[image: Rainbow Dash as a transformer. She is tall and thin and her head/hair and body are rainbow coloured while her robotic limbs and face are sky blue. Her sonic rainboom cutie mark is on her chest. Wings are on her back, and a glimpse of another, smaller wing is on one of her huge feet. The pointy tip of the jet is split between her feet. Beside her is a small drawing of an X-15 jet with her colours.]

Rainbow Dash as an X-15 Transformer!

This was so fun to draw, you guys, you have no idea.

First of all, thank you all for your support, plus today I feel really sick, my stomach hurts  But I am finally able to do something productive and not just lay in bed. Plus, work -drawing makes me feel better. I got an idea I could start making small comics or pics with text, where will be things that I am not able to squish into main comic line. There is too much stuff that needs to be done, so I don’t have time to put everything in there. Plus, people love comic strips, well at least I do.

And this, this is mainly a bell for G1 fans. I didn’t see the whole G1 yet, but I know very well of that moment when Soundwave and Blaster got high on music. Or at least it seems like that to me. These words are the actually words tat Soundwave said then. And since then I have a headcanon that Soundwave can get high on music, or get very excited about it and maybe even he can get org…. you know what I mean you dirty people. Plus I think he has very sensitive ears and as pegasus his wings react the same way. One thing is sure, Starscream doesn’t have a frigging idea what is happening to Soundwave, lol.

Brrr, I hope I will feel better soon.


Starscream was born into a Seeker family of two women living in Seeker city named Vos. Seekers are known to be very family oriented and loving to their offspring. Starscream’s mothers are two total opposites. One is kind, sweet and polite; the other can be harsh, too honest and sarcastic. Still, they decided to create a family and result was three little boys. The triplets were named Starscream, Skywarp and Thundercracker. The triplets were identical and without colors and voices, no one could tell them apart. Starscream got his name because he was very often screaming and being noisy, so his mothers thought it would be great name for him.


Starscream was always very active child. Since he was born and saw others flying, he was very eager to learn how to fly by himself. He was always spending time with his brothers and other kids and having fun. Starscream was never afraid to get dirty and his moms clearly saw that, but they also saw there was a red stripe of mane that was falling into his eyes. So, they decided to comb it backwards and Starscream got used to it. He was always very social and friendly and always spent the whole day outside. Everyone in their part of Vos knew about three little triplets and how much mess they can make. Still, they were never really mad at them, because they knew boys didn’t mean any harm and they just wanted to have fun. They never really went too far, even when they were scolded time by time. He and his brothers were trying how to fly very hard, but in the end, they needed help from their parents. One day they went outside and they were finally able to fly for the first time in their lives. Since that day Starscream fell in love with flying, it was even better than he imagined. His brothers also enjoyed it, but Starscream felt the most joy and happiness when he was flying. Since that day, Starscream was spending a lot of time in the sky, flying fast and trying out how much he can handle. Starscream had overall very happy and jolly. Starscream and his brothers were also raised by Jetfire. In these years, Jetfire was an older adult Seeker that wanted to teach young pegasi everything about flying and generally about life. He was always telling long stories from his own life; these stories were long, very long. He usually started with the phrase: “No many ponies know that…” Still, kids loved to listen to him. Starscream loved his family and being raised in Seeker community taught him a lot, but sometimes, he leaved city and looked outside.

One day he decided to fly down to the ground. As he spent so much time up in the sky, he rarely ever visited the ground, so many things fascinated him when he landed. Starscream was always curious and decided to look around. After a while of flying above the trees, he noticed a blue pegasus trying to get away from few ponies that were chasing him. Before they managed to get to him, Starscream decided to help and picked the blue pegasus up and hided them both in one of clouds. When he was sure they are alone, he whispered to other pegasus he should be more careful. He was surprised when he got pushed back without any word, but he didn’t let go so easily and grabbed other foal’s hoof. He told him that he is a Seeker and comes from one of sky cities, so he doesn’t have to be afraid he will hurt him. He could see that made foal calm and he waited for him to do anything. After a while he finally spoke. He thanked Starscream and then flew away. Starscream didn’t want to let him go so easily. Blue pegasus with shining stripes was very interesting to him and he never met someone so shy before. He followed other pegasus and when day was coming to end, Soundwave decided to ask, why Starscream was following him. Seeker told him he looks very interesting with all these lights and is very nice, and he doesn’t understand why anyone would hurt him. He was sitting there for a while talking to other foal and he finally got answer. He got to know foal’s name was Soundwave and Starscream happily offered him his friendship. Soundwave carefully accepted and admitted he never really had a real friend. Since then Starscream spent a lot of time by Soundwave’s side. He promised him he would protect him if anyone would try to hurt him again. Starscream took Soundwave to many different places and they even visited Vos and Starscream’s family. Starscream’s mom guessed why Soundwave has all these lights, but they kept it to themselves. Soundwave learned a lot about flying from his friend and they flew to many places. He didn’t mind Soundwave not being Seeker, he had great times with him when they were kids.


As years went by, Starscream had to make decision where he would go. He wanted to go on academy for sure and become the elite flier. His brothers wanted the same and mothers didn’t have any problem with it. Starscream was excited by thought of going to academy, but he knew he has to do something first, and it wasn’t as pleasant. He had to say goodbye to Soundwave, but he promised him they would for sure meet again, and he wanted Soundwave to take care until then. When he was leaving with his brothers, it was also hard to say goodbye to their moms. The first one was in tears and telling them to take the care of themselves, call every day, eat properly, act nice, obey elders and help each other. The other one seemed like she didn’t care and she only told them few words, but boys knew she is just as concerned as other mom. When they got on academy, they realized it wouldn’t be as easy as they thought. Academy was mostly military place, so they needed to adapt on new life style. Starscream thought he will be able to get into training immediately, but he was disappointed when he found out he would also have to educate himself. Before he could get to elite training for flying, he had to study few subjects. This also got him to study science, where he met Knockout. Seeker academy was connected with other schools, mainly when it came to subjects like science. At first they were getting on each other’s nerves, but it didn’t take long and they became friends. Sometimes they were messing around the school, causing problems to teachers and other students, sometimes they were just hanging around and talking. Starscream recognized Knockout isn’t having a good time at school and understood complicated situation with his father. They spent a lot of time together, having good times, helping each to her with studying and one day Starscream finally could join training Seeker squadron. Still, he stayed in contact with Knockout.

Starscream and his brothers got into a team with the nickname “F-16s”. All teams were named after animal, this team got a name Falcon. In the beginning it wasn’t easy as there was really hard and exhausting training. To become elite flier, you needed to get your body into a perfect shape. Starscream didn’t really complain, as he knew he has to do this to become a flier and there was no way around it. There were times when he doubted whether he can endure it, but in the end he always decided to go on. Starscream was very surprised when Jetfire appeared. The elder decided to go to academy and help boys with their training. In his youth, Jetfire was a scientist, but he was also part of elite flying team, because of that he had right to join academy. Brothers were thankful for his help, but their journey was far from over.

Young adult 

As years passed by all three brothers were able to endure all training and join actual flying team. This day became one of the most important ones in their lives and it made their mothers very proud and happy. The same went for Jetfire. On that day Starscream met Skyquake who was already leader of one of teams and who wished him luck in his career. Starscream felt like nothing could go wrong now, he accomplished his dream, but he unfortunately didn’t know what was coming. In the beginning everything was fine. They were on many missions, helped many ponies in danger and Starscream knew this is what he was meant to do. This went on for many years and Starscream sometimes wondered where could Soundwave be. He was keeping contact with Knockout, but he never again could find Soundwave. He went back on places where they were spending time and waited, but blue pegasus never showed up. He was shocked when he found out Soundwave’s home and parents were gone too. So he deals with that he may never see Soundwave again.

He also started to see corruption of the system that was on Cybertron. It was going nowhere, everything was still the same. Castes pretended any progression and no one was doing anything to help it. Starscream came to conclusion that only a new Prime could save this planet. Starscream was starting to think about what should be done. Years in service started to have effect on him. Sometimes it was very stressful and hard and he had to make hard decisions. He started to be less sensitive, more arrogant and started to think he can handle anything. Sometimes he was reckless and sometimes he saw how much power he could achieve one day. He could be the one that would save Cybertron. He could be the next Prime, who would save everyone and everyone would be thankful to him. He started to see mainly himself, not even his own brothers could remind him what he was like before. Sometimes he was able to get softer, to show he still cares, but it was more and more rare. The vision of power was starting to control his mind, but he still remembered why he wants to do it. He would never put anyone else in danger, he would always rescue the ones that need it, but he was losing touch. Then Megatron appeared.


War was Starscream’s ultimate downfall. When events got into motion, Starscream, his brothers, and some other Seekers joined Megatron. In the beginning, Starscream was able to keep clear mind, but that changed with war proceeding. His own town fell down in the war and he felt guilt, but at the same time anger. That was the last thing that needed to be done to make him forget about what he has ever learned. He never saw his family again. His brothers were also affected and they started to act more like Starscream. Starscream didn’t care anymore about family, friends or morals. All he saw was power possibility to rule army. He should be the leader; he should be the one, not Megatron. Former gladiator was only the way to get what he wanted. And he knew Megatron started to lose his own mind. Starscream began to forget, but not only morals, he forgot about those who were close to him. He forgot the time that he spent with Soundwave, so when they met again after all these years, it was like they never met before. Soundwave also didn’t recognize him, since he sealed his emotions and memories. On the other hand he met with Vehicon named Steve. He didn’t know it, but Steve admired him very much. Because of this he was always following him around and getting slapped, but Starscream never realized it. During the war, Starscream made many wrong decisions. He became coward, traitor, paranoid, egoistic and ready to take any chance. Starscream was never stupid, he was very intelligent, but the most of his plans were doomed by his own mistakes. Starscream never learned his mistakes during the war. It didn’t matter to him how many times he got punished, he always tried again. But his mistakes got him in the end.


