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Finally I finished!
I tried to find all of the activity, sorry if you don’t (I’m really sorry)…

I congratulate the member 23 Sunnydontlook !

Please throw me your reference or open messages (if they are closed)

The people who are highlighted in red.
“This user is not subscribed to your blog”

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andgnat-italian  asked:

You planned gek pony is back in tumblr? o3o

Planned it 1 - 2 years ago, but never happened :’)
Maybe I’ll open up for asks for her on this blog along with my Halloween OC.
It’s a shame I dont use any of those two anymore :’D

I saw a little foal in a pink… horse pyjamas (???) this morning and I had to illustrate it. Because com'on, you can’t not illustrate tiny horses in pink pj’s in the snow.

I’m not sure if I have the correct source, but here’s a link to the image of the foal and where most tumblrs are linking back to.

Click for Pink PJ foal!