Alright Doglr

This is what some people call unpopular opinion time but it’s not really an opinion so I’ll just call it unpopular information time.

Since posts about how mixed breeds or mutts aren’t really healthier than purebreds are going around again, I thought this would be a good time to bring up something I’ve been keeping quiet.

Storm and Isis are actually designer dogs. We got them from a breeder and they were an intentional cross between a poodle and another breed (Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier for Storm and Bolognese for Isis).

This is extremely looked down upon by other dogblrs so let me explain why we got designer dogs. We got Storm and Isis three years ago when the designer dog phase was really taking off so there was tons of information about why they were superior but not much about why they weren’t so great. The health thing was everywhere and we had just lost a dog to serious, serious health and genetic problems (you might have seen me mention a Standard Poodle named Raven) so with all this information, whether it be true or false, it seemed like a blessing. We still wanted to buy from a breeder to know the health background of the dogs and just because it felt safer to us so that’s how we ended up with Isis and Storm. 

The reason I refer to them as poodle mixes in the tags and will continue to do so is because that’s what I’m used to doing in the real world and because I know so many people in dogblr hate designer dogs.

Let me be clear: Storm and Isis are wonderful dogs that are smart, clever and very, very loved by me and my family. I do not regret getting them for even a half second and I never will. That being said, I will not being getting any designer breeds in the future and will probably stick firmly to purebred poodles.

I will probably not talk about this much again, if ever. I love my dogs dearly because they are fantastic dogs and they deserve as much respect as any of the other dogs seen on dogblr.


Here is my fourth year film, “Pray Me, Rosemary”

There are millions of thoughts dwelling inside of us everyday.
Because of this overwhelming “thought population”, it is really hard for a new thought to immigrate to our mind’s society.

There were so many questions in my life, and I’ve never got to solve them all.
However, even though I’ll probably never be able to get all the answers for everything, I’m glad to know that those questions immigrated to my heart to embrace me.

I still can’t give a definite answer to my nuns’ questions. Maybe I’ll find an answer for them someday, or maybe my life will let go off me while I’m still holding onto the questions.

It is true that lots of unsolved questions are still floating around in my life. But if the questions chose to live inside my body, I’ll gladly embrace them back till I die.

In this world of overgrowing thoughts and questions, I am now here to bring up another question that would like to immigrate into your heart. Yes, the immigration might be really hard since we are drowning slowly in a flood of information. But I hope my Rosemarys’ questions succeed to have a safe arrival on your heart to embrace you.

Thank you so much. I love you all.