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what the signs fall in love with

Aries: selflessness, dark features, working good in teams, sharing things

Taurus: familiarity, loyalty, tenderness, sharing relaxing/intimate memories

Gemini: the details (sparkly eyes, high fives, clumsy grins, sighs), mysteries

Cancer: comfort, the color blue, people with golden hearts and snarky humor

Leo: clumsiness, cute laughs, gentle physical contact, messy hair, confidence

Virgo: (falls with) time, suits & ties, ponytails, aesthetical prettiness, neatness

Libra: playfulness, kept promises, closeness, sharing secrets, caring words

Scorpio: winks, funny jokes, meaningful conversations, bright/shining eyes

Sagittarius: freedom, late night talks, cute smiles, good style, luscious lips

Capricorn: sweetness, cuteness, nice hair, passion, kind & hard working people

Aquarius: mind connections, friendship necklaces, super nice sense of humor

Pisces: affection, coziness, heated sarcasm and funny stories, inside jokes 

Wig Hack Wednesday #6 !
Want to make your ponytail wig more believable with top volume? Ponytail clips are cool but they can be uncomfortable after long hours of wearing. You can make seamless high ponytail with this method for characters like Kasumi (Dead or Alive), Widowmaker (Overwatch), or Medea (Fate/Grand Order)
For this demo, I used a Sandy Brown Jeannie base wig from Arda Wigs. The Jeannie comes with a tied up ponytail wig with a ponytail clip. You can use normal non-ponytail wig as a start as well. Make sure to alter the wig so you can tie it up for the stubbed part and use extra wefts for the high ponytail part.

- Undo the tail of the Jeannie base wig and re-tie it higher. Use elastic band for this instead of rubber band so that it won’t melt against hot glue later. Cut off the extra length of the tail as closely as you can to the tied area. Stub with hot glue.
- Cut a piece of cardboard for the tail’s “extension”.
- Hot glue the cardboard piece to the top of the tail, going around it. I used a half-piece, but if you need extra support, cut a bigger piece so that you can completely wrap it around the tail.
- Add paper to the top of the cardboard using packaging tape. You can stack it higher if you wish but keep the weight in mind.
- Take the butterfly clip out of the ponytail clip that comes with the Jeannie. Cut the piece in half.
- Use the bottom piece from the last step to glue onto the top of the tail. Start gluing near the tied area first.
- Section off the hair so it’s easier to neatly glue it down to the paper form. Start from the top area, and then the two sides.
- Remember the other half piece from the ponytail clip earlier? Cut it in half again and use one of the halves to glue to the underside of your big ponytail to close the gap.
- Brush the hair and hairspray it in place and you have a strong high ponytail! Since it’s heavy-back, you may need to sew in some wig clips or zig zag flexi comb inside the wig cap by the hairline to make sure the wig doesn’t slide backward when you walk around.


etsyfindoftheday 1 | 4.17.17

minimalist leather hair ties by suroundstudio

accent your ponytail or top knot with a glinting metallic leather tie in either a feminine princess crown or plain wrap shape — some of them are even reversible! two ties in one!! ;) happy monday all!

EXO Reaction - Running your Hand Through their Hair when You’re in the Mood

Request: Can I have an exo reaction to you running your hands through their hair when your in the mood please?


Baekhyun would be super surprised at your actions first wondering why you were stroking his hair like he was an animal; then next thinking that you weren’t as innocent as he thought when you had placed yourself on his lap; straddling him and kissing down his neck. 


Oh boy, you should have regretted your actions; Chanyeol knew what was up as soon as you started running your hands through his thick hair. That’s just when his teasing started and the next thing you knew you were being thrown onto your shared bed.


This innocent duckling would be pure clueless at first. Like Baekhyun, trying to understand why you were running your hands through his hair; That’s when you really had to step up quite a few notches and show him what you meant.


Who said you started teasing Kyungsoo? This child isn’t as innocent to the eye as he seems; one moment you’d be cuddled under a blanket in the EXO dorms with Kyungsoo, the rest of the EXO members in the room and then the next you know this little shit’s hand would be climbing up your thigh under the blanket. *Excuse the fact he’s in a prison jumpsuit, i could explain why I love this drama in 1000 ways*


You didn’t intend to turn Luhan like a light switch, you only wanted to do slight teasing in the morning before you jumped into the shower: but as soon as your hands hit his hair that was it, he certainly wasn’t letting you out of your bed.


I swear to god with this guy you don’t even need to run your fingers through his hair to show him you’re in the mood, he can read you like an open book as soon as you start playing with your own hair. Prepare for a long day/night because cold guy Kris will be on it like Sonic. (Or on you, take your pick.)


Like Kyungsoo, Xiumin isn’t as innocent to the eye as it seems: He surely looks almost like the youngest member despite being smol and innocent but as soon as your hands crawled to the back of his head, running your fingers through is soft hair then you were done for. Completely. (He’s probably one of the most dominant guys in EXO tbf)


Okay this little fluff ball can definitely be sexy on and off camera but is completely and utterly clueless when it comes to suggestive sex. The world could be crumbling apart around you both and you’d have to explain to this poor soul what was literally wrong. Tao literally thought you were fixing his hair for his next selca, okay literally just make out with him or pull him to the bedroom if you’re in the mood because he’s too fluffy hOLY SHIT.


This child, you just need to stroke his fringe and he’s throwing you over his god damn shoulders and running you both up stairs faster than Sonic could run. Sehun is the horniest little shit you will ever meet likE wow. But he’s whiny and a semi-sub so if he makes suggestions, expect to be a dom. just saying.


It would be your first time so when you were making subtle hints by running your hand through his hair and started whispering dirty innuendos in his ear, he’d start wiggling his eyes like he’s already prepared everything. (He probably has you just probably don’t have no fucking idea, it’s Yixing we’re talking about okay, the EXO M members are wild.)


It would literally start out with a shower together when you juSt got wow in the mood because it’s Kai and when it’s Kai.. you’ll obviously get in the mood and when you asked him can you wash his hair, you literally accidentally fucking moaned #showersex


Oh boy all you need to do is look each other in the eyes at the right moment (no hair stroking required) and bam! Next thing you know you’re in bed, but he’s probably a hair puller so make sure your hair is in a ponytail or tied up because he’s like the kinkiest shit out of the whole group. (He’s my bias wrecker rn crying)

hope you enjoyed my shitty sarcastic reactions.

singer-inspired aesthetics
  • hozier: thunderstorms, lightning, full moons, sun softened peaches, distracting your lover at church, passionate yet hasty kisses, love marks, soft moans, picnics on sunny days, dark summers, painting your first apartment, road trips, stargazing with your lover, sleeping in cheap motels, praying to god that your lover will always stay.
  • lana del rey: red lipstick, cat-eye sun glasses, your boyfriend's denim jacket, roses, a glass of wine, flirting with your father's best friend, melting popsicles, large beach hats, swimming pools, american flags, red high heels, short dresses, diamond earrings, brushed out curls, riding on the back of your boyfriend's motorcycle.
  • melanie martinez: suburban nightmares, daddy's quiet conversations with other women, empty cradles, open window, sex in the back of your ex-boyfriend's car, ruffled white socks with dingy red shoes, lopsided bows, tight ponytails with ribbons tied around them, crooked teeth, messy lipstick marks on your lover's neck, little black heart earrings, stolen diamond bracelets, lace underwear under plaid skirts
  • halsey: leather jackets, chokers, sneaking out late at night, screams of 'we matter' ringing through the city, red stoplights, driving through desert roads, blue lipstick, making out at the train station, dirtied nail beds, cigarette buds with lipstick marks on them, dead flowers, ripped denim jeans, dirty sneakers, hiding tattoos from your parents, new piercings, pride flags held high, whispering 'i love you' through the phone.
  • zayn: freshly shaved heads, new tattoos, quiet days in, oversized hoodies, late nights smoking weed, good music playing in the background, gentle nibbles on your girlfriend's ear, protecting your friends, watching cartoons on saturday mornings like you used to, family dinners, long eyelashes, soft smiles, infectious laughter, sex in the late hours of the night, cooking for your lover, bollywood music, never imagining that you could get this far.
what the signs fall in love with

Aries: selflessness, dark features, working good in teams, sharing things

Taurus: familiarity, loyalty, tenderness, sharing relaxing/intimate memories

Gemini: the details (sparkly eyes, high fives, clumsy grins, sighs), mysteries

Cancer: comfort, the color blue, people with golden hearts and snarky humor

Leo: clumsiness, cute laughs, gentle physical contact, messy hair, confidence

Virgo: (falls with) time, suits & ties, ponytails, aesthetical prettiness, neatness

