The Gothic Ponies have been found in their box on Taobao! Seems like they will be the new fan favourite set that will be available at Toys R Us! This line is called Ponymania and features the ponies with Black-Gothic like designs. The only question remains… where’s Applejack? For the price. This set goes right now for $142 on Taobao. No release date is known at the moment. You can see detailed pictures of all the ponies included here! Found at http://www.mlpmerch.com/2014/05/pony-mania-brushables-found-in-box.html
The Ponymania Photo Finish has finally appeared in packaging! It seems like she will be sold separately instead of being bundled with her Equestria Girls doll. She will be part of the Toys'R'us exclusive Ponymania Line. She was found on Taobao earlier, but it’s very exciting news to see her as a single instead of a combo with the doll, as seen on the New York Toy Fair! She was found on Ebay. Source:http://www.mlpmerch.com/2014/06/ponymania-photo-finish-brushable-found.html