the red planet

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass 

pairing: Mark (Got7) x reader

genre: dystopia!au, outerspace!au

word count: 2,325

The sound of someone pounding upon your metal apartment door ripped you from your slumber. Inspections had been completed last week and you had passed with flying colors so there should be no reason as to why someone would be knocking at your door at 3:30 in the morning. Especially on a Sunday.

Blurry sleep filled eyes made it hard for you to see who the figure on the other side of the door was, but they were impatient. You could see their shape pacing, activating even more nerves in your system.

“Babe, I can hear you breathing,” Mark whines, turning the identify of the stranger into your boyfriend.

“What are you doing?” you ask with lungs still asleep.

A devilish grin, one you had seen too many times, spread across his face, “Get dressed, I want to show you something.”

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Request: can you do an imagine where the reader likes dallas and he likes her too but she plays hard to get because she thinks she’ll just be like every other girl but like one night he goes to tell her that he really likes her and she gives him a chance and the gang finds out?? thanks!!

A/N: god I love Dallas Winston trash please keep requesting these

Word Count: 2555

You eyed Soda, who eyed you back, squinting. “Your move, Sodapop,” you said, holding your hand close to you. “Got any jacks?” He asked hesitantly. “Go…fish,” you said, grinning. He began taking up cards one by one, growing angrier at the second. The gang was leaning in behind you guys, snickering.

You did this almost daily, a few rounds of Goldfish. Darry banned poker because it got too violent. I mean all you did was tap his face you barely even hit him. Spit got boring after a while so then there was Go Fish. “Do it,” Pony whispered, looking at your hand. You grinned. “Your go,” Soda said.

You laid the cards out in perfect pairs. “Fuck,” he mumbled. “Hand it over,” you said, holding out your hand. He sighed, handing you the can of coke. “Thank you very much,” you said, popping it open. “Ha. She beat you. Ha,” Steve taunted. “Ah, whatever,” he mumbled.

You went into the kitchen and at that moment you heard the front door open. “I’m back,” a voice announced. You smiled softly. Dallas Winston. “You got the fries?” Johnny asked. “I said I’d get the fries, Johnnycakes. I got the fries,” Dally said. You went into the living room where the gang was massacring a Dairy Queen bag.

“Save some for me, right, guys?” You scoffed. Dally smiled at you. You two had been great friends for as long as you can remember. When you developed feelings for him, you were shocked. It had just happened, shortly after you turned 14. Maybe it was the hormones but you fell. Hard.

God, it was that smile. The ever so charming personality. His dry humor. The whole bad boy James Dean vibe. Everything about him compelled you. “Hey, doll. You beat Soda today, I hope?” He asked, walking over to you. “Don’t I everyday?” You asked.

You two had started this thing. It was sort of like playful flirting but less obvious. Sometimes he would try to amp it up, whether it was just staring at you a little too long or holding your hand and saying, “It’s completely innocent.” But you were scared. You would look away when he stared at you and pull your hand back if he touched it.

You didn’t want to be just another notch in his bedpost. To be another girl Dallas Winston gave the time of day to then dropped like an old number. You didn’t want to be that girl. And to be honest, you weren’t sure if he really felt for you or if to him it was all just a game.

He carefully brushed a lock of hair from your eyes. It got quiet in the back. Your eyes shifted to Ponyboy, who knew just about everything and how you felt. He kept urging you to go for it but you were just too much of a wimp. “There’s a movie tonight. Horror. What do you say you and I go?” He asked. “You mean, you, me, and the guys?” You stammered slightly.

“No, doll. I mean, you and me,” he said. Ponyboy nodded his head furiously. Dallas turned around and Pony pretended not to see. “I have to ask my mom,” you lied. He chuckled. “You do that,” he said, finally heading into the kitchen. The gang was staring at you.

“What?” You demanded. Two-Bit shrugged. Soda looked away, grinning. Steve was totally oblivious. “What happened?” He asked. “Your mom would say yes. She likes Dallas,” Pony said. It was true. She knew Dallas and Dallas knew her. He seemed to like her for when he was around her, he didn’t curse or smoke.

He was polite and absolutely charming. You were a greaser but you were a soft greaser. You hated rumbles and loud eye makeup. Dallas usually went for the harder girls, the ones who drank too much and cared too little. Easy to shake off. But he never started a real relationship with anyone. Not since the one who shall go unnamed.

“You don’t know that,” you shrugged. Pony
rolled his eyes. “You need to get over this fear and just–” he began. “What fear?” Dallas asked, walking from behind. He sat on the couch and grabbed a burger. “Do I need to beat someone up, doll?” He asked. You blushed. “Ponyboy’s drunk or something,” you shrugged.

Dallas glanced at Pony, who shrugged. He raised an eyebrow. Pony nudged me. “So movies?” You asked. Dally smiled. “Yeah?” He began slowly. “I’ll see you there at what time?” You asked. He grinned. “8 pm. Sharp. Movie starts at 8:15 pm,” he said. “I’ll meet you there,” you nodded. “It’s a date,” he agreed.


That next day, you spent the entire afternoon preparing mentally. Your thoughts would vary. “It’s not even a real date. It’s just two friends hanging out,” you would say, pacing the room. Then you’d stop. “Fuck. No it’s a date. This is a date,” you would then say. It was a vicious cycle.

Ponyboy somehow got your mom to let him in. She thought he was weird. “That Horsekid. What’s his deal?” She asked you once. You shrugged. “No idea,” you said. “I mean the older ones are normal,” she said. “Except for that Steve kid. He tried to flirt with me once.” You punched Steve when you found out.

“Technically it’s legal!” He’d pointed out. Ponyboy banged your door. You opened slowly, peeking out. “Yes?” You asked. “Are you going?” He asked. You nodded. “Yes,” you said. “Then what’s the issue?” He asked. “What issue? No issue,” you said quickly.

“Are you sure?” He asked. “No,” you sighed. “Need help?” He asked reluctantly. “You really want to pick out skirts with me?” You asked. “I think Darry’s calling me,” he said slowly. “Good call,” you agreed, closing the door. You spent the next hour trying on skirts.

