poodle cats


This is my cat Poodle. I adopted her last year, she’s 10 years old and my whole world! Even though she can be grumpy and bite, she shows her sweet side sometimes 💕💕 she can make some silly faces though

I’m doing a button order with some friends so I made some Yuri on Ice Cream!! Oval buttons. I’m working on a full print with all the characters for Akimatsuri in December.


Here we see the snow beast, native to the Rocky Mountains, more ferocious than you would expect by his small frame. The snow beast is hungry. He hasn’t eaten much more than stolen cat food for days, but he’s found himself a small curly gazelle. And the snow beast leaps after his prey. But the gazelle is too quick. Alas, he will have to try again another day.

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and then yurio kills the titan and sweeps them off on a horse as they all live long happy happy lives in a peaceful farming village with trees and a functional wall and a poodle and cat population. and a nice little lake tat they can skate on in the winter. the end

I wish I could imagine that…I wish i could…but it’s too late 


Guy: Makkachin? That’s an unusual name
Me: … haha yeah I guess
Guy: What does it mean?
Me: *sweats nervously* …Err nothing important
Guy: oh okay…
My sister: it means she’s a giant weeb