Name: Sandy Anchor

Nickname: Sandy

Species: Shark Pony

Age: 23 (Acts like a 10 year old)

Cutiemark: Anchor, Rope, Bow with beach background

Job: Works in bays and such to help lower anchors and help get anchors unstuck.

Personality: Sarcastic, Childish, Trouble-Maker, Loud

Likes: Rolling around in the sand or in a kiddie pool. Sushi

Dislikes: Getting tangled in Sea weed, being over worked, being called a dolphin.

R.S: Single

This cutiemark was hell. Just sayin’

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Sifl & Olly Episode 4: Feed The Shark (by machinima)

Nibblette enjoy!

With Cini taking a vacation, Nibblette decided to do some trans-dimensional traveling of her own, like those of sharky nature do.  But the catch of such travel is that she can’t consciously control it, so at the whims of chaos (and probably too much 40’s-50’s era music on my part), she found herself duking it out in the Fallout verse.

She promptly “made friendly” with the local belligerents, and received some nice, totally-not-looted-for-reals gifts, among them:  a Courier’s Duster, a Super Sledge, and her very own, ever practical, ever popular, Pip-Boy 3000.

Yup.  Much Fallout on the brain.  Getting hooked on the music only perpetuated the cycle, really.  Also, I did reference teh Nibblette w/ burrito picture.