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If you wanna know, JadedAlicorn is a 30 year old ladychild who acts like a high school girl who likes to spread rumors about people they hate, calls everyone who dislikes her an SJW despite saying that people who edit her shit models without her permission ""raped"" her despite editing shit without permission all the time, claims screenshots of her post are photoshopped, and acts like people only dislike her because she's a ponyfag.

You should have acted. They're already here

The Internet Scrolls told of the return. The defeat was merely a delay. For the time after the show aired, that the bronies of 4chan would spill their own blood. But no one wanted to believe… believe they even existed. And when the truth finally dawned, it dawns in rainbows.


There’s one they fear. In their tounge he is Hovahkin.


  • Growth: ahahaha /v/ apparently hijacked the new MLP episode stream
  • xBlackthorn: D:
  • xBlackthorn: god damn it
  • Growth: stream suddenly went off
  • xBlackthorn: oh well I never go to the streams
  • xBlackthorn: I watch it later
  • Growth: and then it turned on with a message
  • Growth: "umad horsefuckers"
  • Me: I have never been so proud of a board on 4Chan that isn't /b/.