Title comes directly from this song. Which (please) I highly recommend you listen to before reading, or at least listen to whilst you’re reading, it’s my favourite song by one of my all time favourite artists and shows a snippet of my beloved Ireland and my favourite music venue in Dublin. Also I dare you not to fall in love with this man, who should be huge!

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Summary: Bucky realizes the extent of his feelings you, only after letting you slip through his fingers.Because he let his fear of being happy mess everything up. But is it too late for you to work it all out or will you hear him out in time for it to be a happy Christmas?

Warnings: Incredibly sad but potential for so much fluff!

Words: 1,583

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Bucky could still remember how tiny you had looked in front of him, loose strands falling from your pony tail and framing your face in soft locks, cardigan slung loosely on your shoulders, your left one almost bare save for the strap of your tank top, soft skin almost begging to be kissed.

Your arms clutched your sides as you bit the insides of your cheek, and it was in that moment he knew he had lost you.

No one was to blame when it all came down to it but your relationship had been wild and passionate and beautiful but it had simply run its course and while you had confessed to still loving him dearly, he wasn’t in love and that was the saddest thing he had ever had to admit to himself and to you.

“It’s over isn’t it Buck?” you whispered, voice cracking with the weight of the statement and he couldn’t even bring himself to answer, he’d simply hung his head.

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Hey, loved your MLP season 6 finale review! What's your favourite season 6 episode overall? (HARD MODE: Top 3)

Hard Mode is Top 3?

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Okay, like with yours, this could be subject to change, since there are a few episodes from this season I have yet to rewatch. But I’m pretty confident in these choices.

#3 Dungeons and Discords

This is an episode I’ve really grown to appreciate more over time. In a way, it reminds me of Equestria Games. Where people got upset and though the episode was bad because it wasn’t what they were expecting. And even though I never thought it was bad, unlike Equestira Games, I did let my expectations get in the way of what is actually here. And what is actually here is a ton of fun! It continues the mindset of showing both perspectives of playing a game like this that shows like Community and Gravity Falls started, and the interactions and jokes are on point. I do hope to review this episode sometime in the New Year, and I hope I can make up for my first underwhelming thoughts by showing just how enjoyable this is.

Can we have a follow up to this? Pleeeeeeaaasseee???

#2 A Hearth’s Warming Tail

Yeeah. No surprise here. I’ve been gushing about this episode since the second I finished watching it. I had no idea it was going to be a musical episode, or a parody of A Christmas Carol, so I was delightfully surprised by this one. Sure it’s not a point for point adaptation of the Dicken’s classic, but it takes certain elements and is able to tell a story that better fits the lore behind Hearth’s Warming Eve. And I really liked your idea that, just a few seasons ago, they could have told this story with Twilight as Snowfall. I am so happy that they’re re-releasing “It’s A Pony Kind of Christmas” with the songs from this episode on it, because these are some of the best songs in the series. A wonderful spectacle that I’m probably going to be rewatching a lot in the coming weeks. Now that it’s the appropriate time of year.

Also, I managed to get a super cool voice actor to cameo in my review. So that was pretty awesome.

And Number 1? Hmmmmm………… You know what? Screw it!

To Where and Back Again

It’s just…… It’s SO GOOD! You don’t understand, the other two were an episode  I grew to appreciate later, and an unexpected gem I loved instantly, but my expectations for the season finale after hearing the premise were like, sky high. They couldn’t have been higher. And while it’s not what I imagined, they met those expectations and may have even exceeded them! How often does that happen?!

I just spent 13 minutes going into how much I love this episode in my review, so here are the bullet points. The premise is fresh and interesting. The threat and stakes feel strong. The characters are all portrayed amazingly with dynamics I really hope to see more of in the future. And the resolution of the story and Starlight’s character arc have been slowly building up through the entire season! This is such a great episode!!!

We once talked about how cool it would be if DHX and Hasbro were willing to dedicate an episode to an adventure with Celestia, Luna, and Discord. And while it’s still not guaranteed that something like that is going to happen (though I still secretly hope), this finale shows that the staff and producers are willing to give a season bookend episode to a group that isn’t the Mane Six. And it works!! I really hope they try to do something like this again. Because as far as I’m concerned, this experiment was a success.

So those are my Top 3 Favorite Episodes of My little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 6! Glad you liked my review of the season finale, and I look forward to finding out what Season 7 will have to offer.

The Year of Pony is upon us….



As a follow up to my tutorial on making cheap pony ears, here’s one on tails!

This is my method for making the tails of the costumes I wore to Bronycon.

These are also super easy to make! Wrapping takes a while, but that’s it. Just measure from your butt to where you want your tail to fall and find something broad and flat that’s exactly that long!

Since I used just one skein of really cheap yarn, this cost me under $3 to make.