That feel

when you go to ponygoons to see if a goon used to post there, and are met with recent grudge posts from two people that you completely forgot about, and misinformation about yourself and friends, and all this assorted bullshit, even though you haven’t posted there in three years

Long story short what the fuck is wrong with those people

bistromatic asked:

In the end redeye was right, you came back. :V

[11:03] <@OFSheep> I am agreeing with sponsz. The guy who hates fanfiction so much he’d rather no fanworks get posted at all than allow fanfics.

[11:09] <@OFSheep> I am perfectly fine with this if it means I am allowed to reject fanfics because if single words.

Redeye must resign.

Sorry Princess!

I was shocked last week when Twilight called it “DIRT magic” because that sounded hella racist for a pony princess to say.

But then someone corrected me - she said “DARK magic”, so that’s ok then.

Sorry Princess!