“God, what am I doing?” You sighed, staring at yourself in the mirror. “It’s Dallas. Just Dallas Winston. The guy you’ve known all your life. Just him. Like any other guy,” you said to yourself. You were lying. Dallas was not just any guy. You finally decided about ten minutes before you left.

It was simple. Black skirt, black wool sweater, and some sneakers. The same low-top converse sneakers you wore everyday. You didn’t have much of a choice. You were no soc. You walked to the drive-in, only a couple minutes away. The guys hated when you did since it was ample opportunity to get jumped by socs but you honestly weren’t scared of socs.

You’ve never had a direct issue with them. You got to the drive in and scanned the lot for Dallas. It was weird, standing there alone, clutching your coat. A few greasers you knew said hi. “Who are you here with?” They’d ask. “Dallas,” you’d say. They’d raise their eyebrows. “I see he’s getting soft,” they’d say and shrug.
Soft. Dallas? Never.

You finally saw him and smiled, heading over. That’s when you saw her. A blonde greaser girl sitting beside him. They were in an animated conversation about God knows what. She kept touching his arm. And he never pulled away. He then saw you. He stood up. “Hey, Y/N, over here!” He said.

You stared at the girl then back at him and headed off in the other direction. You heard him call your name but you kept walking until it drowned out. You were near tears when you reached your house. You didn’t even know why. It was Dallas. He wasn’t your boyfriend. This wasn’t a date. He wasn’t yours to be jealous over.

And that was the problem. You wanted him to be yours. Hell, you were in love with Dallas Winston. That’s why you were so scared to get hurt. You were crying in the middle of the street and didn’t realize until someone asked, “Hey, are you okay?” You nodded, unable to see the person in the dark.

It was a greaser you recognized. “I’m fine,” you said quickly. “Why are you crying?” He asked. “If you don’t mind. I’ve seen you around.” You sighed. “Everything’s going to shit,” you said softly. “Well, if that ain’t the life of a greaser, I don’t know what is,” he chuckled. “Can’t things be easier?” You asked. He sighed. “Then we’d be socs,” he said. “And I’m sure they have their problems, too.”


You didn’t talk to Dally for two days. Everyone kept asking what happened. It was obvious you were avoiding him. Whenever Dallas would walk in the same room as you, you’d either leave or ignore him. He didn’t bother to try to talk to you. He was Dallas Winston. He didn’t chase after girls.

One night, you were in your room, listening to music. Your mom had gone out to a dinner for work. You were home alone and it was deathly quiet through the house. You actually jumped when the doorbell rang. It was almost 10:30 pm.

You were wearing nothing but an oversized t-shirt so you had to pull on shorts. It rang again. “Wait!” You screamed from the second floor. You ran down, tying your hair up. You ran to the door, opening it a little too quickly that you tripped. He smiled. “Did you sprint downstairs?” Dallas asked.

You sighed. “Hi,” you said. “Hey,” he greeted slowly. “Can I come in?” You hesitated. “What are you doing here?” You asked. He shook his head. “I don’t even know, doll. If I’m honest,” he said softly. You waited. “You left. At the movies,” he began. “You seemed a little busy,” you snapped.

He was taken back. “I was talking to someone,” he said slowly. You folded your arms. “Whatever, Dallas,” you mumbled. “Wait. You’ve gotta be shitting me. You’re jealous?” He asked, surprised. “I’m not jealous. You’re not my boyfriend. Do whatever you want. Do whoever you want. I don’t care,” you said dryly.

He was quiet. “Do you want me to?” He asked at last. “Want you to what?” You asked. “Be your boyfriend,” he said. You never thought you’d ever hear Dallas Winston say those words a day in his life. “Why?” You asked suddenly. “Because I really like you. I don’t like anyone else. I like only you. And I think you like me,” he said, shrugging.

You blinked a couple times. “You like me?” You exclaimed. “Well, I sure as hell don’t spend all my time with just any girl,” he said, chuckling softly. “Wait. Like me as in…like me?” You repeated. “Do you want the Oxford dictionary definition?” He asked. “Well, my bad. I didn’t think Dallas Winston was capable of liking anyone,” you said, grinning.

He sighed. “Well?” He asked. “Well what?” You asked. “Did I just confess my feelings to a girl I have no chance with?” He asked. You shrugged. “Depends. If I told you I’ve been in love with you for the past two years, how would you react?” You said slowly.

He hesitated. “I’d be mad,” he said. Your face fell slightly. “Because I’d be wondering why in God’s name you never told me.” You scoffed. “Like I ever thought you liked me,” you said. He shook his head slightly. “You know, I thought you couldn’t stand me. Every time I even touch you the slightest bit, you move away like I’m a plague,” he said in defense. You bit your lip and without thinking, took his hand in yours.

He stared at it for a few seconds before looking back at you. “Dal, I’m scared of this,” you said softly. It was quiet for a second. “Hey,” he said all of the sudden. You looked up at him and suddenly, he was leaning in and kissing you. At first you were taken back and didn’t know what to do.

You almost pulled away but then you felt his hand at the small of your back. You started kissed him back, his lips were cold even though it was summer and he tasted like cigarettes and a sugar high. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer as you kissed him. God, you were standing on your porch kissing Dallas Winston.

“I would invite you in,” you began softly. “But my mom would kill me.” He smiled. “And you wouldn’t want to get in trouble now,” he said, teasing you. You smiled, pushing him away gently. “You are very bad, Dallas Winston,” you said, shaking your head. He took a bow and headed down the street.


You woke up, smiling. At first you thought you were crazy but then you realized why. You woke up and got dressed in a rampage. You went to school and barely paid attention in any of your classes. You just about sprinted to the Curtis house. “Hi!” You exclaimed, opening the door.
Steve jumped, dropping a deck of cards.

Soda peeked over. “I knew you had a king, you filthy, fucking, no-good liar!” Soda yelled at Steve. They launched into an argument. You sat on the couch, your foot rocking. “I thought I heard you,” Pony said, walking into the living room.

You grinned at him but didn’t say a word. “What?” He asked. You shook your head. He sat down across from you, squinting at you suspiciously. The front door opened and in came Johnny and Dallas. Your heart skipped and you pretended to not even notice.