In the end of the war, he was almost killed by Predacons. They left him barely alive and as their prisoner, because they didn’t want to kill him, not yet. When Cybertron was restored and everyone was revived, Starscream managed to escape. It didn’t take long time and he got captured again. He was shocked when he saw he was captured by Dreadwing and Skyquake. And he was even more shocked when they took him to others. Starscream couldn’t believe everyone was alive and he didn’t want to believe what they did next. They literally kept him on the leash on one place so he couldn’t escape and do anything that could be dangerous for anyone. Predacons also arrived and it was pleasure for them to keep an eye on Starscream. When they decided to build town, Starscream was still held on one place, since he denied cooperating and he was still mad at everyone. He didn’t want to talk to anyone. Optimus gave him a chance to work with others, but Starscream still denied it. He was annoyed when Smokescreen was coming time by time to him and wanting to talk. No one else really wanted to talk with him, sometimes they walked around him and gave him some look, and Starscream was glad they didn’t try anything else. One evening he was surprised when Knockout and Breakdown sat close to him offered him some good food. Starscream was still keeping his distance, but they didn’t mind and they just started to eat and talk to him. They were trying to make up his mind and change his look on situation. Starscream told them to go away but they didn’t really obey him and after some hours, he actually started to respond to them. Knockout was trying to talk with him as nice as he could and he finally managed to make up Starscream’s mind a little. Even after all of this, he still viewed Starscream as a friend and he didn’t want him to get banished. Starscream after that finally realized it’s really over. There was nothing left to fight for and he would end up all alone. He hated to be alone. In the end he listened to Knockout and promised he would try. Next day he told Optimus and Megatron he would try to help, if they allow him. Both leaders were thinking for few minutes, but they allowed him in the end. Of course Megatron would keep an eye on him. In next days, Starscream started to help build the town. He was still keeping his distance, but he was glad he wasn’t on leash anymore. He knew some of them would never fully forgive him and he didn’t really wish for it. After they finished building of the town and settled in, Starscream was content. He had his privacy, no one was screaming at him and he had his own home where he could do what he wanted. It took few days and he started to get bored. He was thinking what he could do in town. Time by time, he could help with weather management, but that wasn’t enough. Optimus then came with idea he could help Shockwave in laboratory. Like this, someone would keep an eye on him and he could use his imagination. Starscream wasn’t fully experienced scientist, but he agreed.

One year passed by and Starscream finally found his place. He was working in laboratory, sometimes he helped with weather and sometimes he was just flying around. One year of peace made him calm, his paranoia got smaller and he didn’t feel a need to be in charge of something anymore. He was just enjoying life and getting settled. He also got better with others, but some were still looking at him in bad way. They didn’t trust him. Slowly, he started to notice Soundwave was watching him. Time by time, when he turned around he saw Soundwave sitting somewhere and watching. The thing was, this was different from war days. Soundwave wasn’t sneaking up behind him, he was just sitting there and when Starscream left he didn’t follow. The Seeker didn’t bother to ask Soundwave what was purpose of watching. He guessed it was just Soundwave’s lasting habit from the war. He was rather surprised when he started to find small gifts in next days. Starscream always loved attention, but this was suspicious to him. Maybe it was a cruel joke? He took gifts and tried them out, and to his surprise he wasn’t poisoned, his stomach, head or anything didn’t hurt and it was actually really tasty. When he got some uneatable things, they were really nice and it matched Starscream’s style. Days went by and he was starting to be more and more curious, who was giving him these gifts. Then it struck him. He knew who it was. Who knew all about his habits, who knew what he liked? The one who was always watching him, Soundwave. When Starscream thought about it, Soundwave knew him the best out of everyone in the whole town. He decided to have a little talk with Soundwave. He waited for him to be alone, and when that moment came Soundwave was alone lying on the beach. Starscream grabbed him and took the both on the cloud. When he put them both gently on the cloud he immediately started to talk and demand explanation. He wanted answers and he wanted Soundwave to look right into his eyes. When Soundwave took off his shades, Starscream stopped himself when he saw Soundwave’s eyes. He didn’t see them since they were kids. Yes, they were blue then, not purple, but the look was the same. Starscream started to have flashbacks, old memories came to life. He remembered when they were kids and so dear to each other, he remembered when he came back, but he didn’t find his friend. And then… he remembered the war, and how it was like they never knew each other. He forgot about all of this, and now when he knew he was safe and didn’t have to watch his back, it let him think and feel. He started to cry when it all hit him and he pulled Soundwave to him, saying how sorry he is. Soundwave also started to melt and returned the hug, this was more than he could even hope for. Next few days were like paradise for them, since they both started to open up to each other. They didn’t tell anyone and they both felt what is forming between them. After a week, they both knew they want to be together. Still, they wanted it to be secret. Starscream knew Megatron didn’t trust him and he knew how important is Soundwave for former warlord. He didn’t have a good feeling about telling it to anyone. In the end, Soundwave moved to his home with Ravage and Laserbeak. Starscream had some difficulties with the pets, but after some time they got used to each other, after all they all knew, they only want Soundwave’s happiness. Starscream finally felt whole. He didn’t chase power anymore, he wanted to make someone happy, someone he loved, and even when he knew that he could be never fully forgiven for everything he has done, he knew his family would be happy for him. 

Since I was livestreaming yesterday, I colored this. Yay for another pointless story, lol. I think this would take place somewhere before the comic started. Remember, smokescreen wasn’t present until the end of chapter 2. You know, Starscream and Soundwave is my main shit, but I love other characters too, mainly when they are not alone. And these two young dorks, oh these two.

