Top 10 Favorite Couple

10. Mordecai x Margaret (Regular Show)

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9. Finn x Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time)

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8. Dipper x Wendy (Gravity Falls)

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7. Lord Hater x Lord Dominator (Wander Over Yonder)

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6. Star x Marco (Star Butterfly Vs The Force of Evil)

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5. Steven x Connie (Steven Universe)

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4. Twilight Sparkle x Flash Sentry (Mlp fim)

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3. Sonic x Amy (Sonic the Hegdehog)

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2. Ash x Misty (Pokemon)

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1. Undyne x Alphys (Undertale)

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Hearts and Hooves day date with Lexis Arc and Pinkie Pie <3

Had 1 more day to get a Valentine’s Day achievment on an art server I was on. Was originally gonna draw a different couple that happens to be a threesome (and even more trashy) but it was hard so I went with something simpler, and ended up surprising myself.

To those who don’t already know him from my previous art, or are still confused, Lexis Arc is a character a friend helped me design as a ship for Pinkie in a fanfic I was making and just never got round to doing properly. He is not related to Fausticorn XD


A couple of doodles for the Goddess!AU because I kinda missed it. Someone asked much earlier about whether or not the markings on a Divine’s body could be a bit similar if they were related, and the answer is yes. So I decided to show case that a bit (as well as use it as an excuse to draw these two) by doing the headshots of Twi and RD’s Divine parents (it’s been a little, so as a little reminder: both Rainbow and Twi are demigods, half god half mortal).

As for the bottom picture, just quick look at how they looked as kiddies! Twi’s about 10 here and Rainbow’s 4. Dash can’t actually fly with those wings, but she can certainly try to. Twi at this point can hover, but not outright fly yet. Dash is also really bad at keeping a shirt on when she was a baby; she’d complain that they constricted her wings. They didn’t, but she had decided that the shirts were the reason why she couldn’t fly yet. x3

I might do this for all of the Mane 6 in this AU; draw them as kids, I mean. They’re really fun to draw. :3


Hi there! I’m a disabled / mentally ill college student and I need to get some money for my service dog, so I’ve opened up commissions. I currently only draw ponies and torso / headshots. Summary of pictures above and more info:


Single Character - $8.00; Additional Character - $5.00 

Custom Design - $10.00;  Additional Design - $8.00

Torso / Headshots

Single Character - $10.00; Additional Character - $8.00


Colored Lineart - $0.50


How to buy - Please either send me an IM (and give me your email) or email the address provided with your order. I will create an invoice and send it to you. You must pay the invoice after I show you the sketch.

Custom orders - If you want me to draw something other than a torso / headshot or a pony, please let me know, and we can work something out. 

Information I need - 

  • For regular character drawings, I need an image reference of your character. You may provide additional description, but I at least need an image. Please specify what pose or action you want your character doing. 
  • For custom designs, please give me at least a basic theme you want. If you want a more exact design, I suggest providing: gender, color scheme, special talent, personality, etc. 
  • Please let me know if you don’t want me posting your commission publicly. 

What I won’t draw -

  • Smut / porn (suggestive themes are fine)
  • Fetish
  • Sonic characters / exaggerated proportions  

I will give an estimate of how long your order will take, but the approximate time is usually about one week. 

Even if you can’t commission me, please signal boost this! I really need the money. Thanks <3


Here an edit I made to use as wallpaper in my phone and computer in the Valentine’s week (I used it as Valentines card as well) :D

I used watercolors by Debbie Cerone for the background <3

Cute Couple Pony Moments

Requested by two anons

-One of the two of you dragging the other outside to watch the sunset or any other astronomical phenomenon.

-Cuddling and reading books together.

-Pony was so awkward when you first met, not in the usual sense. Just that he was really quiet and reserved.

-He is literally the messiest boy in the world like please help him, for everyone’s sake, especially Darry’s.

-Expect love letters. Sometimes he’ll write them and not even plan on giving them to you but you find them on occasion.

-On dates he’d take to the movie house or the drive-in and then if he could he’d take you to get food afterwards.

-When he’s tired he gets cranky so you usually have to get snotty with him and put him in his place.

-He loves smelling your hair and playing with it in general.

-He gets antsy and kinda uncomfortable when you talk about the future because he’s learned the hard way that things can change in the blink of an eye.

-At first he never want to give you any of his sweatshirts just because he thinks they’re too dirty or ripped up to have you wear.

-Having movie marathons with him almost every week.

-He’s super caring over you, if you get the slightest sniffle he’ll think you’re sick.

Inner monologue

also known as Imagine being tied up with the company on the troll spit. Your head is between Bofur’s legs and your feet are sticking into Dwalin’s back. You try to reflect on your life so far.


Pairing - None
Words - 1,251

You were going to die.
You supposed there were worse ways to go.
Slowly being roasted alive was much better than drowning (in your opinion).
You’d always thought you’d die in battle, not because two dwarven princes couldn’t look after a couple of ponies.
You pulled against your ropes yet again, to see if maybe they’d loosen but to no avail.
“Would you stop kicking me Y/N?” Dwalin hissed.
To spite him, you pushed your feet a little more into his back.
“Oh you’ll pay for that girly,” He growled.
You smirked.
“I can’t exactly help it, can I? If I had a choice I wouldn’t be on a spit with my feet in your back and my head between Bofur’s legs!” You exclaimed.
“I’m not complaining lassie. I like this arrangement,” You heard Bofur mention from above you. You just knew he was wiggling his eyebrows.
You groaned as the rest of the company burst into roaring laughter.
The troll hit the spit.
“Shut up!” He hissed loudly.
For once, the company did as they were told.

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