But obviously failed. You glanced up at Dallas who sat right down next to you. “Hi,” you said simply. Him being him, leaned down, kissed the inside of your neck, then whispered, “Hey,” very close to your ear, making your whole body tingle. Ponyboy exploded into a coughing fit.
Johnny was completely calm as if he’d already known.

He probably did. Soda and Steve were just staring. “You owe me five bucks,” Soda said. Steve grumbled. “You guys couldn’t have waited one more day?” Steve mumbled. “Very classy, Steve,” you said rolling your eyes.

“Wait,” Pony said when his coughing fit relieved. “Are you two, like, together?” Dally thought. “In what sense of the word?” He asked slowly. You stifled a laugh. “Dating! Are you two dating? Boyfriend and girlfriend? A couple?” Sofa exclaimed.

Dally glanced at you. “I’d say we are,” he said at last. It was quiet for a second. “Well, shit,” Soda said. “Dallas Winston’s getting soft.” You laughed. “Sorry,” you said quickly, clearing your throat. You couldn’t help but think of that night at the drive-in. “Well, it was about damn time,” Soda chuckled softly. “I still want my five dollars back,” Steve mumbled.

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Beat up show pony

“It’s not even a cool story,” Pony sulked, shrugging his jacket off and sitting right down on the floor in front of D’s chair. “I was just discoing, you know, kicking it out and I wasn’t really paying attention and I tripped over this chick on the floor and lost my balance and fell facefirst into a table,” he moaned, clapping his hands over his face. He peeked up through his fingers. “Is it really that bad?”

D choked a little trying to hold in his laughter. “Oh, lordy, you got taken out for a spin by a table–”

“I know!” Pony wailed, leaning forward and clutching at D’s knee. “My pretty face, ruined, and I can’t even brag!” He collapsed backwards onto the floor, staring at the ceiling. “I’m hideous.”

“Well,” D said, considering, “It ain’t so bad. You’re always wearing that helmet anyway.”

“You don’t understand,” Pony muttered from the floor. “You’re not beautiful.”

D threw a Mousekat bobblehead at him.

Fix You (2/?)

Words: 5k

She laid down in her bed, eyes closed yet not asleep. She’d slept fitfully all night, unable to be brought under for long. She rolled over the cool sheets to look at her phone. It lit up and she reflexively screwed her eyes shut. “Fuck!” She said as she scrambled to turn the brightness down. When her eyes adjusted, she noted the time. Five minutes until her alarm. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” She said, hitting her head down against her pillow in between her frustrated screeches.

Oh well. She lazily and reluctantly rolled over and stumbled into her bathroom. After she had relieved herself, she washed her hands and took in her appearance in the mirror. Her hair had a crease in it leftover from yesterday’s ponytail. She fussed with it, carding her fingers through it, brushing it out, tousling it hopelessly. It didn’t make a difference. Back into the high pony it went. She shrugged to herself apathetically. Brushing her teeth and dabbing on the bare minimum in makeup to cover her dark circles, she reappraised herself. Satisfied with the result, she dressed in black scrubs and tied her stupidly ugly nursing shoes.

She made it to the morning huddle with five minutes to spare. She took a big gulp of her hospital coffee and listened to an endless stream of announcements. “Remember guys, we really need to be lifting safely. Use a gait belt and a buddy if necessary. This saves your back and keeps our patients safe! Let’s make it through the rest of September without any patient falls!” Her friend, Mary Margaret, said as she brought the meeting to a close. It was Mary Margaret’s first shift as a charge nurse thanks to her newly acquired bachelors degree.

As the team dispersed, Emma sought out the nurse who would be handing off patients to her. After setting her coffee down at her desk, she made her way over to a tall blonde in light blue scrubs who was restocking the extra large gloves outside his patient rooms. “Hey David! How’d it go last night?” She asked politely.

“It went alright. Thanks for asking Em.” He smiled. “I’m assuming you have my patients?”

“Yep. So was it a peaceful night?” She inquired a little too hopefully.

“I wish I could tell you that. Of course Ted was on his call light all night long. If it wasn’t the temperature of the room, it was the volume of the TV. He even asked me to find his mints from his bedside drawer.” He shook his head incredulously. “The guy will complain about literally anything.”

“Oh” Emma laughed. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m honestly relieved to hear that. I thought he only did that to me, because you know, I thought he was a pervy old man.”

“Well that may still be…maybe I’m his type too. We are both beautiful blondes.” He raised his eyebrows and laughed deeply. “Okay, so other than that, everything was actually pretty quiet. Mr. Jones didn’t get much sleep. He was in a lot of pain, of course. And I had to change his IV site last night, he reported a burning, itching sensation. It was in the basilic, I moved it AC.” He took a deep breath. “When Dr. Whale rounds, you really should encourage him to order a psych consult. He had a few night terror episodes.” Emma’s heart clenched in her chest. She schooled her face to be neutral and nodded solemnly.

“Sure, I’ll recommend Dr. Hopper. He specializes in PTSD.” Emma nodded. “Thanks Dave.”

He returned her nod. “You’re welcome” he said to her with a smile, although if she had to guess, she’d say he was looking behind her toward Mary Margaret at the charge desk. Their dalliance was not exactly the biggest secret in the hospital. And gossip travels fast between bored nurses.

“Go ahead. She’ll be up to go yell at pharmacy for bringing the wrong meds any minute now” She nudged him gently. He looked like he might argue for a second then thought better of it, running off to the raven haired beauty’s desk.

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This is just a random writing thing I did because I was bored. It’s not that good so- ;-;

 At school, Ponyboy was starting to get asked out a lot. He didn’t really like it, though. Sodapop was real proud of it, seeing as it was like Pony was almost following in his footsteps, attracting all the girls and such.

 But like I said, Ponyboy didn’t really like it. He had already had his eyes set out for someone; he was just too scared to ask them. And, that’s what he told everyone who asked. As much as he didn’t really want to.

“Sorry, but I’m interested in someone else right now…”

 All the girls who were declined simply nodded their heads, but Pony could see how pissed off they were.

 Ponyboy sighed as he shut his locker, throwing his bag over his shoulder as another girl walked up to him. He tried to hide his frown, knowing what she was going to ask him.

 “Hi there, Ponyboy!”

