poo poo paper


Woke up today nice and early to start cleaning out the elephant houses, me and ginge are now professional poo pickers. In fact a lot of today was spent around the subject of ‘poo as we then went to another elephant sanctuary to make some poo paper, and yes it is as gross as you think. We firstly had to shovel poo into netted bags and then had to ‘drain these.’ This was the pretty gross part, we had to stand on the netted bags while hosing the poo to clean it up. (I’ll put some photos up) then next few steps we couldn’t help with as they take hours/days to complete. But we then skipped to the last step where you have to water down the cleaned and bleached poo and make the actual paper with a mess net. Pretty cool, gross but cool. The afternoon was then spent walking and bathing the elephants and then transferring back to the guesthouse in surin. More of a chilled out day which is nice, we are now on a 12 hour bus to koh samet (I think that’s how you spell it) which is a beach island just off Thailand where we are going to spend the weekend at a beach sipping cocktails and relaxing. A long way to travel but we are excited plus we have met up with some of the girls who we met in Bangkok and are all going together.

Bye bye

Denva x