Libra: playfulness, kept promises, closeness, sharing secrets, caring words

Scorpio: winks, funny jokes, meaningful conversations, bright/shining eyes

Sagittarius: freedom, late night talks, cute smiles, good style, luscious lips

Capricorn: sweetness, cuteness, nice hair, passion, kind & hard working people

Aquarius: mind connections, friendship necklaces, super nice sense of humor

Pisces: affection, coziness, heated sarcasm and funny stories, inside jokes

Morning warmup sketch: Seraph!Sorey idea and a bonus side meebo.

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Teamiplier (and Bob/Wade/Jack if ya want) getting ready for Halloween? Amyplier planning matching costumes? Tyler and Ethan wanting to ask each other to do matching costumes but are too nervous because "What if he doesn't like me like that" and stuff? V v intense decorating decorating, scaring each other?



 Bob would probably be that guy who wears mickey mouse ears and just call it a day. Wade would probably be that one guy that has worn the exact same costume every year but calls it something else each year. 

 Jack WOULD GO FULL OUT. For ex. he’d go as a zombie and he’s got the fake skin, the fake blood, everything. He’s the spooky hoe of the clique.

 Tyler has a cool couples costume idea for he and Ethan but he’s such a little bihh, like, grow a pair. You are 6 feet tall and you’re letting this hyperactive smol boi stop you. REALLY. REALLY, TYLER. GOSH.

 Kathryn probs draws herself the cat nose + whiskers and wears black. She’s the mom of the group. “Don’t drink too much, alright?”  “FUCK YOU, KATHRYN. IT’S HALLOWEEN.”  “DON’T SPEAK TO ME LIKE THAT, MARK FISCHBACH, I AM YOUR DESIGNATED DRIVER, DAMMIT”

 Eth wants to join the group but he doesn’t have a costume. He kinda wanted to ask Tyler to do some cheesy couples costume but, he too, is scared.

 Finally they both grow a pair and ask each other simultaneously the night before Halloween and it’s really sweet and they’re all red and awwweeeee.

 ANYWHORE, they end up wearing… lmao, get this: CHIPPENDALE COSTUMES. There’s not even a big deal about it tho cuz it’s literally just a pair of tight shorts and a tie ._. yes, that means they are not wearing a shirt. 

 ._. and vv jealous Ethan gives girls the Glare™ whenever they wink at Tyler at the party.

 Tyler, who is also vv jeaous, keeps following Ethan and it’s really sweet but then it seems like this three-quarters naked giant seems like Ethan’s bodyguard.

 Annnnddd yeah. Mark ended up being an idiot and passes out. Way to go, Hansel. Way to fucking go.

Kissing Buddies | Nakamoto Yuta


the prompt: hiii can you write a scenario where yuta and you are friends w/ benefits until one day he confesses to you (fluff but with a bit of angst)???

words: 1314

category: fluff

author note: I wrote this whole scenario but it turned out rlly messy and angsty so i rewrote it and now I’m really happy with the result!

- destinee

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Imagine having a baby with Steve and Bucky

prompt from anonymous: “can you please do an imagine where the reader is in a poly relationship with steve and bucky and she’s pregnant with their baby?”

“Hello?” Steve called into the house, kicking the door shut behind him. He dropped the grocery bag onto the kitchen island and ducked his head into the living room. “Hello?”

“In here!” Bucky called back. Steve put the few groceries he had away in the cabinets and freezer and headed for their bedroom. He found you and Bucky laying there, Bucky propped up against the headboard, you with your head in his lap. You smiled up at him.

“Hi,” you said softly. Steve slid his shoes off at the door and crawled up onto the bed, placing his head beside yours in Bucky’s lap. He laid his hand alongside your cheek, pressing the pad of his thumb into your chin. “How was your day?”

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PJO Headcannons

Nico and clothes.

Nico dressed in mostly black as a way to blend in with the shadows easier, originally anyway. He discovered quickly that he liked the style and kept it even after the war with Gaea was over. However he also developed a strange habit.

Nico is a clothes theif. He will steal clothes from pretty much everyone he likes. If he has an article of your clothing in his possession you are officially his friend.