 “Uh, hey…”

“So… I heard you were interested in someone. Who is this mystery girl?” She smiled widely. Pony was thinking two things at this moment as he cringed slightly. One was how stupid this girl must be if she thought he was going to tell her, and the fact that she even asked.

 “I-I, look, I’ve gotta go. My friend, Johnny, is probably waitin’ for me.” And with that, Pony bolted down the hall.

 Finally, he got to Johnny and they both walked to the lot together, mostly because Pony just wanted to relax just for a bit. As they sat on the old beat up couch, Johnny smiled and turned to him.

 “You sure are the heartthrob, Pone. Every girl wants to be with you, man.” He laughed slightly.

 “I guess…” Pony shrugged.

 “…Say Ponyboy, the school is sayin’ that you’re already interested in someone. Why haven’t you asked the girl out yet, man?” Johnny cocked an eyebrow.

 “… It ain’t a girl, Johnnycake…” He mumbled quietly.


 “…I-It’s you…” Ponyboy mustered out, not looking over at his best friend, afraid of how he might react.

 “… Wait, really?” Johnny looked over at him in surprise.

 “Y-Yeah. Johnny, please don’t tell no one ab-” Johnny quickly interrupted Pony with a kiss to his lips.

 Pony’s eyes widened in shock as he slowly started to kiss back, smiling a bit. After a while, they both pulled away, catching their breaths.

 “I like you, too, Ponyboy Curtis.”

 Pony couldn’t have been happier at that moment.

WOW! XD I don’t know. I randomly thought of this idea and started writing. :’D I think it’s actually alright. :’3

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42 with Pony? thank you and love u <3

Love you too. 030 I’m sorry this was kinda late and it’s sucky. Also, this is told in Pony’s POV. (16 years old)

“Go then, leave! See if I care!”

Pony’s POV

Me and (Y/N) have been kind of on and off lately. She just hasn’t been her normal self. I guess with the stress of school and the stuff going on at home, anybody would act differently.

Right now, we’re over at her house. She needs a little help in science and I’m always glad to help my girlfriend. She gets frustrated easily so I have to try and be patient, which isn’t that hard. 

(Y/N) sighs for the millionth time. “I hate science and science obviously hates me, too. I can’t do this!” She slams her pencil down onto the paper.

“Don’t say that you can’t. Here just–” 

“Stop treating me like I don’t know basic science. This stuff is just harder because it involves so much math.”

“Give me your pencil, I’ll–”

“Can you explain it to me without doing the whole thing for me?”

“That’s the only way I know how to do it.”

She huffs out a long breath. “How am I ever going to learn?”

“…At least you’ll have the work done.” I shrug.



“You know what? I can’t do this anymore.” (Y/N) says, standing up.

I get to my feet. “Why? You only have 7 questions left.”

“I mean this.” She gestures between us. “We had a fight just a few hours ago over whether we should sit with your friends at lunch or mine. That’s such a stupid argument. I’m tired. I’m tired of fighting about nonsense. I hear enough fighting when my parents are here. I don’t need it.”

“Well maybe I don’t want to take a break or break up. I love you.”

She gives me a desperate look. “Ponyboy, if you love me then you’ll give me a break. I just need time to think.”

Dammit. I hate that she feels this way. I love her more and more with each passing day, but she wants me to leave. My anger bubbles up inside me and I know we’re about to have another one of those “stupid” fights.

“I just can’t believe you. I love you a whole lot and you take that for granted. It’s not fair for me to just stay if you’re going to fight over every little thing.”

“Go then, leave! See if I care!” She screams at me.

“Okay then.”I open her bedroom door, stomping out into her living room and eventually out her door. I purposefully slam it shut. 

Later, when I’m sitting up in bed very late at night, I know I’m sorry. I want her here with me so I can tell her. I hate myself for starting that fight. All she wanted was to work out the question by herself. 

“Soda!” I shake him awake.

He sleepily looks at me. “What’s your deal?”

“Drive me to (Y/N)’s house.”

He squints at the clock. “Pony, it’s 3 am. She’s probably asleep. Why do you need to see her anyways?”

“We fought again today and I feel bad. Please Soda.”

He sighs. “Get your coat and shoes. You gotta be quiet. You wake Darry, you’re not going.”

I hug him for a split second then silently grab my things. Soda gets the car keys from the key rack. “Let’s go.”

We drive all the way to (Y/N)’s house. Soda stays in the car and I get out. I walk up to her bedroom window and knock. The window slides up a few seconds later. 

“Ponyboy Michael Curtis! Do you realize what time it is?”

I smile. She’s alluring even when it’s so late. “Yeah it’s around 3 am.”

“You’re lucky tomorrow’s Saturday. What are you doing here?”

“I came to say I’m sorry.” She gives me a look. “Also…I love you. I know I say it a lot but you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel like we’re supposed to be together.”

“Pony, we’re 16.”

I act like I don’t hear her. “I love the way you jump when your happy. I love the way your eyes sparkle when you talk about things you’re passionate about. I love the way you dance around my kitchen when you think I’m not watching.”

“I-I don’t know what to say.”

“You could say that you feel the same. Or that you don’t…”

“NO! I love you too! I’m just not as poetic as you are about it.”

“Good, come down here. I’ll catch you.” She jumps into my arms and I pull her into a soft and loving kiss.

“I don’t want to fight anymore.”

“Me either, baby.” I kiss her nose.

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Prompt "I fine!" "You don't look fine." "Then stop looking."

It was very late by the time Fun Ghoul and Show Pony clattered into the station; the Doctor had retired a few hours earlier, but Kobra Kid was sitting up for them in the broadcasting room, flipping through a magazine. It was past midnight and he was indoors, but he still had his sunglasses on. 

Kobra looked up as he heard the sounds of them swinging the boards shut and dumping their gear on the floor, and then Ghoul stepped through the door, looking a little like he got run over. 

“Yo, what the hell?” Kobra asked. “You okay?”

“I’m fine,” Ghoul snarked.

Kobra squinted behind his sunglasses as Ghoul collapsed into a chair, holding a rag to his bleeding nose. “You don’t look fine.”

“Then stop looking.”

Kobra turned to Pony, who was just entering the room behind Ghoul, raising his eyebrows questioningly. Pony leaned on the door and rolled his eyes. 

“Transactions went fine. I’m pretty sure Tommy had more boxes under the counter but whatever, we got what we went for. Then we got back outside and found a coupl’a uglies trying to lift the wheels off the van. Genius here–” he jerked a thumb at Fun Ghoul, who grunted in response “– thought it would be a good plan to try and solve the problem using his head. Literally. He headbutted the first guy in the stomach and then he got punched in the face by the second.”

Ghoul made an angry noise from his corner of the room. “Yeah, but then I punched him back. In the dick. He’ll never be able to get it up again for nothin’.“

Pony shrugged. “Yeah, they did run off really fast after that. I think it was just ‘cause they noticed me standing behind you, though.”

Elevator- Steve Rogers

Character: Steve Rogers/Captain America

Prompt: Character A and Character B are stuck in an elevator together.

Warnings: Just some good ol’ star spangled fluff.

From my desk inside Stark Tower, I had a perfect view as the storm rolled in over the city. Dark clouds swirled ominously overhead and rain pounded the window relentlessly. I stared glumly from behind my desk, feeling a tad bit deflated as I realized I’d be riding my bicycle home in the middle of a torrential downpour. For a moment, I almost regretted turning down Mr. Stark’s offer of a company car. The last thing my clumsy ass needed, though, was to be driving through the streets of downtown in a flashy, luxury car that worth more than anything I ever owned, or would own in the future.

“Well, shit.” I sighed, drumming my fingers on the desk. The time on my watch told me it was already ten past the hour. Normally I was already halfway to the elevator before the clock struck six. I didn’t mess around when it came to quitting time. I was pestered constantly about this…apparently it made me look like a person who just couldn’t wait to get away. Ironically, that wasn’t the case. I liked my job. Hell, I probably loved it. I was a tech assistant to one of the most intelligent, wealthiest, not to mention cockiest, men in the entire world. This was a dream job. However, I was a normal human who also valued my time spent outside of work. Meaning, I also didn’t mess around when it came to a good take-out meal and Netflix.

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no 10, any ship you want with fun ghoul? :)

none of this is either a personal headcanon or something i ship (j dont think it’s realistic at all), just a thought…

“Do you ever, ya know, think about getting married?” Show Pony said, glancing at Fun Ghoul. It was one of those rare evenings where they were alone together. This time, Ghoul was at the radio station. It didn’t matter that Doctor Death Defying was right inside, he was on air and wouldn’t come out for a while. 

Fun Ghoul laughed. “Is that a proposal, Pony?”

Show Pony shrugged. “No. I was just wondering.”

Ghoul’s expression flickered for a moment. “It doesn’t seem like an option here, really. There’s too much…” he waved his hand at the desert surrounding them, “going on. And besides, I never heard of a married joy.”

Pony nodded. “How ‘bout back in the city?”

Ghoul looked pointedly away from him. “I never imagined myself in a wedding dress.” 

Pony took his hand between their own. He rubbed circles on the back of Ghoul’s hand with one of his thumbs.

“And it would have been impossible to do it… otherwise. I don’t think that I would’ve been allowed.” His eyes were wet. “Besides, there never was anyone worth even thinking bout all the trouble.” Ghoul wiped his eyes with the back of his free hand. “Well. Not before you, sweetheart.”

The Gang’s Girl Part 2~The Date

A/N: Ahhh this took me  forever because I drew a blank on what to write so that’s why it probably sucks, but enjoyyy

Warnings: Mild swearing, name calling (to reader from Soc)~Could be triggering, so read at your own risk.

The boys have been acting unusual lately.Today’s Friday. The day James and I go out. Since Wednesday night, Darry has slept on the couch, and he hates sleeping on the couch.

Soda and Steve have barely talked to me. Two’s jokes just don’t seem as giddy. Pony is always in his room. Dallas is sleeping, more like partying, at Buck’s more often. The only person who will hold a civil conversation with me is Johnny.

I’m in the Curtis’ living room once again with Johnny. I turn to him when Twilight Zone goes off. “Johnny…” He turns and looks at me. “Why’s everyone acting so weird around me?”

“I’m not sure what you mean by that.” he states.

“You mean to tell me that you haven’t noticed one single, teensy tiny change in the boys since Wednesday.”

“Well….I don’t think I have.”

“Darry hasn’t slept in his bed since this Wednesday. I feel like I’m punishing him for something he hasn’t done.”

“Now that’s none of my business. But you should talk to him, he knows more about what he’s feeling than I do.”

“When I talk to him, he only mumbles and grunts.” Johnny suddenly stands up and with a soft-spoken goodbye, he leaves.

I sigh loudly. What the hell? Why would Johnny just leave like that? All I did was ask a simple question and he got all sassy.

“Ponyboy?” I yell, knowing he’s in his room either studying or reading.

“Yeah?” he shouts back.

“C’mere please!” He comes out of his room cautiously walking to me. He sits and says, “Whatcha need?”

I huff out a breath. Why would I call him all the way in here just to ask him a question about why everyone’s avoiding me? “I wanted to ask you a question…but never mind.” It’s kind of embarrassing to ask him why he’s not talking to me anymore.

“No, go ahead.”

“You notice how everyone’s not talking to me anymore.” He nods. “Why is that?”

“They’re jealous.” He says blandly. I give him a confused look. 

“Jealous of…James?”

“Jealous of anyone who grabs hold of your attention long enough to hear your laugh. God, (Y/N). Do you really not see it?” I shake my head slowly. “It’s hard to love someone who doesn’t even notice you.”

“What? Pony. You’re three years younger than me; I can’t date you. It’d never be a serious relationship.”

“Fine then. But what about the boys? You don’t see that either.”

“They’re the same?” He nods. “And me going on a date with James…”

“Hurts. It hurts everyone.” He gets up and goes back to his room without another word.


James comes to pick me up before Darry gets home. I don’t really want to see his expression anyways. As I get into James’ candy apple red Cadillac, he leans over and pecks me on the cheek. I jump back slightly in shock. What I want to say–Excuse me sir, did I give you permission to kiss me?–would make him push me out of the car. So instead, I smile like one of the Soc girls would do.

We drive along until we reach the Nightly Double. I see A LOT of Socs, but what else did I expect? He pulls into an empty spot, and unbuckles his seat belt. A group of Soc guys crowd around James’ car. 

