Apple Bloomers Episode 13: Escapism by atryl

魔法少女アップルブルマ 第13話 ハートのパス
Apple Bloomers Episode 13:  Escapism

“Having successfully fled the collapsing Diamond Tiara Mine, our heroes find themselves taking a break from their last quest.  With the mine’s power source within their possession, what adventures await them next?”

commission for px2


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Update: Homeless - Why I'm sad

Recently I was told I’m being kicked out may 31st. No real warning and it’s May 26th. I have been looking for s job hoping if I found one I could give them a different opinion and let me stay.

So when may 31st comes I’ll be unable to post and or do anything because I’ll be homeless…

Is have posted commission and put up donations but only a few people see them.

Again donations are always open and so are commissions.

I can no longer do requests due to my situation.


I love designing ocs but i legit do nothing with them 99% of the time. So here are some adopts. It’s first come first serve, please send me an ask if interested. If you can’t buy, reblogging helps too!

  1. Male Unicorn - Taken
  2. Female Earth Pony - Open - 20$
  3. Female Pegasus - Open - 15$

-No cutiemark or name so youre free to give them one, or not, whatever you want
-I’d appreciate you not reselling them. Im very proud of them;;
-Also minor edits are allowed. If theres something you dont like or wanna add, feel free. Just please let them be recognizable!
- Please do not offer art trades in exchange for these characters. They will be declined.


Hey guys, Tam here!  So BronyCon is coming up pretty fast with it being a month earlier than usual, and with work giving me less than 6 hours a week to work, I really could use the extra help to earn the money to go towards BronyCon! 

Now, I really had TONS of fun at BronyCon last year!  I met a bunch of friends from Tumblrpon and would LOVE to see them all again!  Transportation and my badge are currently covered, and I already have a little under half already put towards to the hotel room (it’s not counted on here as that’s my current balance!).

I’d really like to earn $250 from commissions.  This will cover the remaining hotel fee I need to pay and also be a help with food and even a little souvenir money.  I sadly do not have my grandparents to help clean their house anymore since they moved to Arizona, so I’m relying heavily on these commissions!

If you cannot spare money to either as a donation or commission, please help out by reblogging this post!  Likes are nice, but reblogging helps spread it out further to other people.

Now, for some rules!

  • ABSOLUTELY NO NSFW ART.  This includes fetishes, overall porn, gore and violence.  I am not comfortable at the time doing such art.
  •  I will not draw the following: Canon characters, Equestria Girls, overly complex characters or recolored characters.
  •  Mecha, machinery, or anything relating to it.  Weapons are included, but I am fine with doing canon armor from the show.
  • Please provide VISUAL references when ordering a commission.  I cannot work off of descriptions easily, I need my visuals!
  • You can either send me an ask or submit via @tambelon​ or send a dA note on deviantART.  Either or is fine!
  • I expect full payment up front and there can be a a 2-4 week wait for your artwork to be completed.  You are allowed to ask me about updates, but please do not consistently bother me about it.  This can seriously stress me out and make it tougher to get through things.

However, if you prefer donating instead, you can do so here!: