• Growth:ahahaha /v/ apparently hijacked the new MLP episode stream
  • xBlackthorn:D:
  • xBlackthorn:god damn it
  • Growth:stream suddenly went off
  • xBlackthorn:oh well I never go to the streams
  • xBlackthorn:I watch it later
  • Growth:and then it turned on with a message
  • Growth:"umad horsefuckers"
  • Me:I have never been so proud of a board on 4Chan that isn't /b/.

i did a thing because lately the mass amount of jokes about bronies and rude posts and rumors have been getting me to contemplate leaving the fandom, because according to tumblr, you’re a piece of trash if you like the show. my best friend has been getting continuous hate where he’s been called an autistic ponyfag, and i think people need to come to realize, liking my little pony isn’t such a bad thing. 

so yeh.