Aaahahaha oh mai these were all I could do for pone prom day two
Laaame quality but that adds to the ~comedic~ effect right
Shout out to this poor soul @pirateking-hightide who went to prom with Roni and had to wear something I designed
And to @rosa-the-pirate who made the reply for doodle no. 3
And also to @moonwish / @askstarlightsong and @ask-hexandtesla for appearing in doodle no. 4
And finally to @ask-goldenpen / @harmonscorner , @askdarlingadelaide and @ask-kashme the cute senseis in doodle no. 5

There’s so many prom senpais I still gotta doodle tho. Maybe in traditional since I won’t have the computer~

So like Lele mod horse is going to @annualponyprom
Dressed like a guy or smth because that’s her aesthetic let her be
And yeah she’s open for being anyones companion at the prom which would include some free art *shrug* if not she’s still gonna go and get nice food and stuff

now its time to go ask out the senpais and get rejected/ignored epically (?? hell yea


I GET TO 300

I kno it’s not much for most of you but let me be >:U tumblr is the social network that dislikes me the most (? so thanks to all the beautiful people that have supported me and rebbloged my art and followed me aaa you’re all amazing and I luv u