separated the property from a cemetery. “It’s right around this corner, come on.” 

Hal and Betty stepped around the tree, dodging several overgrown thistle bushes and weeds to find a 1952 series 62 convertible resting lazily by the fence, its front bumper hanging by a thread and the passenger’s side door completely ripped off its hinges and resting uncomfortably against the fence. 

“Here she is,” Hal announced, smiling dreamily at the car like it was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid eyes on. “What do you think?”

“I think she’s been through a lot,” Betty observed, slowly circling the car, her hands grazing the busted mirrors and chipped paint with uncertainty. “The hood is torn up, the interior is falling apart, I’m too afraid to look underneath the hood to inspect the engine. But…”

“But?” Hal prompted her to continue, raising his eyebrows at her expectantly and patting the side of the car hopefully. 

“But,” Betty said, her lips curling into an amused smile as she ran her hand along door handle and leaned forward to inspect the red interior. “She’s beautiful and I think I’m in love.”

“I thought you might like it,” Hal beamed, scrambling forward to open the passenger’s side door and ushering for her to climb inside. “Go on, take a look.” 

Betty did as she was instructed, sliding onto the leather seating and running her hands up and down the steering wheel, breathing in the scent of old leather and built-up dust particles. 

“Cars like this have to have some good stories,” Betty muttered dreamily, turning to her father with bright eyes. “Imagine the people who have been in the driver’s seat, the places it could have traveled, the things it’s seen!” 

“Should I give you two a minute while I go find Richard?” Hal asked with an amused smile, looking down at his daughter with a look of satisfaction. 

“Don’t be weird, Dad,” Betty scoffed, adjusting her position on the bench and running her fingers along the buttons of the radio. “But yes, please.” 

With that, her father shut the door to the convertible and headed back through the maze of never-ending junk to the house. Betty smiled to herself as she let her hands fiddle with the fraying lining on the seat cover, her eyes dancing wildly as they drifted to the pair of fuzzy dice sitting at the bottom of the car’s floor and imagining that they once hung proudly over the mirror as the car sped down the highway going nowhere and everywhere all at once. 

“What’s your story?” Betty mumbled to herself, leaning back onto the seat and closing her eyes. 

As if answering her own question, just as her eyes shut and everything went dark in front of her, her mind drifted to images of the past - poodle skirts and cat-eye glasses with thick-rimmed frames and doo-wop music that made her head bob back and forth and her foot tap to the beat.  

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YOI Prompt List!

I decided to make my own! Feel free to reblog it or send some numbers for me to write!

Send a number and a pairing or character(s) and I’ll write you a short drabble for it!

  1. Seeing you naked in the Hot Springs
  2. Your skating video went viral!
  3. Let’s go eat hot pot together!
  4. I’m going to be your coach!
  5. What do you want me to be to you?
  6. I just kissed you on live television.
  7. Take me sightseeing!
  8. Meeting you at the banquet
  9. Are you going to be my friend or not?
  10. This is getting kind of R-rated, is it safe to post this online?
  11. It’s __ style!
  12. I want to eat pork cutlet bowls with you!
  13. I have posters of you in my room.
  14. You don’t have a dark past!
  15. Dance battle or pole dancing
  16. I named my poodle/cat/pet after you!
  17. This place reminds me of Hasetsu Ocean.
  18. Really? Ninja?
  19. Let’s take a selfie for Instagram!
  20. Don’t take your eyes off of me
  21. It’s a quadruple flip!
  22. Commemorative Photo?
  23. Think long and hard about what Eros means to you
  24. I don’t want to kiss it unless it’s gold
  25. It’s almost like a marriage proposal
  26. I wish you’d never retire

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What do you personally think are the main flaws in YOI? IMO I think a lot of the problems come from how rushed it was

The early eps are ROUGH in my opinion. You can definitely tell that as the series went on they felt more and more comfortable with the characters. Like, a people point out a lot of things as “Character development” when I think it was more akin to them having a firmer grasp on the characters. 

 I’m also obvi not a fan of Victor calling Yuuri a piggie, but in the same breath I think it was 100% to attach an animal other than a poodle to him for marketing lmao. (Victor - Poodle, Yura - Cat, Yuuri - Pig) Also to make the audience not like Victor since I don’t think we’re supposed to be his biggest fan at first.

I wish that the lines about Victor and Yuuri isn’t so much like, “Open to interpretation!” “How you view it!” “Hush hush!” and then they turn around and say they’re soulmates and then turn around and say that the rings mean nothing. I realize that the person behind the comments is known for going off script a lot (Which is why we get so many messy lines) but god it’s irritating sometimes.

I also wish that Yura had more development and that so much merch didn’t sexualize the fuck out of him.