“Um, are they your friends?” I ask, beginning to feel nervous.

“Yeah, they asked if they could come.” James replies, running a hand through his chestnut-colored hair. 

“But-It was supposed to be just us.”

“Don’t get your panties in a wad. They’re just my friends.” He acts like it’s no big deal whenever he said it was just going to be us. Okay then–Strike 1.

Before the movie starts, James makes me get out of the car and socialize with his friends. They laugh and talk about nonsense. They do. James completely ignores me while he’s with his friends, the gang never acts like that–Darry took me around some of his friends a couple of months ago, and never excluded me from a conversation. What’s James’ deal? Strike 2.

Everyone goes back to their vehicles to watch the movie, except for James’ friend Daniel. The kid sits in the backseat, but they still talk non-stop about useless shit. After a while, I just stop caring altogether. I sit back and try to watch the movie. 

When the movie ends, I tell James to drive me home. He offers to get me food, but I tell him firmly to take me back home. He drives, but soon I realize I don’t recognize the houses. These are…Soc houses. 

“James?” I ask, trying to steady my voice.

“Hmm?” he asks.

“This isn’t my street; I live closer than this.”

“You’re coming to my house.” he states, making it sound like I don’t have a choice. Boy, does he have another thing coming.

“I told you to take me home. I was done with this date when you told me to ‘not get my panties in a wad.’ Let me tell you something. You don’t talk to women like that. We deserve as much respect as you do. I may not be one of you Socs but I need the respect you’d give them.”

“Well, let me tell you something, you little slut. Greasers aren’t worthy of respect, especially not mine. And if you think I’m going to let some whore talk to me like I’m an underling, whenever you’re below me, then you must be as crazy as those greasers that you live with.” I open my mouth to yell something back, but he interrupts. “You’re probably fucking everyone and their brother too. The only reason I asked you out was because 1) it was a dare and 2) I wanted to see what hides behind your ugly ass clothes.” Strike 3.

“Stop the car.” I whisper angrily. 

“Excuse me?” 

Stop the damn car!” I shout. He screeches to a halt. I collect my things and leave. He drives off with a roar from the engine. I walk all the way to the Curtis house by myself. 


When I open the door, everyone’s in the living room watching a re-run of I Love Lucy. I’m shivering from the walk here. They look at me.

My voice croaks when I talk because I’m on the verge of tears. “I’m sorry.” I drop my things on the floor, and soon join them.

Dallas rushes over to me. “Did he touch you? Did he hurt you? What’s wrong, doll?” 

Steve says, “You have to tell us so we can make it better.”

My throat feels stuck. “He did touch you, didn’t he?” Two-bit says softly. I shake my head.

I take a deep breath and say, “No. But he said he was planning on it,” Once I started talking I couldn’t stop. “He said I was a slut and a whore. He said I don’t deserve his respect; I’m not ‘worthy’ of it. He asked me out on a dare, and he said–” I swallow hard. “That I was probably fucking everyone and their brother.”

“What the hell is that guy’s problem? He asked you out on a dare. Well I would have done it without it being a dare. Calling you a whore, that’s some real shit right there. Lies. All of it.” Johnny says. 

“I swear to God, if I see that asshole again I’m beating in his head. You don’t just say shit like that to a girl.” Darry says.

“Where’s this guy live?” Soda asks.

“The other side of town. I got out of the car before he forced me into his house.” 

“This guy really was planning, huh?” Pony says. I shrug. He crouches down, and takes my hand in his. “What movie did you watch?”

“Might have been Singing in the Rain.” 

“I haven’t seen that one in a while. Maybe we’ll take you to see it again sometime.”

“That’d be nice.” He nods and gives me a sad smile.

“You want something to eat (Y/N)? I made dinner.” Soda says. 

“No, I’m fine. I wanna go to bed.” I try to stand, but Darry comes and sweeps me into his arm–one hand under my legs, the other around my back. He walks into his bedroom and gently places me on the bed.

“You staying in here tonight?” I ask him.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he responds with a question of his own. He pulls back the covers and climbs in. “I’m sorry I let you go on that date.”

“I’m sorry I went on that date.”

“’S okay.” He rolls over onto his side and props his head in his hand. “Just for the record, he doesn’t deserve you if he doesn’t put you on a pedestal. You should be his queen, and he should treat you like one.” He leans over and kisses me on the tip of my nose. “Goodnight (Y/N).”

Johnny Cheats On You

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You and your boyfriend Johnny had got into a huge fight recently and you finally came to your senses and say that you’re wrong. You to Buck’s because that’s where your older brother was Dally and Johnny always hangs out with him.

You walked upstairs and see one of your best friends Pony waiting outside of the room that Dally stayed in. Dal must be doing the dirty. Honestly you didn’t care if you walked in on Dal.

‘’Why are you standing here?’’ You asked and Pony just shrugged.’’Have you seen Johnny?’’You asked.

‘’No.’’ Pony asked too quickly.’’Well I’ll just asked Dal.’’ You said going towards the door and Pony stopped you.

‘’’Might not want to go in there.’’He said.’’Why not? I see Dal banging girls all the time.’’ You say and opened the door.’’(Y/N)’’ Pony shouted after you. But you opened the girl and there was a jean jacket you recognized it was’t Dal’s it was Johhny’s there was a topless girl on someone.

‘’Johnny?’’ You asked. The girl screamed and flipped over and covered herself with sheets. It was Johnny.’’(Y/N)’’He whispered. He started to get out of the bed and you stepped back outside into the hallway. Pony eyes soften once he saw tears in your eyes. You were a Winston yo don’t cry. You walk over to the opposite side off the hallway and Johnny came out dressed. You ran towards him and Pony stopped you.

‘’You cheated on me! For what! Mark my words Johnny Cade don’t speak to me ever again don’t even think about me. Take this shitty ring!’’ You yelled and threw the ring that Johnny gave you a while ago. That was your favorite thing you had.

‘’(Y/N)!Don’t act like I did all the wrong in this.’’ Johnny yelled. You turned towards him.’’I didn’t bang other guys!’’ You yelled. Johnny opened his mouth to say something but then you left you picked up a vase and try to throw it at him but missed.

