Bad coffee and car talks

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“So,” you asked stepping out of the room and into the parking lot. “How’s it goin’?”

Dean placed a hand on the hood of the impala while slurping some coffee. “Almost done.” He stuck his head back under the hood. And you stood next to him. Taking the plastic cup from his hands and bending forward next to him. 

“What was it then? Was it the continuum transfunctioner?” you took a sip of coffee and flinched at the burnt taste.

“The what?“ he chuckled.

“You know, the continuum transfunctioner.” You frowned at him. “That thing with the fluids and stuff…”

“You mean the transmission?“ Dean cocked and eyebrow at you and snatched the cup back, downing the remaining bad coffee.

“That’s what I said,” you said rolling your eyes. “Ugh. How can you even drink that?”

“Idunno, I guess I’m used to bad gas station coffee.” He shruged. “Anyways, you better finish packing, Sweetheart.” Dean turned to you and ducked to place a small peck on your lips. “Once the continuous transfunctioner is done, we’re outta here!”

“Continuum,” you corrected before running back into the room.

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