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If you too feel like recreating an old photo with your dog, here are some to start! I like to look through archive.org for old dog books.

But my personal favourite is this one:

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Dear Kazu, thanks for your wonderful AU!!! It is sooo awesome, i'm just dying. I have a question. Did Maccachin protect little babies or pregnant Yuuri and didn't allow Victor/Yurio/Phichit/Minami to touch them?

Thanks so much for liking it! :’D And aww, that’s an adorable thought….unfortunately though, Makkachin is a very, VERY old dog especially for a large dog at the time of canon, and Yuuri’s pregnant the first time round 3 years after that…I haven’t wanted to think too much about when the elderly fluff passes away, but it happens >.<; But no one wanted the kids to grow up without pets so new dogs are a thing ^ ^;

(pst am still taking name suggestions for new dogs + cats lol)


My mom says she does this when the news is on… 😂

This week I had to go to that dreaded place again (I dare not speak its name). They made me go to sleep and shaved some of the beautiful fur from my arm - the nerve! Coincidentally, my teeth are now feeling really clean. But it must be a coincidence. 😺