Preference #2:  He Asks You Out

Ponyboy:  You had been in Tulsa for a few months now, and you had finally found a small group of friends and you were involved in some school clubs.  You were in your room finishing up your homework so you could go out with two of your friends.  Just as you put down your pencil, your mother called up to you, “Y/N your friends are here!”  You slipped on your shoes and hurried out the door.  You looked at Maggie and Amber, “So what are we doing?” 

Amber grinned at you, “We’re going shopping downtown!”  You didn’t really feel like shopping, but you loved your friends’ company so you went anyways.  The three of you chatted and looked around in the new dress shop in town.  After Maggie bought a pretty yellow dress, you decided to leave and walk to another shop down the street.  You and Maggie were talking when Amber elbowed your hard in the side.  “Ow!  What was that for?”  She grinned devilishly at you and waved to a boy across the street.  You immediately realized it was your friend Ponyboy and you blushed at him and waved as well.  He smiled when he saw you and ran across the street to see you.  Amber and Maggie both knew about the little crush you had developed on Pony and always told you how cute you would be together.  Amber smiled at him, “Hey Ponyboy!  What are you up to?”

“I was just going to the movies.  What are you girls up to?”

“We were shopping, but we’re done now.  Are you going to the theater all by yourself?”

Pony’s ears turned red and he looked down at his shoes, “Well, yeah.  I don’t mind though.  At least it’s quiet.” 

“You sound just like Y/N!  She always shushes us in the movies!  I have an idea!  Why don’t you two go together?!”  She smiles enthusiastically as Pony and you simultaneously turn crimson.  You start to stutter out, “You don’t have to Pony.  If you want to go alone and-“

“Actually, I’d like you to come.  If you don’t feel like it though you don’t have to.”

 You smiled at him.  “Well I’d like to go if you really don’t mind.”

“Of course not!  Let’s go.  See you later girls.”  He waved at your friends before turning to you smiling, then walking towards the theater.  You looked behind your shoulders to see Maggie giving you two thumbs up and Amber making a big heart with her hands.  You rolled your eyes and talked started talking to Pony.


“That was awesome!  I loved the part where he jumps off the train and onto the horse!  What was your favorite part?”  Pony looked at you eagerly.  You loved talking to Pony, especially about movies.  Nobody seemed to appreciate them the same way you did until you met him.

“I know!  My favorite part was when he swung from the chandelier and grabbed the map off the table.  I was so sure he was finished!”  You continued intensely discussing the movie as Ponyboy walked you home.  You were about a block away when Pony started talking again after he got his breath back from the latest joke you made.  “Ya know, I had a really great time tonight Y/N.”

You smiled warmly at him, “Me too.  This was really fun.”

“Would you want to do it again this weekend?  We could go to the diner and then catch a movie after.”

You couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear.  “I’d love that.”

You had reached your porch and turned to face Pony.  He looked at you happily, “So I’ll pick you up at six this Saturday?”

Your surge of joy gave you a boost of confidence that lifted you up on your toes to give Pony a quick peck on the cheek.  “That sounds great.  See you then.”  As soon as you got inside you ran up to your room to call Amber and Maggie.

Dear Mom and Dad, 

 I found this picture today.

I miss you. I wish you didn’t leave us. I know It ain’t your fault though.

Look how happy Darry looks with you guys.

He ain’t smile like that in a while, not even soda can make him smile like that.

we’re all doin’ just fine,Soda and Darry work alot to help pay for the bills.

I’m doin’ real good to,and in school. Darry says with my grades I could get a scholarship for track (I gotta lay off the cigarettes though) that could pay for college but I aint sure what I wanna do in life just yet.

Last year I ran into some trouble with the Socs but don’t worry I made it okay.

The gang misses you too,especially Dallas. He always told me "You’ve got quite a mom” and  that you knew the score. I remember that you could talk to Dallas and keep him from getting into a lot of trouble. 

I always knew you was golden and beautiful…I sure miss you,mom.

Of course I miss dad just the same. He was always an original person,making everyone smile just like Soda. Soda sometimes reminds me of you, dad.

Soda and Darry miss you both just as I do. 

I dream you guys back to life almost every night.

Take good care of Johnny and Dallas in heaven…they both deserve that kind of love that they never got from their own folks,more Johnny then anything. And I know you’ll love em like you loved Darry,Soda,and I.


Love always,

your youngest boy, Ponyboy.