Earthbound, in (Arcade) Sprite Form!

This is an older sprite set but I just wanted to repost it

Ness is the only one that seems to care a picture is being taken, so I tried to capture that here as well. That house is the first time you get a pic taken by that pervert dude. Can you bypass that and then come back with all of your allies to have them in the pic like this?

I think I made Jeff a bit too cool and concentrated on his gun way more than his gadgets or fireworks. Ah well. Theres Evidence suggesting Poo is much older than the other kids, and the others are around 13ish years old. Anybody want to confirm this for me? And my final thought is that I never realized until I sprited it is that Mr. Saturns are basically just naked, walking Mario Heads with legs. its kinda creepy.

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I found an iphone 4s in my car.. I have no idea whose phone it is and of course its locked.. the only hints I have is
1. that they love Kpop, panic at the disco, and fall out boy among a few others

2. they get notifications from Oklahoma state, last given note was 717 days ago meaning its been in my car for like a year and a half
(I live in florida so wtf? WHO ARE YOU)

3. they have alarms set in the morning from 2:12 am to 8:11 am in a weird fashion; including 4:20am

4. their world clock is set for new york, cupertino, and tokyo

5. that they have a friend named L (or at least nicknamed)

and finally 

6. that they played tsum tsum and have a line account. 


(edit: this is driving me nuts, if anyone has any tips on how i can get into it PLEASE LET ME KNOW. Also siri wont work cuz its not connected to the internet, poo)

EDIT! I FOUND OUT THROUGH THE ALARMS THAT LET ME SEE THEIR MUSIC ON THE PHONE THAT THEY HAVE A 235 SONG PLAYLIST CALLED TO FLORIDA! ..not like thats a big hint but ahskjdfslskfgja at least it didn’t teleport there from oaklahoma