I’ll put it back, man.  xD  Don’t be cross.

Officially I wasn’t able to get it to work @jepensedoncjesims.  I tried.  xD  I’ll try later.

unless….. nope that didn’t work either.

Have this odd picture of Peter with tons and tons of ducks looking pointedly hot.  xD

So Peter called Andrei out, that poor beast.

Implied his mom was a poodle.

…. such deprecation.  If just because he’s very aware of his father being his biological father, and doesn’t want to think about that asshole banging poodles.

Peter followed up with accusing Andrei of being evil.

He had to pause and consider that Peter’s correct here.  xD

But then he went TOO FAR.




Except for that one chick who did get her shoes back, okay?  That one was real.

  • Friend:hey are you excited for November? I mean like dude, we get thanksgiving and a few days off from college classes.
  • Me:OMG!! Gilmore girls comes back! November 25th is the new June 3rd!!! Java Junkies!!! Eeeeeeeeeepppppp!!!!
  • Friend:Are you ok--
  • Me:hey. Don't judge! I'm excited okay?! Don't touch me.
  • Friend *walks away ashamed by my actions*

From being born with Asperger’s Syndrome, and then discovering to have Scoliosis during my middle school years, and then finally getting more out of my shell during high school, I have been through so much shit in my life, and the more I keep going, the more stronger I become. I may have problems to what I keep constantly doing, and it’s my own fault for not controling it sooner or later. But hey, that’s how I normally function. I can’t help it. It’s how I work by nature, and it’s God’s job to protect me, if I ever go into true danger. He knows what to do, and will guide me to light, and out of the dark.

I’ve met some good people, and come across bad ones, but sometimes, accidentally create drama from them. But sometimes, anything that you do while on the web, it’s your own fault for creating it, and from what I done in the past, will be a mark to what I shouldn’t do again. I came to inspired those that are stuck in a pickle intentionally. I don’t really need to say it. I’ll just let it sink it, and let it happen. I’m know myself to make mistakes big and small, and it’s my own fault for not thinking first, before speaking the action out. Even if I fear that I might do it again, i’ll always ask, just to take a safe route before hand.

You can’t please everyone, and for them to expect something outta me, means to me that they’re only here for one thing only. I’m here to inspired, and leave people in surprise. Telling them will ruining the fun. Not telling them will leave them for more, but keep that crap small as possible. Too much will put you in disapointment and stress.

21 years of Brandon-Mac, and i’m still going strong, no matter the out come.

Happy 21th Birthday to me, Brandon “Thomas” McDonald. ^w^

Here we have the rare and elusive maltipoolephant. Not much larger than a house cat, the maltipoolephant’s roar has been described as “croaky and unsettling, like a cross between the screams of a burning man and a burp.”

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a couple of weeks ago my friend bought a toy poodle but was really worried about how her rottweiler/german shepherd cross would react to it. this monster dog has been hit by 4 cars going at least 80km/h, has attacked a horse and has killed multiple venomous snakes, so her fear of this zombie dog doing something to a tiny poodle seems to be a pretty reasonable fear. it took weeks for my friend to leave her puppy alone for a second with the mutt from hell, and only did so because she thought that her other (trained) german shepherd could protect her.

today she walked out into her backyard and sent me this picture