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Pony stood there shocked but you beyond pissed. You didn’t know what to do. You thought about all those times Johnny called you anything nice and just felt like all he said to you was a big fat lie. Which made you boil. Johnny Cade was dead to you.

‘’Good-bye Pony.’’ You say then ran outside of Buck’s house wanting to get far. Far. Far. That’s all you thought when you kept running was keep going.

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it rly disappoints me that every time I see a superhero Until Dawn AU its almost always a story about Josh trying to save Chris (or sometimes the other way around)

like cmon, wheres the superhero team….wheres Sam being the leader-slash-mother-hen of this group of superkids who dont really wanna work together but kinda have to…..wheres Emily designing practical yet fashionable costumes for all of them…..where are all the kids having wacky superpowers they can barely control and using them irresponsibly, like Jess using her super speed to play pranks on the others so they wont notice…..Ashley turning invisible to hide from her responsibilities…..a game of football between Josh and Matt resulting in a massive hole in the wall because Matt doesnt know his own strength and he tackled Josh right through it

ponyboy imagine for anonymous!

Last week, on exactly this day, was arguably one of the worst days you’d ever had. Last week, you walked in on your boyfriend of two years, Randy, sleeping with your best friend. Of course, you broke up with him and never talked to your best friend again. You ran out of the house, tears streaming down your face as Randy called after you. “Baby, it’s not what it looks like!” he yelled after you.You kept on running, because it was exactly what it looked like.

You had lived here your entire life and knew every road on your side of town inside and out. Maybe it was just the tears in your eyes that made it blurry, or maybe it was the fact that you couldn’t think straight. For whatever reason, though, you ended up on the east side of town. You didn’t realize it until you stopped hearing Randy calling your name, and took a moment to catch your breath. You realized why Randy stopped calling your name. He turned around, and went home. He didn’t want to be seen on this side of town. You quickly realized that you had no idea which way was home, and then you started panicking even more. You completely lost it at that moment, and started bawling harder than ever before. You were lost, cold, heartbroken, angry, and all alone. You sat down on a sidewalk up against a tree, curled up in a ball with your head tucked in. You stayed there for a good ten minutes before you heard a screen door slam shut, and footsteps approach towards you.

“You alright?” asked the sweet voice. You looked up, and saw a boy about your age with blonde, greased back hair, and blue hoodie. You wiped your tears off and stood up. “Yeah, I was just going,” you say. He stands with his hands in his pockets, and he looks at you with sympathetic eyes. You start to walk up the street, but the boy says something. “You sure you’re alright?” he calls after you. “I’m fine, why would you ask?” you say. He looks down at his shoes, then back at you. “Your side of town is back the other way,” he points out. “How’d you know?” “You’re too pretty to be a grease,” the boy says quietly. Somehow, this almost makes you smile. You probably would have been blushing if you hadn’t just been in such a bad mood. “I’m Ponyboy Curtis, by the way.” “I’m, *y/n*. Sorry about being such a trouble, I’m just having an awful night. I walked in on my boyfriend that I’d been dating for two whole years sleeping with my best friend since I was six. I’m lost in this neighborhood, I’m freezing, and…” you say, but pause to keep yourself from bursting out into tears yet again. “I’m sorry, you probably don’t care about my pathetic life,” you say after a few seconds. He shrugs his shoulders and walks towards you. He slips off his blue hoodie, and wraps it around you. It smells nice, and feels warm. “I can’t fix everything, but maybe I can cross a couple of those problems off your list. Do you want me to walk you home?” he asks. “Why are you being so nice to me? I thought greasers and  soc’s weren’t supposed to get along…” “I don’t like putting labels on people. Let’s say for tonight, we’re just people,” he says, and walks you home. Somehow, that walk made you feel 100x better. Everything he said calmed you down and made you forget about Randy. The only bad thing was, he was a greaser, and you were a soc. You thanked him right before you went into your house, and secretly watched him walk back home through the front window. You knew you’d never see him again.

That was last week, but this was now. You forgot to give back Ponyboy’s jacket, so it lay on your dresser. You loved the smell of it. School that week had been complete hell, because everybody knew about you and Randy. It was friday night, and you were determined to have a good time. You went out to the drive-in with a group of friends that discluded the one who slept with Randy. You didn’t really like them much, but you just needed to get out of the house.

At the drive in, you went to the concession stand to get some soda for you and your friends. The line was really backed up, so you would be there for a while. While looking around, you suddenly saw somebody you never would have expected to see here. It was Ponyboy. He made eye contact with you, but then he looked away immediately. Did he not remember you? It was only a week ago. You waited a few seconds, but then decided to lose your place in line, and go back to say something to him.

“You embarrassed to talk to me or something?” you ask him. He smiles real big. “Why you smilin’?” you ask lightly. “Because, I thought you’d be embarrassed to talk to me.” “Well, I just came here to tell you that I accidentally kept your hoodie that night.” “Don’t worry about it.” “Why not?” “Because, it might give me a chance to see you again sometime,” he says smoothly. You grin toothlessly, and roll your eyes. “So what movie are you here to see?” you ask. “I don’t even know. I only came because I’ve got nothin’ better to do.” “Same here actually,” you say. There’s a pause, but you break it. “Wait, why are we even here?” you laugh. “Don’t know.” “Okay, well I’m gonna’ go. I don’t like the drive-in’s anyways,” you say, and he stands there shocked. You open the door, and turn around. Ponyboy hasn’t moved. “Well, are you comin’ or not?” you smile. He looks up from the ground, and grins at you.

The two of you go on a walk through the backroads, and talk about everything and anything. Soc’s, greasers, music, relationships, friends… everything. You hadn’t laughed this hard in a long time, and you really did like being around Pony. It was better than being around your prim and proper soc friends who didn’t know how to joke around.

After a few hours, you get tired, and Pony leads you home. When you get there, before going in, you stop and stand face to face with him.  “You’re somethin’ special, you know that Ponyboy?” you smile. “I don’t know, I thought I was just an average guy.” “Come on, the average guy would not come out of his house in the freezing weather of the night, and walk a girl all the way to the other side of town, and give her his jacket,” you say. Pony blushes and shrugs his shoulders. “You know, you’re pretty special, too. I never thought you’d ever talk to me again.” “Oh, come on Ponyboy. After all, we’re only people,” you say, and lean in to kiss him.

