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Ponyboy Curtis: Favorite Scene

Requested by: @andabottleofcola
Outsider boy: Ponyboy
Prompt: #20, “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

“What do you mean we’re leaving?” you inquired, staring at the rest of the gang.

You all had only just arrived at the drive-in and, after one conversation with Tim Shepard, the guys have now decided to ditch. You had been waiting to see this movie all week and found it completely unfair for them to bail last minute.

“Look, Y/N,” Dally tried to explain, “we’re all going to the poker game at the Shepards’ place. Just watch the movie by yourself.”

“Are you crazy?” Soda asked rhetorically. “She’ll get jumped for sure. How about you and Pony just go on home and we’ll take you tomorrow night.”

“Wait, Pony, you’re not going?” you questioned.

Ponyboy shook his head as Steve replied, “Yeah, only guys 16 and up. Tough break, kid.”

“Well, that’s kinda perfect,” you stated. “Ponyboy will see the movie with me, won’t you Pony?”

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll see it with you.”

“He’ll also try to stop his boner—”

“Two-Bit!” Soda scolded his friend.

“Sorry,” Two-Bit murmured.

As the gang left, you heard Johnny mumble a “tell me how it goes, man” to Ponyboy. Once they had all gone, you gestured for Ponyboy to follow you to the plastic seats toward the front.

“Wanna get some popcorn and sodas first?” Ponyboy asked. “I’ll pay.” You smiled and nodded, letting him lead you to the concession stand.

“I’m so excited to see this movie,” you told him in line. “The trailer made it look really good.”

“Yeah, the book was phenomenal,” Ponyboy informed you.

“I didn’t know there was a book,” you stated. “How did it end?”

Ponyboy grinned, “I ain’t gonna spoil it for you, Y/N.”

You giggled, moving down the line with him, “Yeah, alright, fair enough. Well, just tell me one scene you liked. It probably won’t even be in the movie.”

He stared at you for a second, internally contemplating whether or not to tell you. Finally, he sighed with a smile and remarked, “Well, okay. My favorite scene had to be the one where the main boy and girl are together alone, well kinda. They’re out at the movies together.”

“How fitting.”

“No kidding,” he agreed with a smirk. “The thing is, the boy and girl had been friends since they were little kids and the boy had a humongous crush on her.”

“Does the girl like him back?” you inquired curiously.

“Well, at this point,” Ponyboy explained, “the reader doesn’t know. The story’s told in first person by the boy. We only know that the boy likes her lot because she’s all he can think about.”

“Awe, that’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard,” you gushed.

“Yeah, I think so too,” he chuckled awkwardly. “So, in this scene, the boy plucks up the courage to kiss the girl and tell her how he feels… in that order.”

“And what does she say?”

“I don’t know yet.”

You furrowed your eyebrows, “What do you mean you don’t know? Didn’t you finish the—”

Suddenly, Ponyboy pressed his soft lips against yours and held your face with his warm hands. The kiss only lasted about four seconds but it felt like hours. It had been gentle, romantic, and utterly perfect.

When Ponyboy pulled away, he grinned at your wide eyes and shy smile, saying, “Y/N, you aren’t going to believe this, but I’ve liked you a lot for a really long time. You wanna be my girl?”

You didn’t reply. All you did was grab his face closer to yours and kissed him again.