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55 with Dallas

//this summer, fuck it, run away with me
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You lay on the couch, staring at the roof when you heard the door slam closed. Your boyfriend, Dallas, stormed in and threw off his coat.

“What’s your problem?” you asked, sitting up.

“I dunno, man. Everythin’ seems to be bortherin’ me lately.” he explained, picking up his jacket and putting it on the coat hanger.

“Come sit.”

He swiftly swung his legs over the couch and sat down beside you.

You turned on the TV and put your feet on his lap. He stared at you, but you shrugged it off, but he kept staring.

“What?” you asked.

“This summer, fuck it, run away with me.” he said, still keeping the stare intact.

You laughed, “Okay.”

“Good. I’m real tired of this place y'know, (Y/N).” he sighed.

“Me too, Dal.”

pretty short but whatever hope you liked it!!

two-bit drabble - 1

summary: you’re saying a lot of funny and weird crap while drunk. Two-Bit is trying to take care of you and can’t help but crack up & join in. 

“Where’d Ponybones go?” Giggling, you stood on your tiptoes to look at your surroundings past Two-Bit’s high, muscular shoulder.

“Ponybones?” Two-Bit, surprisingly sober, chortled.

You laughed, and he had to steady you to keep you from falling. “That’s my nickname for the Curtis kid!”

Two-Bit took you to a party both Soda and Steve attended. So after, everyone naturally ended up at the Curtis house.

Darry — working until morning — was not there to put a stop to the small drunken party beginning in his home.

“Y/N, it is a miracle you can form a single sentence,” Two-Bit mused. “Come on, we’re going to Soda’s room. You need to get to sleep.”

You giggled uncontrollably, “Ponebony!”

Two-Bit chuckled as he led you to his friend’s bedroom. When finally tucking yourself in for the night, you suddenly pulled Two-Bit down next to you.

“Horseman Curtis!” You whispered into his ear. He never knew whispers could be so loud. “Soda and Darry are drinks, but that is nothing compared to Pony. He’s part horse!”

Two-Bit snickered and slowly helped you out of your jacket. “You’re real funny when you’re drunk. Think maybe you got an obsession with Pony? They say drunken words are sober —”

“No!” You said, trying to slip off your socks. “I’m trying to reveal his true form! He has a secret identity!”

“What do you call Ponyboy when he’s excited?” Two-Bit started, swiping strands of your hair away from your eyes.

You made a funny, weird noise as you thought about it. “A happy horsey?”

“If I tell you, you got to promise to drink some water and go to sleep.”

You groaned in agreement, cuddling into Sodapop’s blanket.

“It’s called a Ponerboner.”

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38///Johnny Cade?

//get on the dance floor
/requested by anon

Walking to Buck’s, you slid on your flannel to keep warm. Dallas had just invited you, and since your parents weren’t home you decided to go.

You opened the door and the stench of alcohol and sweaty guys invaded your nose. You pushed through the crowd and saw Dally playing pool with some chick.

“Hey.” you greeted, tapping him on the shoulder.

“Oh hey, (Y/N), glad you could make it. I’m just in the middle of somethin’, Johnny’s standin’ over there if ya wanna join him.” he said, going back to his game.

You walked over to Johnny who was standing in a corner, not seeming to enjoy himself.

“Hey, Johnny.” you smiled.

“Hey, (Y/N).”

“This doesn’t really seem like your scene, how come you’re here?” you asked, leaning against the wall beside him.

“I dunno, had nothing better to do i guess.” he laughed.

Almost on cue, one of the new songs you had just heard on the radio came on, “Let’s dance!” you smiled.

“Nah, i ain’t good at it.” Johnny protested.

“Get on the dance floor, Johnny Cade.” you insisted, grabbing his hand.

He finally gave in, and stood with you. You tried guiding his hands but he was right, he was clueless. Laughing, you stepped to the right and to the left, “Just do what i’m doin’!” He rolled his eyes and finally caught on.

“Good job, Johnny!” you laughed, he looked so cute attempting to do the twist.

“(Y/N), i look so stupid don’t i?” he asked mid-laugh.

“No, no, you look cute.”

omg i can picture johnny dancing im in tears

  • Cherry:I could fall in love with Dallas Winston...
  • Johnny:*steps forward* Okay, first of all, bitch-
if the greaser gang had a tumblr...
  • ponyboy:nature aesthetic blog, particularly sunsets or photos of em
  • darry:horses,hunting, or animal wildlife
  • sodapop:multifandom probably
  • johnny:sad or cute old 80's anime
  • dally:crime, weapons, or artillery blog
  • steve:cars, definitely cars. his blog would be similar to Top Gear
  • two-bit:memes, shitposts, stand-up comedy gifs, or the blog of Denny's itself.