ponycide commissions

I was feeling the need for a new commission sheet since I’ve been drawing so much lately and the other one had older stuff on it. Open in a new tab for better viewing!

All prices are base prices! Additional cost for more characters/more complexity/adult themes. If you’re not sure about additional charges, just ask!

Contact email: kennyrpblog@gmail.com

Don’t be shy to email me if you’re interested or have any questions! Commissions are always open unless my blog description says they are closed!

Reblogs and referrals appreciated c:

Shiny new commission sheet! Click the photo or open it in a new tab if the text is to small for you. Prices tweaked a little and elaborated on, I managed to fit a lot of detail into this one so I hope everything is clear and concise enough. Please contact me if you’re interested in a commission, I’m saving for an important trip and the deadline is coming fast! Reblogs and referrals are super appreciated <3


Okay so heres whats up. For the first time since I moved to Florida, I have a friend flying in for a visit next month. I’m super excited to get to hang out with her but I have no income of my own whatsoever and would like to make some cash so we can go do stuff while shes here. I know this isn’t a super important thing in the big picture of life and whatnot, but I’m cutting my commission prices until further notice in super high hopes of boosting sales from zero to hopefully a few ahhha yep. ANYHOW. I’ll be doing

Sketches for: $1 WOW so cheap

Lineart for : $2 holY cow thats a deal

Flat color for: $4 AMAZING

Shaded for: $6 wowee zowee thats a dealio right there

Full flat color picture with background: $10 can u even believe it

And if you’re interested in something I haven’t listed, just let me know and we’ll work out a super cool discount price!

Signal boosts are greatly appreciated, and make sure to contact me if you’re interested!