Does fanfiction count?

I wish I could of drawn this but arm is acting up, and time is a cruel master ; u ;  So I hope you don’t mine fanfiction. I had an idea of a punishment for Candy too. I hope you like it.
Candy woke to a beautiful new day. The birds were chirping and the sun was shining. But it was wrong. He couldn’t quite put a hoof on it, but it was wrong. He got himself ready, trying to pinpoint why he felt as off as he did but nothing seemed to click. It all seemed the same, even if it didn’t feel like it.
His bright baby blue and white striped vest fitted him snuggly just as it always had. His soft silk tie complimented his cheery green eyes wonderfully. His bowl of sweetened porridge went down without a hitch. And his deceptively kind smile was just as wide and toothy as always.
But it was all still just so wrong.
It wasn’t until he paused just out the door when it hit him. The birds… were chirping? The birds out his window? The very ones he had fed to a colt the other week because he complained of stomach pains? Those birds?
Impossible. But he rounded about to check and sure enough- there was the nest. just as full of gapping soft beaks and a flustered looking mama bird as before. He pursed his lips, confused. Then he laughed. What a silly thing to worry about! Obviously it was a new nest of birds.
“Here I am thinking of birds,” he giggled to himself. “When my precious little dolls are waiting in the cold for their Uncle!”
The wagon ride to the play house was uneventful. He tried to round the children in to sing along with him, to make the trip more fun. Few joined, and none had their heart really put into it. This was normal, he didn’t mind- as long as they all made up for their lack of enthusiasm later~
He heard a colt sigh.
It sounded wrong. He couldn’t put a hoof on it. But he had a strange feeling that he didn’t want to know.
“Come on you sleepy fillies! Smile, smile, smile…!”
He strapped the oldest of the group down to a cot, humming a tune to himself. They were going to have a special movie shot today! Everything was in place and they were just waiting on another stallion to arrive to play the leading role.
It was going to be so much fun.
"Snuggy, wuggy! Wiggle your hooves, Uncle Candy wants to be sure you can’t move!” He chirped happily.
The colt sighed.
Something was wrong.
“I said wiggle wiggle!” Candy pressed on, edge coming on his tone. But still, the colt did not move. He just stared upward- but not in that dead eyed sort of way he’d see the others do. It was the sort of stare you do when you’re thinking of something, thinking of words to say and maybe not to say.
The colt stayed like that for a moment but before Candy could speak or do anything again, the smaller pony seemed to shrug under his binds and smile. “I can’t do it anymore Uncle Candy.”
Candy wasn’t sure how to respond. It wasn’t the sort of ‘I can’t’ he would hear before. The colt wasn’t screaming, or begging, or attempting to appeal to his ‘good’ side. It wasn’t a sound of self defeat either. He was speaking as if this was situation he could absolutely walk away from by his own free will.
“Doesn’t matter if you can’t silly!” Candy snapped, recovering from his brief moment of speechlessness as he booped a hoof on the colts nose. “You just lay there and let Mr-“
"You’re boring.”
“You’re boring,” the colt repeated. And he did something that surprised Candy further. He sat up. He sat straight up as if he was never restrained at all. “You’re boring and I’m bored.”
“Now you hold it right there!” How did he get free so quickly? Candy quickly moved to shove the colt back down onto his back, where he belonged but his hooves…  it didn’t hit the bruised skin of his ‘nephew’ but the tattered stained cot he was laying in before.
The colt was standing next to him, staring him with a perplexed expression. Candy laughed. He had to. this was a game obviously! “I had no idea you had a talent for magic tricks! But we’re not playing your game now, we’re playing mine,” he said with a darkened expression. “You’re making your Uncle very-“
There was that word again.
Something was wrong.
The candy colored trafficker spun around to strike the foolish foul across his face but caught nothing but air. It wasn’t like he missed. He could see the colt standing there, bright as day! But his hoof went straight through him, as if he were a ghost.
Candy struck again, more slowly now to see if he really did see what he thought he saw. And he did. He couldn’t touch the colt! A heavy silence hung in the air as he tried to process this, and the only explanation he could find was that he might be going mad.
He giggled at the notion. Whatever took him this long? He quickly accepted this. He was crazy now! Just a new game. He wasn’t worried. Why would he be? “So that was it!” He exclaimed. “No, no this won’t do, I need a real filly to play this part- not some silly imaginary-“
The colt patted him on the side of his leg, silencing him. “Now you’re just not making sense.”
Candy hears the steady sound of tiny hooves trotting on the floor and the low quiet mutterings of childish complaints. What… what were they doing out of their cages? Who let them out?
“We’re bored.”
“Let’s just go.”
“It’s so lame here.”
Something was wrong.
He darted out in front of the children, blocking their path. “Leaving! Leaving?!” His voice was very nearly a screech and his grin was forced and ugly. This wasn’t normal. This wasn’t right. His little children were acting so strangely. And the more he looked at them, the greater the feeling of unease was in the hollow of his chest.
The bruising on their faces and legs were gone. The bags under their eyes were gone. No one’s ribs were showing. No one’s cheeks were stained with forbidden tears. They looked healthy. Perfectly healthy and fine and bored.
And they all looked at him bore their beady little eyes into him, no longer dull and full of unshed tears. And wordlessly they marched right through him towards the exit. the exit that had been locked. The exit that seemed to open without even a touch of unicorn magic to their presence.
He rushed after them, tried to snatch one up- but again his hooves simply phased through the child. He tried to scream at them, but no words came out. They left. All of them. He stared back at the empty play room, and realized that that too had changed. The dirty cot. The stains on the floor. The chains and belts on the walls. Even the camera. Gone. All gone.
He tried to inhale. The musk that was once there- no more.
He worded soundlessly to himself, questioning what was going on. Was he really going mad? No surely this was a dream, one he would wake from any moment.
Yes that was it. He was dreaming.
He sat himself in the empty room, and hummed without a hum to himself, smiling ear to ear. Any moment now, he would wake up. He’d wake up to a world that wasn’t wrong and could feel his touch. He’d wake to a world where his games were still fun and not boring.
Any moment now.
Any moment.

Ahahahaha holy shit this is glorious