He stole Jason’s Camp Jupiter hoodie. It’s about two sizes too big but he loves it cause it’s warm and he can hit people with the overly large arms if they irritate him.

He stole one of Reyna’s Camp Jupiter t shirts. It’s a v neck and fits him pretty well. He works out in it most days. She’s never getting it back but she’s ok with that.

He stole one of Hazels hats. More accurately she stuck it on his head one winter when he didn’t have one. It’s bright blue with a big Pom Pom on the top but he still wears it.

He stole a jacket from Frank. It’s way too big on him but it’s comfy and again warm. Frank is too scared of Nico to ask for t back.

He stole a white button up from Leo. It’s was one of the only clean shirts the mechanic owned but Nico didn’t have a dress shirt to wear to Sally and Paul’s wedding. It hasn’t been seen since but Nico still has it.

He’s stolen many a tank top from Piper. He wears them to work out. She doesn’t mind and has caught several pictures of him in multicolored tank tops fighting the undead when he thinks no one is watching.

He steals hair ties from Annabeth because his hair is getting way too long and keeps getting in his way so he’ll put it up in a small ponytail with her hair ties.

He somehow managed to steal a Camp shirt from Cecil. It’s clear it’s Cecil’s because it has the number of the Hermes cabin on the sleeve.

He stole a pair of fingerless gloves from Lou Ellen. He wears them constantly claiming they help protect his hands from his sword.

He’s stolen so many articles of clothing from Will both of them have lost track. All they know is that half Nico’s wardrobe is too big and mostly yellow and Wills been wearing a lot of black too small shirts lately. His favorite thing of wills is his “Surf Cabo” shirt. Mostly cause it annoys Percy

High Heels and Blue Ties

Pairing: Dean Winchester (BusinessmanAU!) x Reader
Warnings: language 
Word Count: 2140+ 
Summary: You’re neighbors with the what most people call “the finest bachelor in town”. You work at a strip club and need rest when you get home. Sounds easy enough? Wrong, not when Dean “I just have to make the whole complex listen to my music” Winchester is your neighbor. Part 1
A/N: First part to this new fic! So many people were excited and I’m hoping I don’t disappoint anyone with the amount of excitement that was built up. Feedback is greatly appreciated in any form and tags are open. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This is my first ever full length Dean Winchester (AU) fic. It is an AU so certain characteristics and backgrounds have been changed to fit this story. 

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The gentle breeze of the Nevada wind brushed your hair back as you made your way down the dusty sidewalk. The backpack on your shoulders was heavier tonight as it carried a few sets of outfits along with two pairs of heels that were in need of a cleaning. The uncomfortable pain coming from the arch of your foot made you stop a few times to roll your ankle out in hopes of relieving the pain. The news heels Crowley, your boss and owner of the club, were not the most pleasant to break in. Something you were reminded of right now as you struggled to make it to the last street to your apartment even in the flats you currently wore.

Coming off a twelve hour shift at a strip club on a Saturday night wasn’t exactly how you pictured how your life would turn out. You honestly wouldn’t have picked up another six hour shift had you not been short on money. This months rent was due and with the hospital bills you knew it was better to deal with drunk men and earn more than enough tips than to not have any at all. The money was good but the overall job could be overwhelming sometimes. Even now as you walked you could feel your eyelids get heavier with each step.

To say you were tired would be an understatement. Not only did you have to work over your schedule, you were exhausted from the lack of sleep you had gotten from the night before. The asshole next door you sadly called “neighbor” didn’t know what it meant to turn his music down. Yes, it was already twelve o’clock in the afternoon, but your sleep schedule wasn’t like anyone else’s. You needed your days to sleep in so you could work at night. Not everyone had the luck of working for their father’s business on a regular schedule. It was always a constant fight with the green eyed nuisance.

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Great Minds Think Alike (Riverdale - Jughead x OC) Part 2

Pairing : Jughead x OC

Synopsis : A new girl arrives in town around the time of Jason Blossom’s accident. That alone makes her suspicious and unlikeable to most people. Jughead has every reason to investigate on her, the timing is too perfect, right? And it has nothing to do with the young girl’s odd yet charming way of always seeming to find her way back to him, no matter the situation.  

Word Count : 2.3k


Part 1 <<< >>> Part 3

When Jughead saw her walking through the door at Pop’s the next day he was torn between two opposite feelings: utter annoyance at being once again disturbed in his writing, and eagerness to share another conversation with this girl whose ability to use sarcasm as a means of communication matched his. It was a surprise to have her walked straight to his booth and sit down like they were old friends and not merely acquaintances who met the day before.

