Elyes - BTS of SCORPION 3x19

BTS of filming Scorpion Season 3 episode 19

sources: insta story/snapchat

EG (Walter O’Brien), with a live animal actor (monkey) on set of Scorpion 3x19, end of Jan 2017, at the Botanic Garden


one was a princess with blades made of steel, a double life she lived; she saved lives, but killed twice as many. the other was a commoner who lived in the woods with powers no other could possess - her life was very quiet, some alchemy here and there (and explosions). the two had a common enemy that they could not track down - alone. when brought together by fate, the two could defeat any foe.


i’ll keep you safe, so place your trembling hand in mine,
i'd give everything for you to say that you’ll stay by my side.

✯*•.¸ ¸.•*✯ CIANA ACADEMY ✯*•.¸ ¸.•*✯

Hello! Here is a preview of an rpg game in progress by me, maavvile, haseiyayoikise!! It will focus on advanced witches with all kinds of different skill sets, all from different planets together on one that they were specially invited to attend! Chrona was able to transfer over to Ciana Academy, becoming the new student and befriends a bunch of other witches! But why is something amiss?

(pic collaboration by me and maavvile!!)


Hi I found your blog recently and wanted to share my cat!! This is Nala, she’s over 10 years old, loved getting scratched on the back and leaves stinky poo’s :^)


NALA!!! I have a dog named nala who is ALSO around 10! twinsies! What a good fuzzy princess lady. She’s so dramatic, I bet she’s a Barbra Streisand fan.