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*wistful sigh*

Imagine if Early Childhood Education were a widely-offered high school elective.  Not just the exercise where they make you carry around a sack of sugar to scare you out of having sex.  An actual multi-month instruction on the care babies and toddlers need, physically and emotionally.  How much better would the world be?

I’m so happy to hear that Laurent is a horse person xD So I drew him with the horse he had in book 1, braiding its mane and sticking flowers all over it <3 <3

SWEET, HORSE-LOVING BABY. (I now have a headcanon that Damen buys Laurent an entire herd of horses… one that Laurent dotes over lovingly and spends every chance he gets cuddling with them.)

My long-suffering husband Mr. Kitties isn’t much into drawing ponies, but every year he makes an exception and contributes to the Brony Thank You Fund calendar.  This year was no exception!  He decided to go a different route and use EQG characters to parody a famous bit of Americana.

The 2017 Brony Thank You Fund Calendar is STILL available for the low, low price of $12.

If you like fine art and horses and sometimes not-horses, then act now.  Get it quick before they sell out!