“Where are we going this time? I hope you didn’t steal any of Ratchet’s things once again.” Bumblebee said without any excitement and looked at his friend. Smokescreen looked at him back. “How many times do I have to tell you guys, I don’t steal things, I just borrow them. I always return the thing to Ratchet. I never lost it, or broke it, unlike Bulkhead. “ Smokescreen grinned trying his best to look innocent, but it didn’t really work. Bumblebee just sighed. “So where are we going?”

“Optimus told me he would need some help with moving of books in the library. Yeah I know it’s weird that he would actually let us help him, since he likes to do things alone, but I guess there are too many books even for him.” Bumblebee’s expression changed when he heard this and he actually smiled and nodded.”Sounds good. I’m really glad he finally decided to open up more. I think he needed the end of war the most.”

“Yeah, you’re right. It’s awesome he will let us help, even when it’s just… sorting books. I guess the LOOOORD Megatron is not the type of person who would just sit there and sort books.” Smokescreen chuckled. “Hey, do you think Optimus will give us ice cream or something?”Bumblebee sighed. “You never change do you?”

I did this sketch on around Christmas and I just didn’t know what to do with it. Color it? Or not? Well I decided to got with a simple sketch, but I don’t want t keep it in my folder and do nothing with it. 

So yeah, I just laugh as thought of Starscream being very grumpy, moody and all sort of thing during later stages of pregnancy. I think he would even snarl and growl. And he wouldn’t let Soundwave get even close to him and baby.I guess that would make Soundwave pretty nervous, because he is that overprotective mate and daddy XD


Hey there guys,

remember that mini comic with Steve and Soundwave? Well,I decided to pick some nice music an make a video version of it, have fun XD 

Comic: http://tfp-ponies.tumblr.com/post/109867542220/because-since-i-drew-it-i-told-to-myself-oh-i

Wow, a fully colored digital pic. I have not done one in a long time. Still, this pic holds a story behind it. I got this idea from a picture that my friend SnuggleScreen drew for me.

The idea of LaserBeak nesting in Soundwave’s mane was just too cute for me, to not draw it myself. And also write a story for it. You may also wonder why Soundwave looks so young and has blue eyes. It is because I wanted this to take place in his youth when he found a Laserbeak. Remember he was also a gladiator. That explains all those scars. Yes, those blue glowing lines are scars. Remember, Cybertronians bleed blue blood, or should I say, energon. Also his wings aren’t in the greatest shape.

Soundwave sighed, after the long and hard day. He just wanted to rest for a while. He was glad he knew a way to a small nice place. With no fights, no gladiators. He also took Laserbeak with him, he thought the little falcon also deserved to see a nice relaxing place. He slowly sat down into a fresh grass and took a deep breath. He unfolded his wings and stretched them out. He looked over his dirty body and noticed all those scars and dirt on him. He should really take a bath and clean himself. At least the scars weren’t so fresh anymore. Living in Kaon wasn’t easy, it was cruel and harsh. Soundwave looked at the sunset and he had to at least smile.

Laserbeak was staying on his back, holding tight. He still couldn’t fly; he still needed to learn that. For most of the time he was staying on Soundwave’s back, when he walked somewhere.  He leaned into Soundwave’s mane, feeling comfortable. But maybe it could be even more comfortable. He jumped up and with a little effort he got on Soundwave’s head. In a second he sat down and snuggled into Soundwave’s mane. Pegasus blinked in surprise. “What are you doing little one?” Laserbeak chirped happily and fluttered his wings. “My head is not your nest. You know it?” Soundwave chuckled, but he didn’t try to get Laserbeak from his head. If the little bird liked being there, he for sure didn’t mind. “You can stay there, but no messing up with my mane. I mean pulling it out or anything else.” Laserbeak chirped happily and lay down. He couldn’t wish for a better bed.

Before the new chapter starts, I drew this cute little headcanon pic. If I will get to it, I want to start drawing the first page today and livestream it, so yeah, be sure to keep an eye on me for livestream.

Now this little and funny idea. for some time now, I got used to swallow different pills on daily basis and I thought to myself, lol, that would be funny if Breakdown would have problems to swallow pills. I have a friend that has that problem, it’s actually hilarious to watch her trying to swallow a medicine. And because Knockout is a doctor, even through not a very good one, I think he would be very cautious about Breakdown’s health. He doesn’t want to loose him again. So yeah, forced medicine to for your throat, lol.



“You’ll swallow this thing!” Knockout growled and used a magic to keep Breakdown on place. “It’s for your own good. I am a doctor, not you. I know the best what is good for you, now open your mouth and swallow this damn medicine!”

“I don’t want to!”

“You are like a small child!”


Because since I drew it, I told to myself, oh I need more of this complicated love triangle stuff. Well… is that even a love triangle? Yes Steve would love to be with Starscream, but since he can’t, he just wanted to beg Soundwave to take care of Starscream. And wish good luck I guess. This little comic takes places after the moment when everyone got to know about Soundwave, Starscream and their baby. So yeah, it happens in Chapter 2. Yeah, Vehicons got to know too, lol. I guess this is kinda sweet, but also kinda sad. I always thought Vehicons like Soundwave, yes maybe they fear him a little, but they respect him very much. Since Soudnwave was never aggressive to them and he does his work excellently. I also think he is the only one who can tell Vehicons apart, and he knows their names.

