Angsty roadrat where Junkrat is paranoid that Roadhog will eventually leave him.
He’s already paranoid in general. He hired Roadhog to be his bodyguard and since he’s paying him Roadhog has to stick around, right?
Somewhere along the years of them two being together it was no longer Roadhog working for Junkrat but the two sharing a 50/50 partnership. And maybe along the way they ended up becoming more than just friends.
But no matter how close they are Junkrat always has this nagging feeling in the back of his head that Roadhog will eventually leave him. Maybe there will be sometimes where they will get into fights, and Roadhog will say that he’s going to leave. Or will say something along those lines in a joking way that he doesn’t mean.
But that doesn’t help Junkrat at all. It makes it worse and he’ll just go silent, walk away, maybe lock himself in the bathroom for a while or someplace Roadhog can’t get to him, wondering the whole time whether he’ll still be there or not when he decides to come out.