The Signs And What They Really Need From Teen Wolf
  • Aries:Brett Talbot kissing Mason Hewitt
  • Taurus:Isaac Lahey returning and kissing Scott McCall
  • Gemini:Alive Allison Argent
  • Cancer:Kira Yukimura stops killing Scott McCall
  • Leo:Malia and Theo making out
  • Virgo:Derek Hale, Derek fucking Hale
  • Libra:Stydia, fucking Stydia
  • Scorpio:Mason Hewitt and Kira Yukimura slumber parties
  • Sagittarius:Liam falling into holes
  • Capricorn:Lydia Martin telling Stiles Stilinski she's in love with him, too.
  • Aquarius:Malia Tate kicking ass and being a Queen Bitch
  • Pisces:Papa Stilinski and Mama McCall making little Scott and Stiles

I love how Mason and Liam are the youngest, haven’t read the book and they are literally figuring 1000x more than Scott and the rest of the pack. Mason is figuring shit out faster than they have ever done, and Liam found a chimera and came to Scott’s rescue.

Do you think Mason texted Brett saying he needed his help and Brett just like dropped his knitting needles and half-sewn cardigan, or whatever they do in prep school, and ran like all the way to beacon hills high not stopping to change out of his sweater vest because “i doN’T HAVE TIME MASON NEEDS ME”