And… what should happen to Soudnwave? O_o Ooooh

So, many people asked me if that red thing on Starscream’s head is a crest or his mane. In fact they still ask me. So I finally decided to answer this for once and for all. It’s a mane guys, it’s a mane. And when it gets wet, it gets down, lol. Also, Knockout you are hilarious.

“AAAAAH I’M MELTING! MY BEAUTY! MY PERFECT MANE! AAAAH!” Knockout yelled in horror when sudden rain came and Starscream was just standing there and was looking at him. “Could you stop that? It’s only a water.” He groaned in annoyance. “Easy for you to say, you are not as beautiful as I am! I am the most beautiful one here and LOOK HOW RUINED I AM!”

Starscream sighed in frustration and he noticed his all mane got down and his wings were already soaked with water. Sometimes he wondered why he actually hangs out with Knockout, but when he looked at him again, he had to admit it could be sometimes hilarious.

Second part of this: sunny–ocean.tumblr.com/post/1…

  • waking up together after their first time
… that night had to be interesting XD and yeah they spent their first night together in Starscream’s home. I am so happy that now I have a clear vision how this moment happene, consider this canon to comic.


Starscream slowly and lazily woke up from his slumber. He didn’t open his eyes yet, but something already felt off. He felt warm, warm and comfortable and that was very strange. When he finally opened his eyes he saw Soundwave. Blue pegasus was still pulling him close in his sleep and Starscream wanted to flinch away in second, but then it all started to come together. He remembered now. He wanted Soundwave to stay. He wanted to spend night with him and his face got redder than his eyes, when he remembered all details. And when it all ended, Starscream didn’t want to let him go. He wanted him to stay, to be with him. So they fell asleep in warm embrace…

He was sitting there, thinking, and then he saw Soundwave is finally waking up. Starscream’s old instinct told him to flinch away, but he pushed it back and smiled widely, when he realized how peaceful Soundwave looked. He lowered his head to him and gently kissed him on the cheek. Soundwave slowly opened his eyes and his ears twitched. “Screamy…”

Starscream nodded. „Good morning…“ Soundwave blinked and rubbed his eyes. After that he finally got a clear vision of his… lover. He smiled. “To you too…” He slowly raised his head and slowly remembered on everything that happened last night. He looked at Starscream. “Well… that was… something.” He said it quite nervous. It was a long time, since he truly talked about his emotions, but now he felt right. He knew this was the right thing to do. He felt good near Starscream. “… thanks for letting me sleep here.”

Starscream blinked. “Oh, it’s nothing. So… heh… wanna some breakfast?” He said, or rather he tried. “I don’t live here.” Soundwave answered and Starscream nodded. “Y-Yeah, that’s right. But… eh… did you sleep well?” Soundwave could clearly see blush on Starscream’s face. The way he talked, the was he was keeping his hooves together made it all clear. In the end, Soundwave decided to not torture him anymore, he moved a little closer and pulled him close with his wing. “I was sleeping just perfect… And I was very warm… thanks to you.”

Starscream almost jumped in the shock, but he calmed down when he felt warmth of Soundwave’s body. He finally relaxed and leaned on other pegasus. He was silent for a shile, that was so unlike him. On the other hand Soundwave was always patient. Then he finally heard Starscream talk again. “It was… magical. The best night in my whole life…” Soundwave nodded and he gave Starscream a little kiss on the cheek. “Same for me…”

Starscream looked into Soundwave’s purple eyes and after a while he smiled. “Maybe… Do you think… it could be like this… every night?” He asked gently and they leaned on other’s forehead. Soundwave then whispered. “Yes… every night.”

So, the chapter is done, now let’s get back to this little project. This is the fifth part of: moonrayshome.tumblr.com/post/1…

  • falling asleep on the couch
I really love this theme of getting asleep on the couch together. I guess they were watching movie or something, if so, Ravage turned it off to let them sleep. I think Starscream has a really light sleep and he can be awakened by the smallest sound. I guess Megatron gave him hard time during the war when it came to sleep and feeling secure. I mentioned in Starscream’s age chart that he started to suffer from paranoia, he still does to this day, even when it’s not as bad as it was in war days. So yeah, he needs total silence to fall asleep. On the other hand, he doesn’t mind Soundwave’s lights. And Soundwave sleeps very tight, just like me XD

I am so busy, I know I need to prepare for exams to get on school, I know I have one sketch that needs coloring, i know I need to finish age chart for Soundwave, but this 3D model thing made me curious. I wanted to know how it would work if you took the model and drew background in Photoshop. Plus adding shading and lighting to model. And I think it looks ok, yeah, not spectacular, but ok.

And yeah this is my goodbye letter to this summer. I love summer, it’s my favorite season of the year and I always can’t wait for next year to have fun with this season. So yeah, I guess Soundwave wanted to say goodbye as well.

