Seven Kisses (one-shot)

Summary:  A kiss on the cheek is for kindness. On the hand means a kiss of respect. On the forehead means a kiss of friendship. A kiss on the palm is for longing. A kiss on the eyelids is for idolizing. A kiss on the arm and neck is for lust. On the lips means a kiss of love. And anything else is a sign of insanity.

Author’s Note: So this story is NOT meant to be read as a preference. It’s meant to be read as one story with a continuous flow. So the story takes place with the heroine (or rather, you) as Scott’s cousin, starting in season 1 shortly after Scott received the bite and vaguely ending beyond season 5b (however it ends). Scott and Stiles’ portions are platonic, Derek and Liam’s are slightly in the air, and Isaac, Theo, and Brett’s portions are different kinds of love.

This is a very old prompt that came from the writing forum I used to come from, but it’s long been shut down. I actually used this prompt before, but I lovee this one so I decided to write it for Teen Wolf.

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