pony violet


“The search team reported a sight they have never seen before. Different shades of blue crystals that illuminated the whole area like the clear blue sea. The complete opposite of the crimson red that the stoic batpony described. Specific ponies in the search team have also reported hearing positive chimes from the crystals, filling their hearts with happiness and joy, but this has not been confirmed. The story spread quickly around Equestria like wildfire. About the adventures of a crystal pony who had lost her shine; but smiled so bright it sparked the hopes of many new and upcoming adventurers!”

Feat. @whatsapokemon‘s Heart Song and @phoenixswift‘s Violet Rose in @askheartandviolet!

I decided that the sketch in the first panel had to be turned into a small comic at least. So that’s what I’ve been working on the last couple weeks. I thought I’d shake up Whatsa’s crystal corruption/infection prompt with a nice bit of positivity! I may expand on this further with the grump bat but we’ll see. All in all, I had fun drawing the comic and enjoyed writing the small story above!

Hey guys!!! I swear i’m not dead! The old laptop that I was using to draw on had a huge a virus. Most of the time it would erase my drawings before I could actually do the lines art, so my brother tried to send it to someone so they could fix it, but they couldn’t find out what was wrong with it. 3 months later my brother offered to let me use his laptop because he was going to get a new one! I’m really excited to get back on track with the comic and you guys! I’m also going to answer “asks” that I haven’t answered and adding other drawings. I want to be more involved with you guys this time :). 

Thank you for sticking with me! I really appreciate it; it means a lot to me! Actually, for the next comic page @violet-thepony offered to draw it! The art is going to be all by her and the writing/script was by me. She offered to do this before I got the laptop. She’s an amazing person and I want to thank her for taking time off to just work on it T____T. 

Thank you for taking your time to read this!!!! <3 Also, look forward to seeing Pony Prom post. @violet-thepony and I are doing Bloodshot and Vanilla again! (The is sailing ):3). Also, I’m adding in some of the new refs soon! and if you want to ask some of the other Bloodshot cast to prom, just send an ask XD Thank you again for reading this! Have a nice day ~~~~

Because when your raffle prompt is to draw character interaction, why not grab your two friends who you’re playing Borderlands with and have some fun? And one of those “draw the squad” templates while you’re at it~

@raeligath really likes her Scorpio turret. You can almost hear the ammo and health regenerating. And @bluebrush09arts is suffering right along with me. She likes to shoot the cute animals.

It’s their mod ponies! Except I used Violet ‘cause I don’t have one, she looks good in Brick’s outfit though, gotta say.