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Can I buy you a drink? - Clover

Eirik was sitting by the bar’s counter, the furtherest seat possible, to count the money he just earned for his strip-performance in peace, while smoking. He paused the counting when the blonde started to hit on him, with his in-famous raised eyebrow. 

“I assume that means you liked my show that much, Clover…” He muttered to her with a smirk. 


My lil’ miss Coco got pampered yesterday & has the look & pose of “I’m Coco-fabulous and I know it!” Lmao, I love my precious girl!! COCO SENDS COCO KISSES TO EVERYBODY!!!


Well it has been quiet here. I’ve been pursuing other interest too, but don’t worry. I still love bjds and Sem likes posing with them (allthough not wearing their hair accessories). I haven’t received any submission, but those will be posted as well. Anyway, enjoy these pics of Sem and Yara.