anonymous asked:

Do firewater and grits have dogs or just twink?¿?

Nope! The whole reason Twink has a dog in the first place is a silly story. The boys give him a chunk of money to buy a new outfit after they ruin it doing naughty things. Twink has to literally beg, until they finally give it too him. The little guys so mad about the whole thing he blows it all buying the chubbiest, fluffiest Pomeranian he can find, along with everything that pooch would ever need. Let’s just say the guys are not happy about having this tiny yapping fur ball gnawing at their heels. (BUT if the other guys did get dogs, Grits would definitely get a rottweiler and Firewater would get a BIG dog, like an Alaskan Malamute or a Tibetan Mastiff)