It’s finally done… after… maybe three weeks, it’s finally done. This thing took me so much time and it’s yet the most complex and biggest chart yet. Also Soundwave’s story is maybe the saddest yet. I can’t compare him with Knockout and Breakdown because there are two big losses here, so anyway, enjoy :D

I really played with Soundwave’s story, don’t be mad at me for making him suffer so much, and yes it’s very, very long


When Cybertron was in its pre-war age, it wasn’t allowed to marry a pony of another race. All three races were supposed to find a mate of same race and getting married or even having a child with opposite race was illegal. Sometimes it happened that ponies of different races fell in love, but they didn’t get married or have children, but sometimes accidents happen. Soundwave was born to his pegasus mother and unicorn father. They decided to keep him, but his mother told everyone that his father was a pegasus that left her. Soundwave was born with glowing lines that he inherited from his father. As a baby, he wasn’t the smallest one, but he was thinner than regular pegasus.


Soundwave isn’t seeker and his mother also decided to stay on the ground because of her mate, an because of that, Soundwave spent most of his childhood on the ground. He didn’t spend very much time flying and he learned to fly very late compared to other pegasi and can’t fly that fast. He spent a lot of time in forest, where he was listening to many different sounds and he liked to be around animals. He mainly liked to listen to birds singing. His parents discovered he has very sensitive ears and he found interest in music. His father was playing a guitar and Soundwave was very often sitting beside him and listening. Since he was a baby, Soundwave had his plush octopus that he got from his parents and he was always keeping it on his bed.

He never really liked to be around other kids and to talk to them. They were very often picking on him, because they found funny that a pegasus is spending most of the time on the ground. They also didn’t like his glowing lines, thinking he is creep. Sometimes they even waited for him, Soundwave never told his parents. He knew he must solve problems by himself, so he learned how to sneak and hide on a very possible place and use his sensitive ears in his advantage. He managed to take care of himself for some time, but one day, bullies almost got him. He was saved by silver pegasus that took him up to the clouds and helped him hide. The silver pegasus told him he should be more careful, but Soundwave felt like he should go away and didn’t want to talk, but other pegasus stopped him by grabbing his hoof. He made him sure that he doesn’t have to be afraid of him, told him his name was Starscream and he was Seeker from one of sky cities. Soundwave never before met a Seeker, but he heard lot about them, so that made him calm. After a moment, Soundwave decided to talk and thank Starscream for helping him. He then flew away, but Seeker decided to follow him for some time. By the end of the day, Soundwave decided to ask, why was Starscream following him, and silver pegasus answered he just seems interested to him and can’t understand why anyone would like to hurt him. He then offered Soundwave his friendship and Soundwave carefully accepted.


As they were both growing up, they became close friends and Soundwave knew he could rely on Starscream in any way. Seeker even got to know truth about his parents, but he never told anyone and didn’t see a reason why he should be mad. They got used to watch others back and Starscream helped Soundwave to find courage. Seeker also taught him a lot about flying and they spend a lot of time in skies and Soundwave even got a chance to visit Seeker sky city. One day he got to know that Starscream would leave to academy to become an elite flier. It saddened him, because he knew he won’t be able to see Starscream for a very long time, but he tried to get over it. When they said goodbye to each other, Starscream promised him they would see each other again and he would remember him. After Starscream left, Soundwave’s life went downhill. For all these year his family was able to keep the truth about Soundwave’s father secret, but one day, the secret was broken. Soundwave’s mother got attacked by few ponies of higher caste who wanted to violate her, but she was protected by her mate who quickly got to her. He managed to protect her and they walked home. Next day their home was infiltrated by police, it was called by the ponies that attacked Soundwave’s mother and told lies about her, also they mentioned that she could have mate of different race. When police came, they also saw Soundwave next to his father and found resemblance in their lights. Father used a spell to keep them away and he told Soundwave to get away. Mother agreed, because she knew there isn’t a hope anymore, but her son could get away. Soundwave didn’t want to leave his parents, but in the end he took a bag with few things that were precious to him, mainly the plush octopus he got from his mother. When they said goodbye, father used a teleportation spell and got him away from the house, giving Soundwave a chance to get away. Soundwave flew away as fast as he could and when night came he hide himself in one of big clouds. He didn’t know where to go, and he was afraid he will never see his parents again. He didn’t know he passed the territory of Kaon. He tried to continue the next day, but he was caught by a group that owned gladiators. He was fighting, but he was defeated by them and they took him to gladiator pits. He was unwilling to talk to them, or do anything they wanted him to do. He was also denying eating anything. In the end they threw him into arena against one of gladiators. Soundwave didn’t want to fight, but in moment he understood there was no other way. He was never the one to use brutal force, and he was used to use stealth and patience to his advantage. Like this he was able to use strength of his foe against him. He managed to win the fight, but didn’t kill gladiator, he wasn’t also happy because of his victory. He disliked fighting and didn’t want to hurt anyone, but he wanted to get out. He tried to fly away from arena, but they tied him down and forced him to fight another gladiator. Soundwave didn’t want to fight, but because he didn’t have any other choice, he did. He also started to notice he is able to control sound with his wings and he decided to protect himself with it. In the end they tied him down and threw him into cell, since he didn’t want to cooperate. They threw him into arena next day. Soundwave tried desperately to get away, but he faced next gladiator. He was fighting as best as he could, but in the end gladiator managed to put him down. He had to admit to himself it wasn’t easy, but he defeated Soundwave and he was expected to finish him, but final blast never came. Instead, the gladiator offered him hoof and helped him stand up. Gladiator then told him his name, which was Megatronus. He denied to kill Soundwave, even when crowd cheered for him to do that. He told Soundwave to follow him and dared to kill anyone who would try to harm blue pegasus. Soundwave wanted to get away, but he was too exhausted and he was shocked by this kind act. He was still watching his surroundings and being paranoid. Megatronus led him to his place, and when they got there, Soundwave collapsed on the ground. He wasn’t eating for a few days, hardly got some sleep and he wasn’t able to resist anymore. Megatronus understood this and took care of him, giving him a place to sleep, keep him in warm, and when Soundwave woke up, he gave him food and water. Soundwave didn’t understand why the gladiator was helping him. Megatronus made him sure he is safe and he won’t hurt him. He explained to Soundwave his reason for letting him live. Megatronus liked the fight with Soundwave, he never met someone who was so close to defeat him, and with that Soundwave gained his respect. He was also curious what is this new pegasus doing in Kaon and where he came from. It took time, but Soundwave decided to tell Megatronus everything. He also still wanted to escape, but the gladiator stopped him, because he knew very well what happened to these who dared to be with someone of different race. And it was even worse for these who had a child. Megatronus was amazed by Soundwave’s lights, he knew what it means, but he never saw pony with so many lights on body. Soundwave wanted to save his parents, but Megatronus told him they were probably already dead. Soundwave didn’t want to believe it, but other pegasus told him he saw many of similar pairs die, when they got caught. He wanted Soundwave to stay, he didn’t want his life to be also wasted, and he knew they would kill him. Megatronus offered him a safe place to stay. He promised him he would take care of him until Soundwave is ready to take care of himself. He also offered Soundwave a chance to fight like a gladiator. It took Soundwave some hours to think about everything, he didn’t fully believe his parents are dead, but he couldn’t do anything. Megatronus gave him a chance, and in the final he decided to grab it.

