ponyboy draws



okay gonna get into explanation into each pic

first pic is of dally being as bad as he can be. the pic itself is based on the song “how bad can i be” from the lorax movie the song reminded me of dally too much

second pic is of johnny and horseman after they got their tuff ass haircuts in windrixville. horseman is obviously enjoying it while johnny is trying to confront him

third pic is with the baes Johnny and Horseman but its a shipping picture you see johnny is scared of socs and uses horse as a bodyguard and horse blushes okay we get it

thats all for outsiders today happy new years eve for some people happy new years for some people 

I took a break from studying (it’s 12am, oops) and drew a cute lil’ cartoon of Johnny as an angel. xx


Christmas with the Curtis’ headcanon

-Darry is beginning to loathe Christmas because the boys are even more immature than normal, he has to constantly sit them down and remind them not to lose their heads.
-From December the 1st until December 30th  Two-Bit insists that they all listen to Christmas carols.
-Every year they have a Christmas tree decorating contest. Steve, Two-Bit and Sodapop are in one group, Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally are in the other. Darry is the judge.
-Two-Bit usually steals the tree, but he tells Darry he bought it- Darry never believes him though.
-Darry picks up extra shifts so he can buy all the boys presents, because none of them get anything from their own parents. 
-Dally hustles people at pool to earn money for presents, Two-Bit steals them all, Steve and Sodapop co-buy and usually get everyone crappy presents, they then buy each other really awesome presents.
-Ponyboy draws a picture of the gang and Darry hangs it in a frame.
-Johnny can’t afford anything and he isn’t all that creative, so he tells the gang just much he appreciates each and every one of them.
-On Christmas Day Darry cooks mass amounts of food and makes each and everyone of the gang help, he will take a step back and smile at how much his big family is getting along… he is proud of each and every one of them.
-They all open their presents during the night, Darry makes a big pot of hot chocolate and they open their gift, they end the night by listening to Elvis presley’s Christmas Vinyl.
-The next day, Sodapop thought it would be a great idea to jump on the couch and onto the tree… it wasn’t. It fell down on top of him, he got a broken leg and needed 8 stitches in his head, he never did that again.
-Darry was pissed and said that Christmas next year was cancelled, everyone was pretty disappointed… but they had it anyway.

staying the night | p.c.

a/n : guess who’s back? be prepared. btw poner is 16/17 in this :)) —requested.




I accept that Pony won’t take the bed, but feel bad about it because I know sleeping on the floor isn’t comfortable.

“Y/N?” I hear him whisper, the only sound to be heard in the dark bedroom. “Are you awake?”

My heart pounds at the sound of his voice. “Yeah, I am. Hey, thanks for letting me stay here tonight, Ponyboy, really.”

It’s like I can hear him shrugging. “It’s not like you knew your friend would get that drunk at the party,” he sort of laughs. “It’s not a problem. You’re, ah, welcome any time.”

“Why aren’t you asleep?” I wonder, adjusting the shirt he gave me to wear. Then, I pull the blankets past my shoulders because they’re so soft.

“No reason,” he tries. It’s so unconvincing and I know he’s hurting, laying on the floor with a few thin blankets. “I’m fine — I’ll get to sleep eventually.”

“Pony, come up here.”

I don’t look at him, and it makes it harder for him to reject my offer.

“C'mon, Pony. I’ll still sleep fine, I promise. How about I kick you out if I don’t?”

I’m praying he’ll accept my offer. The thought of being so close to Ponyboy is electrifying. Being in his bed, sharing the same space.

Butterflies erupt in my stomach and tingles shoot up my body starting at my feet.

He gets up ungracefully, making a lame attempt to fold the blankets on the ground.

Ponyboy tries to be careful sliding under the covers next to me.

“We could sleep in. You know Darry gets up real early for work. He won’t bother us none. And Soda’s got work, too.”

I nod, and wonder if things are supposed to feel so tense when you really like someone.

But it’s dark, quiet, and plain. All I can hear are my racing thoughts and I want to know if it’s the same for Pony.

I want to know if he keeps reliving our time dancing tonight in his mind.

“What is it? I promise you.”

Ponyboy runs a hand through his hair, bites his lip. His foot touches mine under the comforter and we both twitch, he moves his.

“Two-Bit and them’re gonna tell you somethin’ but it ain’t true, okay? W-Well, an exaggerated version of the truth.”

My eyebrows knit. “What is it, Pony? Tell me. You’ve got to tell me — you know I hate when people start like that and don’t continue.”

He lets out a deep, uneasy chuckle and warns me to be quiet. “Two-Bit has it in his head that I’m in love with you, and that I wanna marry you.

So, I figured I’d tell you before he had, um, a chance so you wouldn’t get, ah, scared off or nothing. Or get the wrong idea.”

“Is it all lies?” I blurt before I can stop myself. But I want to know, so I continue. “Like, is what he said based off any truth?”

