“ “You’re just as I remember when I last saw you… Only…” She trailed off, pointing at the white ponytail standing tall on Mako’s scalp. “A little greyer.” The old woman’s plump fingers patted the man’s cheek affectionately, making soft slapping noises that awoke Mako from his trance. “M-Maggie?” Unfortunately for Mako, that was all his lips could mutter at the moment. “‘It’s good to see you again’ is what most people would say, you know.” “

Quick colored sketch for chapter 3 of OitW http://archiveofourown.org/works/11826267/chapters/27548823

Stood Up

My makorrasummerproject x Inspired by this post


“Hey, that guy at table seven has been here for like an hour.”

Korra looked up from the order she was putting into the system. “What, just waiting?”

Her coworker Jinora nodded. “I’ve asked him if he’d like to order about three times, but he said he’s waiting on a date. Apparently she had to work late and told him she’d meet him here.” 

Korra winced. “And he’s still waiting after an hour? Yikes, he must have it bad.” She looked over her shoulder. “Wow, he’s actually really cute.”

“I know right? Wonder what’s wrong with him that someone would stand him up.”

“Aw,” Korra sighed, and watched him for a minute. He was currently folding tiny origami frogs out of the napkins. He was on the eighth one.  “I don’t know, he seems kind of sweet. Dorky maybe, but sweet.”

Jinora shrugged. “If that’s your type. How long do you think he’ll stick around?”

“Well if he’s been here this long, probably ‘til closing.”

Laughing Jinora shook her head. “No way. I bet he gets the hint and leaves in the next hour.”

“You’re on. Ten bucks says he stays ‘til close.”

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Last Resort

This is a hot mess and all selenicsoulmates fault.  1.5k Makorra


“Pleeease, Mako?” Bolin begged with hands clenched together while doing his best puppy dog impression.

“I told you, no,” Mako replied. He yanked a cupboard door open. “We only have like $20 for the week. We’re not going to blow it on some tourist trap restaurant.”

“I swear, I’ll eat ramen for the rest of the week with no complaints! Besides, it’s cheap! That’s like their whole gimmick.”

Mako sighed.

Bolin could sense his brother weakening and began bouncing on the balls of his feet.

With one last disparaging look at the empty shelves, Mako conceded. “Fine.” Bolin cheered. “But you get the cheapest thing on the menu and no complaints about how hungry you are for a week!”


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Hc: jamie went through a phase where he would were his hair in a ponytail so him and Mako would match, and Mako is just "whatever makes you happy" but when jamie lets his hair down Mako's like "omg he's my sexy mullet bf"