I am not sure about AJ but This is not how I wanted to start the new year, You know running through a freezing Blizzard towards wherever this apparent Friendship problem is… hope its not too far away now.

Your Faithful duo Twijack  

P.s holding your hat in ya mouth is prefect, means the thing will not fly away in the storm. 


So Afra’s Norwegian blood started to become apparent today, she lovesss snow!

She gave me a lot of happy jumps and became a snow submarine, just putting her nose in the snow and walking forward fast to push all the snow aside with her nose…. Strogan did not appreciate the unsual behaviour lol

Peppermint Bark: Welcome to La Primavera Café ! I um.. Hope you’ll enjoy your stay with us ! Feel free to ask us anything ! 

Characters from left to right: Cherry Cola, Latte Arte (kajeaynart), Marmalade Star, Sugar Snow (conflitdecanard), Peppermint Bark, Sugar Plum (moonwish).

Feel free to ask these lovely ponies anything guys ! You may also come and take a seat at the café, you might enjoy the variety of drinks and pastries during these cold days ~


Sugarsour: I love snow but i hate when it does this!!  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Delilah: It’s not a big deal

Ss: not when you have magic  o(╥﹏╥)o