Pony shifts a little. We’re still facing each other in the big bed. It’s not a huge bed, but it’s bigger than mine. A few inches between our noses. “I kind of really like you.”

“Kind of?” I question, daring to inch closer to him.

He swallows and rolls his eyes at himself. “A lot,” he says with a smile.

I press my lips to his quickly. They connect for a second, and he pulls away.

“I’ve been wanting to do that forever,” I admit.

He isn’t repulsed, quite the opposite. Ponyboy hovers over me while still remaining next to me, kissing me with a ton of passion.

When I’d dream of us kissing, I’d always picture me taking the lead. Never Pony. But here he is, kissing me like he does this every day. Does he? No way.

I pull Pony’s bottom lip between mine and he flinches, making a noise. He really loves me doing that.

My best friend may have gotten totally drunk tonight, but I can’t say she’s useless. She’s the one who taught me that. Not, like, to me, but — you know what I mean.

Ponyboy draws my attention back to him when he does this amazing thing with his tongue. I don’t mean to be graphic, but the way he makes me feel is just indescribable.

We part as his hands push the loose, thick fabric of the old tee-shirt up around my belly button. A warm hand finds my bare hip under the comforter and he massages it, tracing circles onto the flesh with his thumb.

I stare into his bright eyes as his hand smoothly glides from my bone to my lower back and backside, pushing me flush against his sweatpants.

“Don’t be loud,” he whispers teasingly, a cocky but cute grin gracing his lips.

I run my hand through his hair, pulling on it a little as his hand keeps me pressed against him. He groans and his lips find my neck. I run my hand along his back under his shirt.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this —” he murmurs into my neck. “I’ve never done this before.”

“Neither have I,” I take in a breath.

I hear something, but Pony’s lips connect with mine again and I can’t move — I don’t want to move and, really, nothing else matters.

Until the door opens. And I see Soda and Steve standing there with huge grins illuminated by the hallway light.


I think they’re watching a movie?

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 “Ponyboy, I asked the nurse to give you this book so you could finish it.The doctor came in a while ago but I already knew it anyway. I keep getting tireder and tireder. Listen, I don’t mind dying now. It was worth it. It was worth saving those kids.Their lives are worth more than mine, they have more to live for. Some of the parents came by to thank me and I know it was worth it.Tell Dally it was worth it.I’m just gonna miss you guys. I’ve been thinking about it,and that poem, that guy that wrote it, he meant you are gold when you’re a kid, like green. When you’re a kid everything is new, dawn. It’s just. When just when you get used to everything it’s day. Like the way you dig sunsets, Pony. That’s Gold. Keep it that way, it’s a good way to be. I want you to tell Dally to look at one. He’ll probably think you’re crazy, but ask for me. I don’t think he’s ever really seen a sunset. And don’t be bugged over being a greaser. You still have a lot of time to make yourself be what you want. There’s still a lot of good in the world.Tell Dally. I don’t think he knows. Your Buddy, Johnny.”

The Outsiders headcanons no one asked for

- Johnny is second generation Italian-American and knows how to speak Italian, if he’s a angry enough he’ll curse at you in it.
- The Curtis’ were French and the boys each use there French speaking skills to their advantage: Darry, Soda, and Pony can talk about people without them knowing, Soda can get girls, Darry uses it for intimidation, and Ponyboy will read books in French that won’t be sold in English.
- Sodapop is bi
- Ponyboy, Two-bit, and Dallas are all pansexual
- Steve is bi but won’t come out
- Darry is gay
- Ponyboy has read every book in the public library at least twice.
- Two-bit once had a dog that “ran away” a day later Darry called to tell him to come get his mutt (he forgot it at the park after he went to flirt with a blonde)
- Ponyboy secretly writes fanfics about the gangs, ships and all.
- Ponyboy also likes to draw Darry smiling, he’ll do it when he’s not watching.

New headcanons for The Outsiders

- when Darry gets payed in the fall, half his paychecks go toward buying Christmas presents for the gang.

-Ever since his parents died, Sodas always hated trains. Almost afraid of them.

-Dally had plans to take Johnny to the zoo for his next birthday before he died

-Steve enjoys randomly hitting Sodapop to start fights with him

-Ponyboy loves drawing Soda as a superhero

-Two-Bit is actually really good at chess, and he’s secretly part of the chess club but refuses to tell anyone

-Darry provides the refreshments at Pony’s track meets

-Steve and Evie sometimes just sit and stare at sunsets because Steve thinks Evie likes it

-Johnny hates Halloween because when he was little, his parents would never take him

- Two-Bit never introduced himself as Keith because his Dad named him Keith

-Ponyboys favorite season is Summer because Darry doesn’t yell at him about school

-Dally loves Christmas and used to put an extra present under the tree for Johnny but didn’t say it was from him