Ah, Dewdrop, you precious little ball of rage…

@princesslovelydreams, I too adore the Crystal Empire style(now with a horn), so this is her new inside the Empire Look, plus the updated Armor Design (new eye-style, more Crystal Pony like). The short tail is more her style, but the longer tail might make an appearance in some updates, since I like it, too.

Now, onto Lily Blossom, who might get a bit of a re-design too.

lone-red-lion  asked:

“Do I know you?”

Kiyoshi looked up from his phone at a stranger who was stopped in front of him
“Uh, no. I don’t think so.” His hair was pulled into a pony tail and he was dressed in a pair of ripped up black jeans and a white t.
“Unless you’ve been to one of the restaurants I play at.”

Put your hair in a pony tail little girl . Or better yet don’t do any work . Put that ass in the air and let me pull every strain of hair on rhat pretty little head . Let me pound you till our heart beats match and our minds are in full sync. So I may penetrate every service your body presents and even become intertwined in that lovely mind I hold so dear.

God damn I’m trying! It’s hard trying to draw bodies! Ok so this is my OC of Bonnie,

His design is:
Hair- messy with a small pony tail, Dark, Dark purple

Clothes- plad shirt light purple/White, black jeans, wears fingerless gloves and dark red bow tie, his shirt is sorta open so you can see his black shirt, and light purple ears

Personality: Geek, happy going, pure, inoccent, hyper yet calm, he’s technically the angle of the crew

Likes: To rub his arm when he gets nervous, reading and watching anime, hiding every time Freddy and Chica fight, to break up their fights

Hates: Seeing Chica and Freddy fight, being picked on, dogs and cats

Crush: ??

So what do you think?

Next will be Freddy and Chica!