My Favorite Cyber Friends

Hi I just wanted to point you to the blogs of people on the internet that I think are cool people because I appreciate who they are.  I know some of these people in real life and some of them I don’t but I just wanted to highlight who I like to interact best with on tumblr.com.

Ponyann - Anne has a mad cool blog full of neat things to look at an see.  I love her collections and her art and her love of animals.

Skrelp - Kade is funny and makes silly posts that I like.  I enjoy asking him to draw me pictures of cats and trying to annoy him with that but he’s a cool kid who puts up with it.  He is anime too.

Sasssquatch - Caelan is such a cutie and has the coolest fashion sense ever.  She is always looking super ultra mega fantastic no matter what and I admire her SO SO much for it.

Skyhighspacecadet - Ashton is a super nice and cool guy.  I like talking to him about things and stuff.  He’s also just starting roller derby which I think is a great thing!

Gnarly-Quinn - Nikki is super cute and fun and awesome and she loves Hermione Granger.  Basically you can trust that anyone who thinks Emma Watson is a mega babe because they obviously have good taste.

Perpetual Thoughts - Kamilah is the snuggle bunny to my fluffy kitty.  She is smart and does lots of neat art and things and she is so motivated and I love how she gets stuff done! She also runs a blog full of cute things just for me!

Miracleday - Hollie is my friend who I met in France who lives a couple hours away from where I lives but actually JUST MOVED TO ENGLAND YESTERDAY! WHAT! So cool.  

FlorenceandthePoutine - Alix is neat and fun to talk to.  She likes american football and lesbians on tv.  How much more fun can a person be?

Ghost-butts - Sam is my real life bestie.  She’s very funny and intelligent and probably holds shares in the world supply of coffee because she buys a lot of it.  We are going to get married in the Galapagos in 2015 and it’s gonna be a little mermaid themed wedding.

Poison-et-le-vin - Angelena is my buddy for all things Pandora.  It’s rare that you find someone just as obsessed as you and it’s such a great connection! Talk to me about beads forever, friend.

Sarahhegedus - This cutie I know in real life and she’s great.  She loves dogs and cats and is gonna cut off my split ends because she knows what she’s doing OH MY GOD.  Hey girl can you wait to go out to the bars with me I betchu can’t its gonna rock.

Rhiannaresolution - Did you know Rhianna and I have been internet friends for like 6 years or something? Because that’s super rad.  That’s a long time to be internet friends.  She likes pizza and bands and always has a great blog.

Imperfectreflection - James is another great irl friend.  He is always there for me when I need safe refuge when I’m ditching school and when I need someone to reply to my posts.  He’s a very awesome friend for watching tv and movies with for insane periods of time and hey, you know… taking the train across the whole country together! Ahh!