ponyville live!


More tiny sapient ungulates: Scootaloo grows up into a beefy punk with black metal piercings and a leather jacket, it is canon and I will fight absolutely every asshole brony who draws grown up Scoot as a dainty little thing with long hair.

She also rides an alicycle, which is basically a very aerodynamic bicycle that you propel with your wings (because internal combustion engines are mysteriously absent in mlp). She also has a magical disability and can’t achieve sustained flight, her wings don’t conduct magic well enough. This is probably do to her mixed pegasi and earth pony heritage, which is also one of the reasons she lives in Ponyville. Likely one of her parents or close relatives is wingless and can’t live in Cloudsdale.

g3 mlp asks !!🐴🌈

pony: which earth pony is your favorite?
unicorn: which unicorn is your favorite?
pegasus: which pegasus  is your favorite?
custom: if you were to be a pony, how would you look? cutie mark, mane, outfit, personalty, etc
ponyville: which pony gang would you like the hang out with?
unicornia: would you rather make the rainbow, or see the rainbow?
butterfly island: would you be more of a town or beach pony?
celebration: in your opinion, what is the best year for the G3?
cotton candy cafe: if you lived in ponyville, where would you work?
core 7: do you think the core 7 ponies were a good idea? which pony is your favorite?
music: what is your favorite G3 song?
movies: what are the mlp movies you watched, and which one is your fave?
playsets: What are the playsets you own ? Which ones are your favorite?
G3.5: What is your opinion on the G3.5 ?
toys: how many G3 ponies do you own, approximately?

It’s that time of year again: The Top 50 Pony Music countdown is here again, continuing its annual tradition of bringing the best in pony music right to you. Last year, we had 564 separate voters cast 10 votes apiece. That’s 5,640 votes! I think we can beat that this year. Tune in December 31, 2014 from 2pm to 7pm EST (7pm-midnight GMT) as your host, the man they call Toast, counts them down on Ponyville Live! There will also be a charity event; we’ll announce details soon!

The Fillycast Returns April 5th:

You’ve waited, you’ve sweated, you’ve prayed. The wait is over, we are bringing it back for another season! (I’m sorry, I know you prayed it would end. You have my condolences.)

Join Mulberry Metal and the rest of the team for yet another 26 shows, live and, for the first time ever, on podcast, full of ungodly discussions, featuring:

  • Headcanons
  • Insults
  • Jokes about Cyril’s addiction to the Food Network
  • Canadian jokes at Forest Rain’s expense
  • Sexual innuendoes spoken in Fluttershy’s voice
  • Dick jokes
  • Confusion
  • People talking over each other
  • WestJ regretting everything
  • Teamspeak being DDOS’d
  • No talk about Jeremy Clarkson being fired
  • and a bombshell MARRIAGE?

Find out how everyone survived the longest hiatus this fandom has experienced in 4 years. Find out who didn’t! Our exciting season five will premiere April 5th, 8PM EST only on Fillydelphia Radio. Come join us for an experience that will leave you laughing uncontrollably, then make you feel horrible.

You can catch the podcast and feel bad all over again by subscribing on iTunes. We even uploaded a few old episodes to keep you enticed:

iTunes Link


Ladies and gentlemen, the event we have eagerly been awaiting is here. Grab this schedule and don’t miss out!:

That’s right, it’s PonvilleFM’s 4th anniversary. Hard to believe that four years ago, when MLP was only 12 episodes into the series and just before “Fall Weather Friends” first aired, our radio station was born. Ever since, we have been bringing you the best of the best in music, interviews, and live performances that this fandom has to offer. So join us this Saturday at noon est, as we bring you all of these back to back for 36 glorious hours.

To wet your mouth for some of this delicious birthday cake, here’s what we have lined up. Amazing talent will be joining us such as Silva Hound, OMNI, Hmage, and more. Interviews with Wolfbeats Records, the talented Ms. Scribbler, and even chairs from Midwest Brony Fest to tell us about their 2015 plans. And of course we can’t forget about all our awesome DJs who will be mixing live throughout the weekend bringing you the finest EDM from around the world. There won’t be a moment of downtime, so be sure to join us as we welcome in the new year and celebrate our birthday in style.

We only turn 4 once after all, so tune in!