poo poo princess

made for Vinnys ( @vinesauce ) mario RPG stream awhile ago! i will take literally any excuse to draw vin late earthbound art an u cant stop me

its hard to see but bowsers pokey (Sorta), King is the chain chomp, mobile sprout toad and of course, mr saturn yoshi

i also made this pixel doodle of Prince Malloo!

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Headcanon: Can the princes sing?

Keith: While Keith can boast his talent in sports like racing and basketball, arts is never his forte. Keith can’t sing. People around him are too afraid to tell him that some people are never meant to hold a mic.

Joshua: He is as tone deaf to music scales as colorblind people to red and green. He sings really flatly, people think their prince is making a speech instead of singing. He can’t differentiate mi with la and do with fa. When he was shown a music score by MC, he thought it was some sort of a secret code.

Wilfred: Hm… Wilfred is a mysterious one. Nobody knows if he can sing or not. He will divert people’s attention to something else when he was asked to sing. In one occasion, he was asked to sing by Prince Roberto for MC’s birthday. Instead, he asked another prince to sing.

Glenn: If only he can overcome his tsundere-ness, Glenn is actually a pretty good singer. He sings with a really soft voice and will be mad if asked to sing louder. What he sings? National anthems. He will only sing in national events with no exceptions. Until of course, when MC came and asked him to go karaoke with the other princes. Glenn would sulk the day after that because the princes teased him nonstop. Well… only Roberto and Keith actually. Poor Keith… he’s the next target after he started to sing.

Roberto: Maybe he should join an idol contest? Roberto is a talented musician. He made (weird) songs and played several musical instruments. When he composed something, it happened naturally without he even put efforts to it. Everything around him like the sounds of chirping birds in the morning can be artistically stimulating to him. He preferred to sing upbeat songs.

Edward: Charles is known for its arts and it’s not a surprise that Edward is an opera aficionado. He’s a patron of the largest opera house in his country. He sings mainly operatic song or old love songs. Edward also secretly penned several love songs based on the poems he wrote.

I add Kaiji from MSB for fun

Kaiji: Kaiji knows only popular girl group songs. He can even dance to them if he wants to. When his sisters are not around, he will hum and sway to the beat of some girly songs while cooking.