Young adult 

For next years, Soundwave stayed with Megatronus. Older pegasus taught him how to fight like a gladiator and how to survive in pits. They became close friends and Megatronus gained Soundwave’s full loyalty. Soundwave didn’t forget about his parents, but he managed to get over their loss by time.  He also learned how to use his abilities to full potential. After these years, he became eternally grateful and loyal to Megatronus, because he knew the gladiator practically took care of him and gave him home. By the time, Soundwave did the same for others. One day he found an egg in near forest, where they could go. He waited to see whether its parents were coming, but he found them dead nearby. Soundwave decided to take the egg and take care of it, keeping it warm and wait until it hatches. After few days the egg hatched and there was a baby falcon inside of it. Soundwave gave him the name Laserbeak and started to raise him, which also meant he taught him how to fly. Soundwave felt well because he could take care of someone and he had someone close beside Megatronus. After some time he found a small jaguar cub. The little cat was wandering the streets of Kaon and hiding in shadows. Soundwave noticed it ran away from one of ponies, which delivered wild animals to arenas. Soundwave found the cub and saw it was starving and cold. Soundwave offered it some food and jaguar slowly came to him. Pegasus then gently picked it up and brought it to his place. The cub was male, and when Soundwave fed it, cleaned it and kept it warm, the jaguar didn’t want to leave. Soundwave was glad to see that and give the jaguar the name Ravage. Megatronus didn’t mind Soundwave to have pets; he understood that Soundwave longed for a chance to take care of someone.  Soundwave had a kind soul, even if he had become a gladiator to survive, he would never hurt the innocent being and he felt urge to repay the chance that Megatronus gave him. Ravage and Laserbeak became his friends, family; they were more to him than just pets. Kaon was dirty place, full of violence, anger, hatred, depression and even lust. There was no hope for many who lived there. Soundwave learned to ignore it. He saw there is suffering, but he learned to not take it to his heart. One day he made an exception. When he was going through streets of Kaon, he saw two young foals running away from some big stallion, which was furiously chasing them. Soundwave had Laserbeak and Ravage with him and he just waited what would happen. He was surprised when foals ran behind him and hided there. Stallion stopped right in front of Soundwave and demanded the foals. Soundwave looked back at two little boys and saw they really don’t want to go. When stallion yelled at him again, Soundwave instead of running away smashed him to the ground with one strong move of wings. It created a sound wave and caused the stallion to have enormous headache. Soundwave then just walked away and foals were following him. He turned to them and asked what this was all about, and they told him that stallion was chasing them because they took some of his food and money. They knew it isn’t right, but they were hungry and when they were running away they thought Soundwave looks as the best choice to hide. They also told him it was amazing and cool, what he did to that stallion and they adored Ravage and Laserbeak. They never saw such animals before.  Soundwave couldn’t be mad at them. He knew very well what it was like to be alone. He got to know their parents died and they didn’t have anyone who would take care of them. They thanked him for help and wanted to leave, but Soundwave stopped them. He invited them to his place to have some food and place to stay for this night. Foal’s names were Rumble and Frenzy. They were thankful to Soundwave, but wondered why he was helping them; no one was taking care of them since their parents died. Soundwave told them about his own life and how he lost his own parents. He gladly let them sleep in his room and the twins decided to repay him. They stood by Soundwave’s side since that day. Helping him, spending time with him and Ravage and Laserbeak. Soundwave began to take them as his own family. They started to call him boss and by other nicknames. At this point, Soundwave was content. He lost his parents, but he found friends and learned how to take care of himself. He didn’t feel alone anymore, and with Megatronus, he saw a path for future.