The truth was, he kind of hoped this would happen – it was a lonely life that of writer and High School outcast. Jughead wasn’t going to deny himself a little company a few hours a day if he could, especially since his best friend bailed on him the day they planned their road trip and hasn’t really spoken to him much since then. Can you feel the bitterness?

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MCL Carnival Headcanons

Random headcanons for the carnival bc I felt like it tbh. I really want a carnival episode ?? It’d be so cute and um ? i crave a carnival episode, actually.


  • Takes a lot of pictures, 
  • Will try and win all of the prizes, even against the little kids
  • Usually laughs on rollercoaster rides, especially at Candy
  • Always holds his hands up in the air
  • Really good at go kart?? Wow Nath 
  • Actually better than really good, great at go kart
  • Is so annoyed with bumper cars, he’d rather just ride
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, but he’s learning how to tolerate it
  • Sucks as some of the mini games
  • Water rides are his favorite
  • Knows the history of some rollercoasters
  • Plays for fun, even if he loses, he’s okay with it
  • Will not even BOTHER eating Candy’s cotton candy tbh, 
  • Really good at the dancing games, get those buttons Nath.
  • Holds Candy’s hand, doesn’t wanna lose her in the crowd.
  • Such a mom
  • Will try to keep Candy off the drop-down rides, like nO he will just be like “Candy no that’s very dangerous” or “Are you sure you wanna do that??" 
  • Sometimes gets very nauseous on the rides
  • Not like Candy has a choice but - she isn’t going on rides there’s been accidents on, it’s not worth the risk-
  • Has had to sit down after some rides,,
  • Is nervous to leave Candy on a rollercoaster, but knows she’s ok
  • He is NOT playing those free fall rides, a lot of accidents happen on them
  • Has his only healthy snack bag, he’s not taking fast food/sweets
  • Impressed with Candy being good with the games
  • Pats Candy on the back if she loses, he sucks too so-

The last ride they go on is; The Ferris Wheel. In which is a perfect setting, being close to the stars, and dazzling lights of the carnival. Nathaniel would just wrap his arm around her shoulder and admire their view out the window, just happy in eachothers company. [Que illustration].


  • Will take a bite or two from Candy’s cotton Candy, just to be playful
  • Always yells on the rides, such a little kid
  • Records their rides together, he loves looking at them after
  • Not really a picture guy but - takes some pictures
  • Loves rollercoasters, nothing more
  • Doesn’t care for the mini games, tbh - he’ll pay for Candy to play them
  • Taking all the food he can before they leave
  • Jokes with Candy to beat the little kids at the mini games.
  • Will always find a way to take a bite out of Candy’s food
  • Favorite ride is slingshot 
  • Will honestly win the huge prize for Candy, or just buy it for Candy
  • Cheers a lot on the rides, like not even screaming, he just feels so alive
  • Never brings a snack, buys food
  • Usually wears his hair up in a ponytail, has his jacket tied around his waist, he’s ready for fun
  • Pretty good at winning mini games, but never the big prize
  • Hates walking around endlessly for the gift shop
  • Bought passes just to walk infront of other people bc he can’t waIT
  • Is a pro at the throwing mini games
  • Likes it when Candy’s impressed with his skills
  • Gets so proud of Candy when she wins
  • Kinda teases her when she loses, ruffles her hair
  • Stays until it closes.

The last ride they go on; The slingshot. It’s the most scariest ride in the carnival, slinging just the two of them in the air, there would be a lot of mixtures of laughs and screaming. After they swing for its pause, he’d hold her hand tightly and just smile so much, tells her; "I’m glad you’re not just my girlfriend…you’re also my best friend, y’know that?”  [Que illustration].


