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I’m proving a point to my boyfriend.

The Signs in "The Outsiders"

Aries: Sodapop
Taurus: Two-bit
Gemini: Cherry
Cancer: Johnny
Leo: Dallas
Virgo: Bob
Libra: Randy
Scorpio: Darry
Sagittarius: Sandy
Capricorn: Paul
Aquarius: Ponyboy
Pisces: Marcia

mrs curtis: *holding her second born* honey what should we call him

mr curtis: sodapop

mrs curtis: 

years later

mrs curtis: *holding her third born* honey what should we call him?

mr curtis: ponyboy

mrs curtis: 


This popped into my head and I can completely imagine Soda being like this when his kid brother gets a partner…

Soda: C’mon, just kiss ‘em already! We’ve been waiting months!

Pony: Soda! 

Soda: What?

Dear Mom and Dad, 

 I found this picture today.

I miss you. I wish you didn’t leave us. I know It ain’t your fault though.

Look how happy Darry looks with you guys.

He ain’t smile like that in a while, not even soda can make him smile like that.

we’re all doin’ just fine,Soda and Darry work alot to help pay for the bills.

I’m doin’ real good to,and in school. Darry says with my grades I could get a scholarship for track (I gotta lay off the cigarettes though) that could pay for college but I aint sure what I wanna do in life just yet.

Last year I ran into some trouble with the Socs but don’t worry I made it okay.

The gang misses you too,especially Dallas. He always told me "You’ve got quite a mom” and  that you knew the score. I remember that you could talk to Dallas and keep him from getting into a lot of trouble. 

I always knew you was golden and beautiful…I sure miss you,mom.

Of course I miss dad just the same. He was always an original person,making everyone smile just like Soda. Soda sometimes reminds me of you, dad.

Soda and Darry miss you both just as I do. 

I dream you guys back to life almost every night.

Take good care of Johnny and Dallas in heaven…they both deserve that kind of love that they never got from their own folks,more Johnny then anything. And I know you’ll love em like you loved Darry,Soda,and I.


Love always,

your youngest boy, Ponyboy.

here have some feelings about dally and ponyboy

do u remember when dally yelled at a soaking, freezing ponyboy out of concern for not having a jacket and then proceeded to give him his own? 

 remember when dally told ponyboy that he thought he hit him on the back too hard when he was burning, and thought he killed him? and then remember when he told ponyboy he was glad he didn’t?

remember when dally went straight to Johnny after the rumble but knew how important it was to take ponyboy with him?

remember when he told ponyboy to wisen up because he realized Johnny’s fate was proof that the world is too heartless & cruel for people like ponyboy? 

remember when the movie directors made dally’s last words be ‘ponyboy’? 

because I never forget.