When war began, Soundwave was still loyal to Megatronus. He was his first follower and he was determined to reach their goal. Just as Megatronus, he wanted equal right and freedom for every Cybertronian. All of this started in pits where he met many others of Megaton’s followers, for example Shockwave. Soundwave still disliked fighting, he never found interest in it, but at the beginning o f the war he was forced to fight many times. One day, things went terribly wrong. There was battle at one of the high cliffs at coast of sea. When Soundwave finally thought it’s over, he turned to see how others were doing and he was about to be hit by a magic blast. Before he could do anything, the blast was blocked by Rumble, Frenzy, Laserbeak and Ravage. The shot threw them out of the cliff and Soundwave tried his hardest to catch them before they fall on hard rocks in water. Sadly, he was only able to save Laserbeak who managed to fly a little, but it was too late for others. He was not even able to find their bodies. After this, Soundwave broke inside. He realized he was not able to save his parents, and he was not able to save those who he promised to take care of.

Megatron noticed something went wrong with Soundwave. He knew about the loss and he told Soundwave how sorry feels for him, but for Soundwave, there was no point of return. He started to loose control over his emotions, he couldn’t control his magic abilities and he was practically going crazy. The loss was too much for him to handle and he decided to end it. Long time ago, when he was learning how to control unicorn magic from his father, he learned how to control his win mind and emotion. He decided to erase his emotions. He knew he couldn’t erase them completely, but he could seal them, deep under his mind, not ever wanting to feel them again. Laserbeak stood loyal by his side, and even when he knew this wasn’t the right thing to do, he supported his master. Soundwave also knew this would help him to work faster, process everything without useless conscience. He felt urge to be in full control, because if you are in full control, nothing can hurt you. He sealed his emotions and when he got his armor, it seemed like a symbol of burying his own personality. Because of this, he didn’t almost recognize Starscream when he saw him again. There was reason why he knew the Seeker, but he couldn’t remember why. He also didn’t get any memories on him. The only thing that was left was loyalty to Megatron and emptiness inside his heart.


When the war ended, Soundwave got trapped in Shadow zone. However, when Primus resurrected everyone, he also got Soundwave out of the zone. He took off his armor and realized something is different. He could feel again. The resurrection unlocked his emotions and memories. This caused him some problems, because he had to learn how to deal with his emotions and all those memories, but after the year he managed to control everything once again. During that year he felt like miracle happened. One day he went into forest near the town and he found Ravage there. The young jaguar recognized him and ran into his embrace. He was resurrected just as others and Soundwave couldn’t almost believe he got a second chance. Ravage was actually looking for him and Soundwave thought maybe he would also find Rumble and Frenzy one day. He would go and look for them, but he knew he is now needed in town. Even when he didn’t wear a visor anymore, he decided to wear shades, because he was never social type and didn’t want others to see right into his face and eyes.

When it was one year after the war ended, Soundwave was already content with his place in town as accountant, taking care of all bureaucracy. Laserbeak and Ravage were happy with their master, but they were noticing he is sometimes acting strange, as he was drowning in memories. Sometimes he was watching Starscream, thinking of their shared childhood and comparing to the war times. He started to watch Seeker more and more often, but he was not sneaking behind him, like when it was war, he was just sitting and watching him. Starscream noticed it few times, but since Soundwave follow him around, he didn’t care much anymore. Soundwave decided to take a next step, when he realized he is actually having some feelings for the Seeker. He started to put little gifts on place where Starscream could for sure find them. This went on for few days and Starscream decided to do something about it. Yes, he liked the attention, but this seemed strange to him, because he knew it was from Soundwave. He waited for Soundwave to be completely alone and he found him lying on the beach, Starscream then took off ad dragged him up in the sky, putting them both on cloud. He started to ask Soundwave what was the meaning of all of this, he demanded Soundwave to take off his shades, thus he could see right into his eyes. Soundwave did so and Starscream stopped to talk, when he saw Soundwave’s eyes. He knew this look; he saw it when they were just kids. It wasn’t scared look, it was rather unsure and shy. That’s how he knew Soundwave when they were kids. Starscream started to remember on everything, how they were friends back then, how they said goodbye to each other, and they met when it was war. But it was like they never knew each other. Now when there was no pressure he could think clear once again and he started to put everything together. He broke down in tears and pulled Soundwave close. They spent few days together, but they kept it as secret. After a week they decided they could be together, but it would be secret. Soundwave knew Megatron wouldn’t like it, because there was one secret in his past, that only Megatron knew, but he didn’t tell Starscream. Seeker also didn’t want Megatron to know, because he knew former warlord is still keeping an eye on him and he knew Soundwave is dear to him, so he thought Megatron would maybe even kill him. They didn’t know how long it would be a secret, but they wanted to try. Soundwave knew it won’t be easy, but he wanted to try and maybe… start a family…