Hey everyone! I’m in a very tight spot and I need a lot of help, but I won’t be asking for donations. I’d rather make art for you! I’m in a bad situation and I really need help, and I also would love to make more drawings for people. My prices will stay cheap, and I will talk you through my whole process, making sure to give you updates with each step so I know everything is how you want it.

If you message me, I will also give you the link t my dA, which I am working on posting all of my recent and best art to.

If not, PLEASE share this, it would mean a lot and I am in a desperate state.


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6,31, 50

6: What kind of people are you attracted to? For me it’s more about personality and depth. Someone intelligent, funny, kind.. someone that’s just going to make me smile like a love struck fool.

31: Is your hair long enough for a pony tail? Yes, a couple months ago it finally got long enough to put it up without any loose strands.

50:What was the color of the last hoodie you wore? I believe it was black.

A Brief: Prior to my illness

Life was very active before I became ill. I grew up in Victoria Australia, an hour south east of Melbourne. I loved and was good at sport. As a child I was actively participating in some form of sport and activities seven days a week. As I grew up on a hobby farm, I was also very fortunate to have a couple of ponies. This kept me very busy when combined with swimming five days a week, athletics, cross country running, netball, tennis, life saving club and surfing.
Immediately after I completed my first degree in 1994, a Bachelor of Arts (Recreation), I moved up to the tropics in Far North Queensland to work in Port Douglas. I was employed at The Sheraton Mirage in the Guest Activities Department. It was all fun and games in those days! Life was great outside of work. It was my first time living away from home and I was free to find my own self. However I quickly grew tired of that job and after a couple of years there, I moved to the rainforest in Cape Tribulation. I had received a phone call from the local horse riding company there, asking if I wanted a job taking tourists horse riding amongst world heritage environment, providing a guided tour along the way. I decided, “Why not?” And told them yes there and then. Little did I care that I had yet to use my degree. I was young and carefree. I travelled to Darwin for a few months before returning to the Cairns region. From there I lived in Byron Bay for a number of months, conducting horse tours on the beach. I even lived in my van in the paddock with the horses, with shower and toilet facilities only 100 metres away.
I yearned to see family and friends so I decided to return to Victoria. My desire and passion for the far north was too strong and I succumbed to this pulling, moving back to Cairns in January 2000. It was like a magnet, as I had experienced the same urges when living in Darwin.
I settled back into university life, studying a Graduate Bachelor of Education (Primary). To date I had still not used my first degree. At least many subjects in the social theory and philosophy areas helped with my teaching degree!
Now I have gone on and waffled. I have turned what was initially one paragraph into several paragraphs! As I have now typed all of this, I am a little reluctant to press the all elusive delete button. It kind of makes my title of “brief” no longer applicable. I have yet to even delve into my experience of Lyme Disease. Although my life “prior illness” holds some dear memories, I intend to live by the philosophy,

“The PAST is behind,
LEARN from it.
The FUTURE is ahead,
PREPARE for it.
The PRESENT is here,
LIVE it.“

Now I shall continue, with a lot less waffling:

Upon graduating at the end of 2001, I became a primary school teacher. As a graduation present, my boyfriend (now loving husband and father of my three children) shouted us on a four week holiday to South Africa in December 2001 - January 2002. For a few days we visited Victoria Falls and the immediate region of Zambia and Zimbabwe.
Back in Australia I began the school year with my first teaching position. Just before I got married in 2003, I became sick with Dengue Fever. In Australia, some say Dengue, Ross River and other mosquito born diseases are a pre-requisite for Lyme disease. I don’t know the full truth of this and how much it has actually been researched.
After I was married, my husband and I lived in England for eighteen months and travelled Europe in a camper van for four blissful months. This included four weeks in Turkey, attending the 90th ANZAC Gallipoli tour. We also had a holiday to Egypt during this time.
Why have I delved into all of this you may well ask? Because the Australian Government does not recognise and acknowledge that Lyme Disease or Lyme-like disease exists in Australia. When writing my submission to the senate, we had a basic template to follow. One of the questions we had to answer was whether we had lived and/or travelled outside Australia. Hence my decision to include this information here. Another reason is because I cannot be 100% certain when I actually got bitten by a tick. More on that later.
We finally returned to Cairns to begin a family. Immediately following the birth of my first child, a son, I began losing a lot of weight…fast. This was the beginning of my immense weight loss. After the birth of my second child, a daughter (born 08/08/08), my fatigue was obvious. It became apparent that the exhaustion wasn’t just from motherhood. I had numerous other small symptoms that kept appearing, rearing their ugly head. During this period I was stricken down with shingles, which didn’t help my slowly deteriorating health. My life continued on, with a struggle. I had a third child, another daughter, in July 2010. It was during this pregnancy when I was bitten by "something”. This is when my assumption of when I was bitten comes in. As I still have a very faint, small “ring-worm” type scar, I feel my assumption carries a fair bit of weight.