Guess what I got in the post on Monday!? 

My very first PoochPack!! If you are a pup I think you should ask for one, because it is better then christmas!!

I got a ’Moo Cow’ which is probably my favourite, how did the box know that I love plastic bottles, Mum and Dad can’t have drinks from them unless they pour it out so I can play, seriously they are so fun!

I also got a chew, which is hard and is super tough! Mum calls it a ’root’ I like to take it outside with me while I sun tan. There was also two bags of treats! Finally I get treats again, one bag smells yummy and makes my breath smell like cinnamon! The other are fish treats, they are really crispy! There was also a natural supplement that helps make you big and strong!

Seriously guys, this box was so much fun to open and the toys and treats are so awesome to have! I hope I get another one soon.