  • Pretty calm during the carnival
  • Doesn’t like all of the noise, 
  • Let’s Candy lead the way.
  • Is the king of go kart, just wow lys
  • His favorite part is just seeing Candy so happy and just energetic for the rides
  • IS V scared of rollercoasters, 
  • he CANNOT stand rides that move downwards to the ground
  • Doesn’t eat Candy’s cotton Candy, lmao would rather have ice cream
  • Usually laughs on his rides
  • Brings a hand recording camera, will honestly drop his phone
  • Puts his hands in the air a lot
  • Very nervous before he gets on a ride, would rather let Candy go
  • Loves spinning rides, thinks those are the most thrilling
  • Isn’t good at the mini games, doesn’t have good aim
  • Tries his best to win Candy the biggest prizes.
  • Candy got him a big plush bunny and he was so close to fainting, he loved it
  • Likes recording and taking loads of pictures, saves them on his phone
  • Will actually remember this day, beginning to end
  • Has such a happy smile, let Lysander happy smile
  • Asks Candy what rides she wants to go on, they take turns
  • Likes seeing everyone just smile, it’s so nice to him
  • Buys Candy her food, eats some of it
  • Definetely licks her ice cream, like back at the beach but just more casual
  • Usually stays until it closes, or when Candy says she’s tired

The last ride they go on; Superman. Lysander would want to spend one last fun ride with Candy and this is one of the best ones in his opinion. Doesn’t regret it, he’s laughing and he’s so happy. His smile is just, beautiful. Candy would be recording just laughing too. [Que illustration].  


  • Would just wanna ride every rollercoaster, loves all the rides
  • Will honestly win mini games, he’d tear up ALL of the little kids
  • Wins Candy the big callipillar
  • Takes so many pictures and videos, he’s just so happy
  • His hair gets really puffy after water rides, like curly and just fluffy
  • Usually has some stranger to take a picture of he and Candy.
  • Buys Candy and himself cotton candies, doesn’t take her food
  • Loves seeing Candy laugh, that’s his favorite sound
  • Likes the gift shop, buys some marvel merch like a batman shirt
  • Gets a little sick on the spinning rides
  • This boy is getting all the food he can afford, he is NOT cooking when they get back
  • Will always remember this day.
  • Just fanboys at the rides
  • His favorite ride is between Superman and Batman, can’t choose one
  • Holds Candy’s hand when they’re looking for new rides.
  • Isn’t picky about rides, as long as they’re fun
  • Bought a pass to get through lines,
  • His wallet is just so dead
  • Scared of one ride and one ride only - the free fall ride. He’s heard of accidents that’s happened on it and he’s not risking it, as much as he’d like too - but no
  • Always stays when it closes
  • Buys he and Candy some light sabers, during the night so they see them glow

The last ride they go on; Goliath. Whilst getting up on the steepest, wood-made, ride of the carnival, Armin holds Candy’s hand, just smiling. Candy is pretty surprised, but looks back to a smiling and slightly red Armin. Who tells her; “I wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else right now, but with you. I love you..you dork.”  [Que illustration].


  • Is so happy at the carnival, like you couldn’t believe. 
  • Holds Candy’s hand, isn’t loosing her in the crowd
  • Totally prepared. Eith his wallet, trip snacks, and his recorder - everything
  • Doesn’t really go with his friends, tbh, he wants to go with Candy
  • Friends don’t bother trying to leave with him, bc they know he wants to be with her.
  • Has some pictures, but LOADS of recordings like woah-
  • Laughs on the rides, thinks it’s hilarious when Candy is just yelling
  • Takes a small thing of cotton candy from her, just a smol piece
  • Buys loads of sweets, don’t bother trying to stop him
  • Isn’t worried for Candy, at once, this is just about them and having fun
  • Is scared to DEATH of goliath, hates super steep rides
  • Loves water rides, especially log ones
  • Isn’t the best at go kart but he tries
  • SLAYS bumper cars
  • Let’s Candy win some of the games, 
  • Wakamole is like his favorite, he imagines amber like ‘whack a ho-’//shot
  • Rather hold onto the handles of the ride, not a hands in the air type of guy
  • Wins mini games like a boss, he’s getting all the prizes and teddy bears folks.
  • Loves seeing Candy happy, it makes him happier
  • Stays until it closes.
  • So talkative, he babbles like a happy little kid
  • Doesn’t bring that many healthy snacks, healthiest thing he’s eaten was fruit flavored gummies
  • Gets temporary tattoos, gets some anchor on his face

The last ride they go on; The floating swings. Kentin would have his seat next to Candy making sure she’s fastened before himself. The two of them would start going up and Kentin would just smile so much. His precious smile. The two of them would just be happy, quiet, and just laugh. Their legs out and smiles up, they’re just happy. [Que illustration].